On this page we try to collect all decoration available in FISHAO. If available, separated in sets as well. All of those items can appear in Carp’s Deco Shop on some day, located in Laketown.



Simple set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Simple Wall 1
WallVery commonFree in inventoryAlways65
Simple Wall 2
WallVery commonFree in inventoryAlways100
Simple Floor 1
FloorVery commonFree in inventoryAlways265
Simple Floor 2
FloorVery commonFree in inventoryAlways395
Simple Bed
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always495
Simple Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always130
Simple Coffee Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always185
Simple Lamp
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always150
Simple Lounge Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always245
Simple Nightstand
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always160
Simple Plant
PlantVery commonLevel 1Always115
Simple Sofa
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always430
Simple Table
FurnitureVery commonFree in inventoryAlways215
Simple Wardrobe
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always230


Princess set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Princess Wall
WallsVery commonLevel 1Always540
Princess Floor
FloorsVery commonLevel 1Always810
Princess Bed
FurnitureCommonLevel 19Always1440
Princess Castle Toy
FurnitureNormalLevel 25Always1800
Princess Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always450
Princess Dresser
FurnitureCommonLevel 22March-June900
Princess Lamp
FurnitureVery commonLevel 8Always765
Princess Nightstand
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12Always495
Princess Rocking Horse
FurnitureRareLevel 27Always720
Princess Sofa
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always1260
Princess Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always585
Princess Wardrobe
FurnitureCommonLevel 6Always900


Classic set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Classic Wall
WallsVery commonLevel 4Always720
Classic Floor
FloorsVery commonLevel 4Always1120
Classic Aquarium
FurnitureCommonLevel 37Always2320
Classic Bed
FurnitureCommonLevel 14Always1600
Classic Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 11Always640
Classic Clock
FurnitureRareLevel 7Always2560
Classic Jukebox
FurnitureVery commonLevel 5Always2800
Classic Organ
FurnitureUncommonLevel 78Always3280
Classic Plant
PlantVery commonLevel 1Always400
Classic Sofa
FurnitureVery commonLevel 25Always1440
Classic Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 2Always1280
Classic Wardrobe
FurnitureCommonLevel 17Always2600


Design set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Design Wall
WallsCommonLevel 13Always560
Design Floor
FloorsCommonLevel 10Always1400
Design Bed
FurnitureCommonLevel 16Always2120
Design Chair
FurnitureCommonLevel 19Always1150
Design Coffee Table
FurnitureNormalLevel 40Always1600
Design Lamp
FurnitureCommonLevel 37Always1240
Design Nightstand
FurnitureCommonLevel 34Always950
Design Pouf
FurnitureCommonLevel 43Always1060
Design Sofa
FurnitureCommonLevel 22Always1800
Design Table
FurnitureRareLevel 25Always2240
Design Trash Can
FurnitureCommonLevel 31Always400
Design Wardrobe
FurnitureNormalLevel 28Always2100


Gold set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Gold Wall
WallsRareLevel 15Always5400
Gold Floor
FloorsVery rareLevel 1Always16900
Gold Aquarium
FurnitureRareLevel 150Always14000
Gold Bed
FurnitureVery rareLevel 30Always15000
Gold Beta Statue
FurnitureVery rareFREE in inventory when you were a closed beta playerFREE in inventory when you were a closed beta player7500
Gold Chair
FurnitureVery rareLevel 75Always6300
Gold Champagne Bucket
FurnitureUncommonLevel 105Always9000
Gold Fish Statue
FurnitureRareLevel 165Always27000
Gold Lamp
FurnitureVery rareLevel 120Always6600
Gold Sofa
FurnitureVery rareLevel 60Always8700
Gold Table
FurnitureVery rareLevel 45Always9600
Gold TV
FurnitureRareLevel 135Always15900
Gold Wardrobe
FurnitureVery rareLevel 90March13200


Ice Set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Ice Bed
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12February2400
Ice Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12February670
Ice Closet
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12December1400
Ice Cream
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12February300
Ice floor
FloorVery commonLevel 12December1350
Ice Lamp
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12January450
Ice Sofa
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12January1650
Ice Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 12December1395
Ice Wall
WallVery commonLevel 12January1700


Christmas Set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Christmas Bed
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December1950
Christmas Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December980
Christmas Closet
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December1700
Christmas Floor
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December940
Christmas Lamp
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December500
Christmas Presents
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December375
Christmas Sleigh
FurnitureUncommonLevel 50December1650
Christmas Snowman
FurnitureCommonLevel 1December420
Christmas Sofa
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December1700
Christmas Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1December1100
Christmas Tree
FurnitureUncommonLevel 3December800
Christmas Wall
WallVery commonLevel 1December1527


Spooky Set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Spooky Armchair
FurnitureUncommonLevel 50Always900
Spooky Candle
FurnitureVery commonLevel 5Always200
Spooky Cauldron
FurnitureCommonLevel 2Always1200
Spooky Clock
FurnitureCommonLevel 1Always900
Spooky Coffin
FurnitureRareLevel 30Always275
Spooky Crystal
FurnitureVery rareLevel 5Always7000
Spooky Floor
FloorVery commomLevel 2Always550
Spooky Skeleton
FurnitureUncommonLevel 25Always165
Spooky Sofa
FurnitureCommonLevel 30Always800
Spooky Table
FurnitureVery commonLevel 2Always750
Spooky Tombstone
FurnitureCommonLevel 40Always350
Spooky Wall
WallVery commonLevel 2Always400


