Fruit Combos

Fruit #1Fruit #2Fruit #3Crush result
5 energy
10 energy
frog lure

simple rod, color: brown
500 fishbucks
Unlocks Trumpetfish
Unlocks Queen Parrotfish
Unlocks Spanish Hogfish
Unlocks Yellow Tang
Unlocks Fantail Filefish
Unlocks Hogfish
Unlocks Blackbar Soldierfish
Unlocks Yellowhead Wrasse
Unlocks Bluespotted Grouper
Unlocks Blue Parrotfish
Unlocks Picasso Triggerfish"
Unlocks Yellowtail Wrasse
Unlocks Pinktail Triggerfish
Unlocks Peacock Flounder
Unlocks Midnight Parrotfish
Unlocks Titan Triggerfish
Unlocks Bluestripe Snapper
Unlocks Orange-banded Pipefish
  • Ultima Wolfy Nissan Skyline R3

    what are fruit combos and how do you find them

  • Emmanuel Fishao


  • jurjen

    What are the names of the fruits

  • sasasasa

    plz new rod combos

  • ali ait outbib


  • ali ait outbib


  • ali ait outbib

    Yes cool

  • Akshay S Atreya

    plzz tell me how should i collect fruits and crush them

    • Kek

      You should unlock the Palm Island for collect fruits. (Unlocking price is 50 FC and will be expired after 30 days)

  • Akshay S Atreya

    HOW DO I COLLECT FRUITS? Plzz answer fast

  • olive48

    I don’t see red irish lord on here and it is one of my DQ . can anyone help or what I don’t see it here on the fruit line up booo.

  • spanky

    phitaya how much fishbucks ? plz help me

  • spanky

    phitaya how much ? plz help me

  • Sheri Loring

    how do u crush fruit

  • Sheri Loring

    how do you crush fruit i am at level 30 and cant seen to collect any

  • Alex

    3 papaya=1500 😀

  • Natálie Navrátilová

    How do you do this? I do not know how to do it?

  • Soban Ali

    how to mix the fruits


    cevab bekliyorum Fishao Wiki


    bu sayti neden turk diline cevirmek olmuyo?


    turk dilinde yokmu

  • abilene

    Where do u get the fruit in the first place?
    LOL i’m lvl 16

  • boaz

    there should be watermelon as a fruit

  • boaz

    there should be watermelon as a fruit on palm island

  • Magicianu


  • Magicianu

    Orange-banded Pipefish no I do not come with any bait …

  • Anita Bravin

    a couple of the fruit combos didn’t unlock a fish — gave me energy instead… am I doing something wrong? I am following the correct combo… at least I think I am.. for example, the pinapple-banana-mango (?) didn’t unlock the Titan Triggerfish, it gave me 4 energy…

    • HammerDoc

      Usually that means you have already unlocked it.

  • sam842

    How to crush the fruits?

  • Ketchup

    How do I crush fruit

  • Liam


  • dakot204

    can you bring the privalage of trading rods and fish coins back salty

    • Oscar Ricky

      I think they wouldnt, if it could there will be a massive multiaccounting

  • dakot204

    salty add fishao rod yet

  • dakot204

    make angel fruit and devils fruit

    • Oscar Ricky

      What fruit was that? o.O

  • dakot204

    pls i beg

  • dakot204

    salty pls in fishao infinity rod i beg you pls pls

    • Oscar Ricky

      Agreed.. xD

  • eefjo

    Hello all I tried the combo for yellowtail wrasse but only get few energy and no yellowtail caught some idea how to solve?

  • berfin5656

    salak lar ben salak salak lilyum3 modluktan atıldmıs

  • berfin5656


  • baixy

    where can i find fruits