Over here you’ll find all fish that can be caught in the three different tournaments in FISHAO.


bucksย = possible sell price in fish market


Boat on Sea Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Allis Shad

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways82 cm2-?
Angel Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways241 cm?-111
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways457 cm16-48

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm12-36

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm17-52
Basking Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1223 cm224-522
Bigeye Scad

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm1
Common Salmon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm4-13
European Sprat

Dough, InsectsJan - ?Always??
Flame Angelfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm3-9
Giant Oarfish

FishJanuary - JuneAlways1754 cm291-748
Grideye Fish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways15 cm?-270

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm7-22
Long-snouted Lancetfish

Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways214 cm260-236
Ocean Sunfish

FishAlwaysAlways332 cm16-78
Olive Flounder

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways102 cm4-13
Painted Comber

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways34 cm2-7
Painted Electric Ray

Fish, VegetalOct - ????
Pearly Razorfish

Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways37 cm1-4
Prickly Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways409 cm?-145
Red Scorpionfish

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways49 cm20-60
Sea Bass

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways209 cm2-6

Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways789 cm30-90
Sharpnose Sevengill Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways139 cm15-35
Thresher Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways759 cm?-444
Weever Fish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm3-9
Whale Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1599 cm484-662
Zebra Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways349 cm42-51


Lake Run Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Black Bullhead

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways64 cm1-3
Brook Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways85 cm1-1
Crucian Carp

Dough, Insect, VegetalAlwaysAlways52 cm1-4
Eastern Mudminnow

InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm1-2
European Flounder

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm2-9
European Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways59 cm1-2
Golden Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways70 cm17-51

Insects, VegetalAlways23:00-04:0037 cm4-12
Lake Sturgeon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways273 cm27-74
Lionhead Goldfish

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways21 cm20-51
Mekong Giant Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways319 cm8-23
Peacock Bass

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm8-21
Pond Smelt

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm3-8
Rock Bass

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways42 cm2-6
Suckermouth Catfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm5-17

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways129 cm8-23


Race (Magic 15) Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Bigmouth Buffalo

HookAlwaysAlways122 cm4-13
Common Dace

Dough, Insects VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm1-1
Dolly Varden

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways60 cm4-13
European Chub

Dough, Fish, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways59 cm3-9

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm12-36
Goliath Tigerfish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm25-75

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm2-7

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm8-23

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm25-75
Pink Salmon

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm12-36
Smallmouth Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways52 cm2-7
Spotted Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways63 cm2-7
Tiger Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways92 cm17-52
Yellow Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways53 cm1-3


Moray Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Blackcheek Moray

HookAlwaysAlways99 cm?-24
Chain Moray

InsectsAlwaysAlways164 cm?-18
Dragon Moray

LuresAlwaysAlways89 cm66-86
Fangtooth Moray

MeatAlwaysAlways119 cm?-26
Goldentail Moray

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways69 cm?-51
Green Moray

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways252 cm?-44
Leopard Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways91 cm18-21
Paint-Spotted Moray

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways140 cm14-27
Salpa Maggiore

HookAlwaysAlways16 cm18717-37211
Snowflake Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways101cm7-15
Spotted Moray

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways195 cm16-23
Viper Moray

MeatAlwaysAlways117 cm75-95
White-Eyed Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways65 cm3-5
Whitemouth Moray

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways122 cm6-8
Yellow-mouth Moray

FishAlwaysAlways181 cm2-8
Yellowhead Moray

Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways79 cm8-17
Yellowmargin Moray

FishAlwaysAlways149 cm3-6
Zebra Moray

InsectsAlwaysAlways151 cm9-17

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    add an home aquarium tu put inventory fish in it

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    Payara world record = 118 cm

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    zebra shark is 51 in market now!!!

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    Yeah ๐Ÿ˜€

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    how to get oscar

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      i caught 2 oscar ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pomdo

    I catch a lake surteogon using bronze rod and shad no luck potion used

  • Ullia

    new price for sharpnose sevengill shark is 31 fb

  • Jackio

    Salty I have a good idea. a new tournament. it should be called coin fish tournament. you are on a stranded island and you can fish for coins or u can collect them. when u fish for them it either gives u 1 at a time, 3 at a time, 9 at a time, 10 at a time, or 20 at a time. and when u collect them on land, there will be a mystery box for the 3 people that collected the most will get a gold, silver and bronze mystery box. and they have: lures as prizes, meat as prizes, shark lures as prizes, and plugs as prizes. There are 3 items in the gold box, 2 in the silver box, and 1 in the bronze box. It is your choice. if u don’t like it i’m okay with that. If u like it than please do it.

    • 05160005

      do we keep the fishcoins???

  • ShowStopper

    I caught a golden trout with spinner

  • carlos

    atrape todes los peses 250

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  • Jackio

    Salty I have a good idea. A new tournament. It should be called fish coin frenzy. and there are fish coins everywhere at the beach. Whoever gets the most, second most, and third most gets to keep all the coins that they’ve collected. but if your not 1st 2nd or 3rd, it takes away all the coins that you have collected. If you like my idea please do it, but if you don’t like it than you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.


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  • jan

    y cought golden fish in 17-18

  • Jackio

    Salty i caught a suckermouth catfish with spinner.

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    anyone knows how this albino can be caught enclosure or in around area????

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    Salty every single shark haves new WR… ๐Ÿ™‚

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    lo pesque hace como 2 o 3 meses pero aqui esta payara: :D!

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    lo pesque hace como 3 meses pero ahรญ esta…. todo por ayudar la comunidad :D!

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    lo pesque hace como 2 meses pero ahi esta…. todo por ayudar la comunidad ๐Ÿ˜€ ! :

  • Guest

    lo pesque hace como 2 meses pero ahi esta…. todo por ayudar la comunidad :D! :

  • gelutzu1810

    i caught me too today!!

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  • Guest

    i caught me too!!

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    i caught the suckermouth catfish at 1 this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

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    The highest price for thresher shark in market is now unbelievable 444 FB ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I caught peacock bass by daylight multiple times so far and this is true to goldfish as well, so i think they aren’t night-time specific. Please check this, Salty.

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    neue grรถรŸe.

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    Prickly shark the max is 120 fishbucks the min is 40 fishbucks

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