Fruit Combos

Fruit #1Fruit #2Fruit #3Crush result
5 energy
10 energy
frog lure

simple rod, color: brown
500 fishbucks
Unlocks Trumpetfish
Unlocks Queen Parrotfish
Unlocks Spanish Hogfish
Unlocks Yellow Tang
Unlocks Fantail Filefish
Unlocks Hogfish
Unlocks Blackbar Soldierfish
Unlocks Yellowhead Wrasse
Unlocks Bluespotted Grouper
Unlocks Blue Parrotfish
Unlocks Picasso Triggerfish"
Unlocks Yellowtail Wrasse
Unlocks Pinktail Triggerfish
Unlocks Peacock Flounder
Unlocks Midnight Parrotfish
Unlocks Titan Triggerfish
Unlocks Bluestripe Snapper
Unlocks Orange-banded Pipefish
  • Sutirtha Das

    harlequin basss unlock

  • Sutirtha Das

    How to unlock Harlequin Bass?

  • Sutirtha Das

    how to unlock Harlequin bass?

  • NadyraCindlysa04


  • princessberrlily

    thanks for this

  • princessberrlily

    thanks for this 🙂

  • el76

    las tengo a todas en un msj

  • Astra Black

    Do you add combos to new fishes for Palm Island?

  • Darkry

    I will help with searching 😉 if I find any combo, I will write it here- to this comment… if you will add that combo to guide, I will delete it and write another… 🙂

    Kiwi+papaja+banana= 6 energy 😉

  • Krish_12345

    Salty, i collected a fishbox in laketown. But it was a bug so i didnt get the reward which was inside the box. so please look into this problem.

  • Krish_12345

    Hi, I am krish. My fishao name is krish_12345 . I am selling fruits ( palm island fruits ). Here I go- 7 Oranges- 350 fb 5 mangoes-280 fb
    8 papayas-400 fb
    13 pineapples- 130 fb
    18 coconuts-130 fb
    11 bananas-88 fb
    3 lemons- 60 fb

    NOTE- ALL FRUITS ( if you want to buy all ) = 1500 fb.

    I also request all to buy because I want to buy batmask so I need fishbucks.

  • Dayang Latifah

    Um… how to crush fruit?

    • HammerDoc

      There is a little guy with a white turban to the left of the pond. Click on him and you can select different fruits to grind.

  • Vansh Thakur

    cool pictures and cool fruits

  • partymanCZ

    how to earn fruit?

  • Ingrid Marsha Je

    how to get the fruit??

    • dsr27

      U must go palm island for ge the fruit or u trade with someone to get fruit

  • 05160005

    How do u get fruits???

  • abidazad

    how can i catch fishes

  • JakeFAO2

    I got a couple of them.

  • Gabriel Conrado

    some have the levels of the tree?

  • radmila

    a black triggerfish

  • Sebastian Cubillos


  • _Foxik_

    Hi I’m talking off topic but I got a really pretty name is _Foxik_ and you gave me a complete ban 1) I do not understand why 2) Does the ban only this one is dating etc. !!!!!!!! 3) I did not say anything rude but I would like the reason why I have called for a ban most accurate thanks because it is unfair, and if you put bans as you like to create a page fishao and I do not care though fishao I really liked but I did not do anything 3 times got me banned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! that is not normal

    • littlemisdaddy

      if you are talking about me than i problem banned you for a total differ t reason because you and your fellow friend where probly saying things like “kiss” and other detailed and inaproppret things sorry if you got a full ban 🙂

  • littlemisdaddy

    i used a bamboo rod s oyes simple would be fine 🙂

  • cj

    can you only do combos on the island or other islands

  • neymar47891

    como consigo moneda rapiso

  • milla

    hi! qwhere can you get fruit? -_-

  • Monica88891

    Really 3 pita ya 15 energy ?

  • Monica88891

    What it will make for 3pitaya

  • littlemisdaddy

    ps:if u want a dwaf puffer fish use maggots 🙂

    • yangio

      no simple rod and cherry

      • littlemisdaddy

        Well i caught mine with a bamboo it was easy and i caught mine with maggots 🙂 good luck and break a leg!

