Over here you’ll find all fish that can be caught in the three different tournaments in FISHAO.


bucksย = possible sell price in fish market


Boat on Sea

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Angel Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways241 cm?-111
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways457 cm16-48

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm12-36

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm17-52
Basking Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1223 cm224-522
Bigeye Scad

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm1
Common Salmon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm4-13
Flame Angelfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm3-9
Giant Oarfish

FishJanuary - JuneAlways1754 cm291-748
Grideye Fish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways12 cm???

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm7-22
Long-snouted Lancetfish

Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways214 cm206-236
Ocean Sunfish

FishAlwaysAlways332 cm16-48
Olive Flounder

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways102 cm4-13
Painted Comber

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways34 cm2-7
Pearly Razorfish

Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways37 cm1-4
Prickly Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways409 cm?-145
Red Scorpionfish

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways49 cm20-60
Sea Bass

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways209 cm2-6

MeatAlwaysAlways789 cm30-90
Sharpnose Sevengill Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways139 cm15-33
Thresher Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways759 cm?-444
Weever Fish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm3-9
Whale Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1599 cm484-657
Zebra Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways349 cm?-42


Lake Run

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Black Bullhead

Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways64 cm1-3
Brook Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways85 cm1-1
Crucian Carp

Dough, Insect, VegetalAlwaysAlways52 cm1-4
Eastern Mudminnow

InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm1-2
European Flounder

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm2-9
European Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways59 cm1-2
Golden Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways70 cm17-51

Insects, VegetalAlways23:00-04:0037 cm4-12
Lake Sturgeon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways273 cm27-74
Lionhead Goldfish
Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways21 cm20-51
Mekong Giant Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways319 cm8-23
Peacock Bass

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm8-21
Pond Smelt

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm3-8
Rock Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways42 cm2-6
Suckermouth Catfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm5-17

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways129 cm8-23


Race (Magic 15) Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Bigmouth Buffalo

HookAlwaysAlways122 cm4-13
Common Dace

Dough, Insects VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm1-1
Dolly Varden

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways60 cm4-13
European Chub

Dough, Fish, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways59 cm3-9

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm12-36
Goliath Tigerfish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm25-75

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm2-7

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm8-72

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways? cm25-75
Pink Salmon

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm12-36
Smallmouth Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways52 cm2-7
Spotted Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways63 cm2-7
Tiger Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways92 cm17-52
Yellow Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways53 cm1-3


Moray Tournament

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Blackcheek Moray

HookAlwaysAlways99 cm?-24
Chain Moray

InsectsAlwaysAlways164 cm?-18
Dragon Moray

LuresAlwaysAlways89 cm66-86
Fangtooth Moray

MeatAlwaysAlways119 cm?-26
Goldentail Moray

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways69 cm?-51
Green Moray

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways252 cm?-44
Leopard Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways91 cm18-21
Paint-Spotted Moray

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways140 cm?-27
Salpa Maggiore

HookAlways???14 cm?-18717
Snowflake Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways101cm?-15
Spotted Moray

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways194 cm?-23
Viper Moray

MeatAlwaysAlways117 cm?-75
White-Eyed Moray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways65 cm3-5
Whitemouth Moray

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways122 cm?-8
Yellow-mouth Moray

FishAlwaysAlways181 cm3-8
Yellowhead Moray

Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways79 cm?-17
Yellowmargin Moray

FishAlwaysAlways149 cm?-6
Zebra Moray

InsectsAlwaysAlways151 cm9-17

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  • tayyab

    sikim agzINIZI

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    • ASSSS


  • Q.Ceferov

    Men turnavadan gol turnavasindan 5 yildizli gol beyaz mersin baligi yakaladim 2 tane!!!
    Hangi yemle ve olt ile yakaladim!!!
    Bilmek isteyenler benden sora bilirler!!!

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    Menim en cox xosladigim baligin adi tatli su kefalidir!!!

    • Q.Ceferov

      Men bir cox baliglari xoslayiram!!!





  • Yฤฑlmaz.Rampoldii

    yeahhh LฤฐONHEADGOLDFฤฐSH and GRASSHOPERS ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • maffy19

    what is the objectives of race tournament(magic 15)?

    • fish1234567890

      you need to catch 15 fishes to win race tournament ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rich

    it’s not true, that Peacock Bass can be caught only during the night. I have caught it many times during the day. And that’s why I like lake run tourney and why Im so pretty good at it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • je suis francaise

  • comon atrapรฉ un poisson de 5 รฉtoil

  • joey33

    who catch ever a shark? salty maybe?

  • Aisha Karyle Reyes

    too hard to gets i use my 100 fishcoins to buy the things that make as lucky why iam not the winner on the boat on sea tornament 12 or 3 its ok but i didt won anything :(:(:( im very sad

  • fish1234567890

    this is my last comment in tourney guide bye bye every body I am leaving this game!

  • fish1234567890

    I caught my first blue fin tuna today !
    Small but its beautiful =)

    • TONY764

      me i love

    • joshua

      i love that fish atlantic bluefin tuna

  • Matheusin

    Payara, 70cm, 5 stars *-*

    • fish1234567890

      wow ! congrats which bait ?