Pirate Set

ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
Pirate Anchor
FurnitureCommonLevel 15Always320
Pirate Barrel
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always120
Pirate Bed
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always540
Pirate Canon
FurnitureCommonLevel 20Always800
Pirate Chair
FurnitureVery commonLevel 8Always230
Pirate Compass
FurnitureCommonLevel 25Always1100
Pirate Floor
FloorCommonLevel 1Always720
Pirate Lamp
FurnitureCommonLevel 33Always770
Pirate Nightstand
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always180
Pirate Table
FurnitureCommonLevel 27Always520
Pirate Treasure
FurnitureRareLevel 1Always1330
Pirate Wall
WallCommonLevel 1Always350



ProductTypeRarenessIn shop from levelSeasonPrice / Home points
FurnitureCommonLevel 18Always1450
Autumn Plant
PlantVery commonLevel 1September-June720
Bear Wall
WallRareLevel 1Always850
Beige Marble Floor
FloorCommonLevel 7Always1200
Black Fame Painting
PaintingRareLevel 52Always10000
Black&White Floor
FloorVery commonLevel 2Always815
Classic Night Painting
PaintingUncommonLevel 19Always4000
Dark Casual Floor
FloorUncommonLevel 31Always2000
Dark Marble Floor
FloorRareLevel 50Always2400
Dino Wall
WallCommonLevel 1Always350
Energy Machine
FurnitureVery rareLevel 10Always25000
Exotic Tree
PlantCommonLevel 5June1400
Fishy Painting
PaintingVery commonLevel 1Always500
Flower Wall
WallCommonLevel 1Always625
FurnitureCommonLevel 5Always2300
FurnitureCommonLevel 8September740
Heart Wall
WallVery commonLevel 1Always275
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1October-March380
Japanese Painting
PaintingCommonLevel 11Always1600
Luxurious Floor
FloorRareLevel 70Always2800
Mosaic Floor
FloorUncommonLevel 12Always1150
Orange Tree
PlantCommonLevel 35March-May1000
Pattern Wall
WallUncommonLevel 1Always300
FurnitureUncommonLevel 20Always2200
Pink Casual Floor
FloorCommonLevel 15Always1600
Pink Flower Plant
PlantVery CommonLevel 4Always735
Pink Plant
PlantRareLevel 70Always740
Predator Painting
PaintingUncommonLevel 21Always2400
Purple Flowers
PlantVery commonLevel 1February-September780
Red / Green Plant
PlantRareLevel 80Always990
Red Casual Floor
FloorCommonLevel 7Always1400
Red Plant
PlantVery commonLevel 38Always740
Retro Floor
FloorUncommonLevel 27Always650
Slot Machine
FurnitureVery rareLevel 52Always12000
Sports Treadmill
FurnitureCommonLevel 28April1400
Sports Weight Bench
FurnitureCommonLevel 14May1150
Supper Painting
PaintingVery rareLevel 25June14000
Venus Flytrap Plant
PlantUncommonLevel 22Always605
FurnitureVery commonLevel 1Always1725
Water Gallon
FurnitureCommonLevel 7April-September550
Wood Casual Floor
FloorVery commonLevel 3Always800
Yellow Casual Floor
FloorVery commonLevel 1Always600


Furniture Factory

ProductTypeRarenessSeasonSetPrice / Home points
Balloon Floor
Balloon chair
Balloon Nightstand
Balloon Plant
Balloon Table
Balloon Wall
Balloon Lamp
Balloon Wardrobe
Balloon Bed
Balloon Sofa
Balloon Clock
Balloon TV
Candy Floor
Candy Chair
Candy Nightstand
Candy Plant
Candy Stool
Candy Armchair
Candy Sofa
Candy Wall
Candy Bed
Candy Wardrobe
Candy Lamp
Candy Table
Gorgeous Chair
Gorgeous Nightstand
Gorgeous Closet
Gorgeous Sofa
Gorgeous Table
Gorgeous Wall
Gorgeous Floor
Gorgeous Plant
Gorgeous Wardrobe
Gorgeous Lamp
Gorgeous Bed
Gorgeous Whisky Table
Soccer Wall
Soccer Chair
Soccer Clock
Soccer Lamp
Soccer Nightstand
Soccer Stool
Soccer Bed
Soccer Table
Soccer Single Sofa
Soccer Wardrobe
Soccer Sofa
Soccer Floor
Space Lamp
Space Floor
Space Clock
Space Nightstand
Space Sofa
Space Wall
Space Chair
Space Trash Bin
Space TV
Space Wardrobe
Space Bed
Space Table


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    • Nope. Atleast not yet, but who knows what happens sometime in the future =)

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    What does it mean by FREE in inventory when you were BETA by one of the gold things???!?!?!??!

    • It means players who started playing this game really early, when the game was in so called “closed Beta”, which means you needed a BETA-keycode to be able to start playing the game. All of those players got that golden statue.

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