      • 05160005

        The dwarf puffer fish likes the bamboo rod. As for bait, vegetables and insects are it’s favorite.

      • littlemisdaddy

        Yup, good tip 🙂

  • NITAA14

    cand people get in trouble running to country shards just to gather a million fruit ??? should man i about gÊt ran over by all the fruit grabbing cheks in English areas grrrrrrrrrr

  • miqueias mi

    eu nao sei tinada

  • miqueias mi


  • Monica88891

    It’s my first time to go to palm island and its amazing place and I like the fruits I like every thing

  • miqueias mi

    noca vi o jogo melo do qe fishao

  • 151radek

    theres only 19 comobs on crushing to unlock fish are theses all the rare fish ? i am confused 🙁

  • 151radek

    so you have to use these to chatch any fish in palm isand ! well that will be a lot of looking 🙁

  • what are these combos how do you get them?

  • wilmer

    no puedo abrir eso y necesito picsimonedas

  • iron man

    how to combo

    • Manger

      at palm island :-1

  • Owhatever

    Can some math genius create a program for this forum where you enter in the number you have of each fruit and it tells you the combinations that will give you the most energy. Like an Energy Maximizer! I have 42 mangoes, 87 lemons, 118 coconuts, 98 bananas, 25 oranges, 3 pitaya, 17 papaya, 73 pineapple, and 85 kiwi and I want to juice them all at once and get the most energy possible.

    • Manger

      i don’t think anyone can do that :O

      • Owhatever

        I just did the best I could… They really need to make fruit like fish in the inventory. Clicking through all the fruit to make the combos was torture.

      • Yikes!!!

        Um yeah they can..

        3 Pitaya: 15 Energy
        85 Kiwi: 25,500 Dollars
        17 Papaya, 8 Mango: 400 Frog Lure
        Other Fruits: around 800 Energy or more…

  • ShayanA91

    /Selling rare and 5* fishes/

    leafy dragon fish=200fb

    Stoped head fish=320fb

    African Arowana fish=100fb

    pink salmon fish=120fb

    Palm island fishes 1= 150fb

    /Selling Deco/

    parite barel=90fb

    anthuriam plant=307fb

    simple plant=100fb

    parite chair=280fb

    Spooky floor=580fb

    pattern wall=430fb

    simple floor (2)=190fb

    simple wall = 150fb

    pink plant = 600fb

    Simple bed= 540fb

    princcese chair= 505fb

    simple lamp=204fb

    simple chair= 90fb

    simple table= 230fb

    simple coffee table =200fb

    princess wardrobe= 980fb

    simple wardrobe = 250fb

    /Selling looks/

    Geraduation hat =740fb

    casual shoes = 400fb

    Female shoes = 450fb

    Brazilian mask = 1000fb

    /Selling fruits/

    Mango= 60fb

    Orange =40fb

    Coconet = 40fb


    Lemon = 35fb


    Pitaya= 600fb

    • Manger

      what level and what place do you go to my name is manger and on level 72 🙂

    • Manger

      ill buy simple plant for 100

    • Yikes!!!

      Hahahahaha Not worth it

  • PaK_FiShEr

    I am realy confused -,..,-

  • omith

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  • omith

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  • omith

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  • omith

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  • ShayanA91

    I have breed a 5* fish(Danube salmon) but it is not breed in my backyard plz check it and breed my fish again.i breed it in 12000fb plz breed my fish and plz

  • ShayanA91

    I have breed a 5* fish(Danube salmon) but it is not breed in my backyard plz check it and breed my fish again.i breed it in 12000fb plz breed my fish and plz

    if fishao is not solve it i don,t play this game again,plz solve it.

    • Oscar Ricky

      You know about breeding chance right? Maybe its failed. Try again

  • Milo

    orange-pineapple-orange is 4 energy, please ad it this time

  • stefanamosieseialexandru

    how can I do moderator