    • TONY764

      what is this?

  • szax

    i enter in lake run tournament but the best fish escaped because it end ๐Ÿ™

  • fish1234567890

    and also for black bull head fish bait is written twice please check it

    • TONY764


  • kiko

    is anyone here to talk??????

    • Jackio

      I do

  • kiko

    ohh i have caught my first five star fish in fishao uuuuu hhhhhhhhhoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • szax

    i have caugt the goldfish around 5 pm like that hour

    • christian963

      first time i caght the pond smelt

  • Kacper9

    Niech kaลผdy idzie na turniej !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Muli

    I caught two goldfish a few minutes ago in Lake Run Tournament, so it isn’t only available from 23:00 to 4:00.

    • fish1234567890

      nope its a available fish

  • lubko150

    pls moderator

  • David Tee

    hi , what popular bait to get mekong giant catfish , thx ๐Ÿ™‚

    • joshua

      dough fish insects vegetal

  • a57b67

    new barbel world record

    • TONY764

      its so easy

  • rebel4

    kdo pozna rebel4?

  • rebel4

    my name adam my teacher viola and chick

  • rebel4

    zna nekdo NATALI12 je to ma kamaradka

  • rebel4

    je salty super moderator?

  • rebel4

    ahojte nenaลกiel som teda nechitil som ลพiadnu extra rybu s poromnnanim na pedrino_

  • oggi

    I cought peacock bass at 18:30.. why is his time 22:00-8:00 ?

    • joshua

      no always

  • tomas530

    Update again MEKONG GIANT CATFISH in LakeRun on Corn (vegetal)

    • tomas530


      • TONY764

        stupid fish

        • hannan55213

          yes i looks stupid

        • Dunkleosteus

          But I have caught It in real life It’s too agressive And it broke My rod! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Yikes!!!

            Haha, yes they will do that ๐Ÿ™‚

      • joshua

        i caught him

  • victor

    Umm salty for the bull head fish you put bait fish twice

  • amber

    where is the rest of the Ocean Sunfish’s body? if that’s it , it is wierd

  • tom

    salty.the beit

  • chittisonu

    for black bull head fish bait is written twice

  • kyle mitchell


    theres a new fish added to boat on sea tournament!

    good luck!

  • Debbietje128

    Caught the goldfish in lakerun at 15:22 pm

  • Josef Novotny

    peacock bass for 21 today, not max of 20

  • Larisa Morariu

    what countries fish !

  • H_sweety

    Goliath tigerfish, world record: 148 cm

    • joey33

      goed zo!

      • H_sweety

        Dankje, ik ben er trots op ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • joey33

          heet je in fishao ook zo? o, en het is echt een moooie vis ๐Ÿ™‚

          • H_sweety

            Ja, mijn nickname hier is hetzelfde als in fishao.

    • TONY764

      i caught this fish

    • ChocoTea

      hehe 8 votes to you

  • igungwika

    gi manna cari cheatttt kkasi tau aku pliz semua

  • Kirsty

    ๐Ÿ™‚ caught with corn ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Wow

      Are you a Beta?

  • igungwika

    gi mana cara nge cheat

  • tayyab

    my lion head caught

    • amber

      grass hoppers are insects that is why you caught it with them

  • kyle mitchell

    i caught my suckermouth catfish with corn xD

    • Salty

      Do you have a screenshot?

      • kyle mitchell

        i would but im banned off fishao for 1 month so you may have to wait:) sorry

      • kyle mitchell

        There ye gooo ๐Ÿ™‚

        • turd88

          Who’s backyard did you catch the Ripsaw Catfish in

          • kyle mitchell


          • joey33

            klorel, he has a lot fish, 30 fish, and every month there comes a new fish, but not 5* fish. but 4*: midas chilid, rainbowfish, bagarius, and a other one. 3*, i dont know them all, but: rainbowdarter, ripsawcatfish and a lot more. 2* are congo pufferfish and more. 1* common bleak, guppy and freshwater hatchfish. thats the wan that i rember, so there are more ๐Ÿ™‚

          • hannan55213


          • NITAA14


        • TONY764

          ha corn

        • joshua

          3 awesome

          • hannan55213


          • hannan55213

            i cought this

          • NITAA14


      • joshua

        i get the bigmouth buffalo with hook im sorry no picture available

  • Pookie

    I caught the lion head goldfish with grasshoppers ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Salty

      Thank you =) I have updated the table =)

      • Larisa Morariu

        ce tare peste !!!

      • tom

        how to post

      • joshua

        salty you caught bigmouth buffalo yes or no

      • Matadragones

        Salty, is it an special place in palm island to catch the Salpa Maggiore? ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

      • Gowana xD

        How can I win a Race tournament?

    • joey33

      salty, i catch a goldfish 19:30 you need to change that

    • youmompoop

      o god, so cute =) i cant catch him……

    • TONY764

      its a fat fish

    • tim

      very good

    • joshua

      give to me the lionhead goldfish

    • joshua

      wow 5 star

    • fff