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Many Fish Updates!

The All-In-One fish tables and many other area-specific fish tables have been updated! 3 area-specific tables are still under construction. We thank you for your patience while we continue to update the information. Feel free to browse the fishdex information to the right.

New version of FISHAO: FISHAO Forever

Some very exciting news to bring to you all!

For almost 2 years now, GamoVation has been working on a follow up to the FISHAO game called FISHAO Forever. It will still be free to play, but will no longer be a browser game. Instead you will be able to get it on the Steam platform for PC and Mac. A beta version will be available sometime in November-December. All currently registered Fishao accounts will be sent an invitation for Beta testing in May (there will be a limit of about 300 Beta testers, so not everyone can be approved). Oh, and of course, all approved Beta testers will be given a classic Beta Statue for free! Just like old times.

New graphics engine
Naturally, being in this new format, you can expect great improvements in graphics as well as in basically all other areas, since the restrictions that comes with a browser game will be gone. The style of the graphics will remind you of FISHAO, but since it will now be based on the modern Unity 3D graphics engine, the visual style will be vastly improved.

Some of the new features:

Fish migration
All fish species will now have their own AI (artificial intelligence). For example, they will migrate between certain areas of the lakes during different time of the day.

Fighting fish
The game will be viewed from a 3rd person perspective. When you get a bite it will switch to first person view where you will have several new parameters to take into account. Fish might spool your line, depending on how strong your equipment is, it will jump and try to shake free from your hook etc. read more

Tables updated


Today I have finished updating 182 fishes and added new fishes as well.

Have fun =)

5 New Fishes!


Humpback Anglerfish – Only during Hallowen

humpback-timeStarting tomorrow, 28:th of October to the 3:rd of November, you have the rare opportunity of catching the 5-star fish Humpback Anglerfish. This is the only time of the year that you will be able to catch it!

Area: Sibiry City
Active times: 20:00-05:00

Good luck and have fun! =)

Tables updated

wikiavatar copy44Hi!

I just want to inform you that the All In One table has been updated.

In total, 192 fishes has been updated!

The area tables will be updated probably the next weekend. So for now, you will find the most accurate and updated values in the All In One table.

Have fun =)

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