Monster fish update!

monsterfishHave you seen the small fish swimming in your club area? This fish can grow up and become a monster! How?

1 ) Feed this fish together with your club with monster bait, after each throw, it grows!

2 ) When this fish is so big it doesn’t fit in your club lake anymore (approx. after 25 throws in total with your club), it will bite bite 100% guaranteed as long as you throw close to the head of the fish!

3 ) The monster minigame will start for the first player that throws monster bait close to the head of a fully grown monster!

4 ) After winning the minigame, you catch a monsterfish… and, it rewards you with a VERY SPECIAL GIFT as well. read more

Coming – Cheaper way to get to Palm Island

aprilfools2016_done copyWithin a couple of weeks we will implement a new cheaper way to ge to Palm Island. Instead of 50 Fishcoins the price will be 20 Fishcoins. So what is this new cheaper way? You might get a hint from the picture. If you click “Swim” you will be asked to confirm if you want to swim to Palm Island for 20 Fishcoins. However, it takes a long time to swim there and you will need to wait 5 hours. During this time you will be locked at a Screen with a countdown timer, so you can’t play during that time. ┬áBut it might be a good option if you are taking a break anyway! read more

Lucky Raft – More Barracudas


Today we’ve released 5 new Barracuda species on the Lucky Raft today.

You can unlock them through the wheel of fortune! Can you spin them all?

All-in-one table updated

Hi again!

24 fishes added to the all-in-one-table today. Please feel free to tell me if you see any missing fish in there. The one on the pictue is a Stethacanthus from Lost Valley 2, cool fish huh?!

Have fun =)

Tables Updated

Golden Pike big-cropped2Hi!

Club, Lost Valley 2, Pirate Cave and Palm Island tables has been updated. Many of the FB prices has been updated. There where a few fishes missing also in the LV2 and Palm Island tables which I added. I also found some errors regarding world records for Club fishes that has also been fixed. Also the newest Club fishes has been added, like Death Valley Pupfish and some others.

Raft fishes will be added in the next update!

Club table updated

wikiavatar copy44

Just letting you know that the club fish table has been updated with the new fishes =)

I will add them to the all-in-one table also soon.

Have fun!

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