The possibility to breed your own fish is just released a few weeks ago, but we’re already working on this table! But, not all fish and related info is discovered yet. Help our community to complete this list! 🙂


bucks = possible sell price in fish market


Backyard fish

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Home points
African Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways109 cm354166
African Knifefish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways164 cm133157
Alpine Bullhead

InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm3190
Amazon Leaf Fish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm236667
Amur Pike

Insects, Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways114 cm4523333
Apache Trout

Dough, Fish, InsectsMarch - September?18:00-09:0041 cm5720909
Asian Arowana

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways89 cm2844800

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways69 cm115897

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways204 cm247021
Bagrus Bajad

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways111 cm41428
Black Buffalo

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways122 cm61481
Black Crappy

Fish, InsectsAugust-AprilAlways48 cm3815
Black Molly

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways8 cm51290
Blue Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways239 cm2370000
Blue Lyretail

Insects, MeatAlways12:00-18:006 cm71272
Blue Malayan Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways131 cm183520000

Fish, InsectsApril - JuneAlways108 cm214047
Bull Shark

Fish, Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways401 cm9027368
Bull Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresJuly-December05:00-11:00, 17:00-23:00102 cm124736

Fish, InsectsApril - November01:00-05:0059 cm122903
Clown Killi

InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm116000
Clown Loach

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways51 cm62857
Common Bleak

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm1691
Congo Pufferfish

Insects, FishAlwaysAlways17 cm82868
Corydoras Julii

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways5 cm5694
Danube Salmon

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways164 cm7517173
Devils Hole Pupfish

VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm4202900000

Dough, VegetalAlways08:00-22:0014 cm41274
Dwarf Pufferfish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm2318889
Eurasian Ruffe

InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm29?
Fire Eel

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:00119 cm747200
Flathead Catfish

FishApril - October22:00-?154 cm214375
Fourhorned Sculpin

FishAlwaysAlways29 cm121808
Freshwater Angelfish

Insects, VegetalJan - ?Always7 cm41?
Freshwater Butterflyfish

FishAlways08:00-18:0012 cm132100
Freshwater Hatchedfish

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways8 cm1767
Frontosa Chiclid

VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm5728095
Giant Barb

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways294 cm3012368
Giant Freshwater Stingray

Fish, InsectsAlways20:00-08:00459 cm9011428
Green Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways61 cm1481808
Green Red Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlways14:00-00:00123 cm449375000

Insects, FishAlwaysAlways70 cm80

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways6 cm1151
Hairy Pufferfish

Insects, FishAlwaysAlways11 cm92121
Hucho Taimen

FishApril - OctoberAlways209 cm358372
Jack Dempsey

InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm30
Jaguar Guapote

FishAlwaysAlways54 cm28
Jardini Arowana

Insects, FishAlways06:00-08:0099 cm5925000
Kuhli Loach

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm2311212
Largetooth Sawfish

FishAlwaysAlways703 cm147350000
Marbled Lungfish

Fish, InsectsApril - OctoberAlways99cm213682
Midas Cichlid

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm186923
Pangio Mariarum

Dough, InsectsAlways17:00-?7 cm12
Paroon Shark

Dough, Insects, Fish, Meat, Shark Lures, VegetalSept-MarchAlways319 cm3205900
Parrot Cichlid

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways31 cm36

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways48 cm35
Platinum Golden Arowana

Insects, FishOctoberAlways98 cm18577272
Pumpkinseed Sunfish

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways24 cm62177
Rainbow Darter

Dough, Insects, VegetalMay-OctoberAlways7 cm31112

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways18 cm236275
Razorback Sucker

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways89 cm386
Red Rainbowfish

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm143
Red-Striped Rasbora

DoughAlwaysAlways5 cm178421
Red-Tail Golden Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways93 cm269116666

Vegetal, DoughAlwaysAlways34 cm33
Ripsaw Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm93750
Siamese Fighting Fish

InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm1565454
Silver Arowana

Fish, Insects, MeatFebruary 17th - AugustAlways89 cm3366200
Silver Carp

HookJuly - SeptemberAlways138 cm22263750
South American Lungfish

InsectsJuly 15th - August01:00-01:30124 cm12540000
Striped Headstander

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways21 cm31866

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm6
Texas Cichlid

InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm61066
Tiger Muskellunge

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm356323
Tire Track Eel

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:0090 cm6234444

Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways19 cm2412352
White Crappie

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways49 cm22978
White Sturgeon

FishAlways12:00-17:00609 cm8730000
Whitebarred Catfish

InsectsAlways18:00-22:0014 cm1318235
Wrestling Halfbeak

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways7 cm61923
Yellow-Tail Arowana

Fish, InsectsDecember - MarchAlways102 cm238???
Zebra Pleco

InsectsAlwaysAlways7 cm112232
Zingel Streber

InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm71069


Help us resolving the question marks! Drop your new world records or discovered fish below. But please, always the English names.

  • 852pedrino_2

    Hello I have got in mi garden in offer Paroon shark he is 5* and I cant see him

    • tupac

      you have grown paroon shark in your garden?

  • Pookie

    I have price for the fire eel
    Hope this helps ^.^

  • kyle mitchell

    do you remember this?!

    • I sure do =)

      • HERBERT_10

        Salty me add please ^^ (HERBERT_10)

    • giooooooooo

      where this dat

      • mashville?

        • joey33

          its thombani town

      • bezu

        It was in november or december cuz i remember that he posted it on his blog in this date when christmas was near

    • bezu

      i remember it and how could i dont salty caught a aligator gar here right ?

    • ChocoTea

      thats alligator gar right salty

  • kyle mitchell

    haha_lol_13 can breed a “parroon shark”!
    its a 5* fish in backyard!

  • CamoRebel

    Amazon Leaf Fish. caught with mealworms and bait fish. ill post in a few days with a good selling price range

  • turd88

    I think you should base the bait you use to catch the Dwarf Puffer fish off of the bait the actual Puffer fish likes

  • turd88

    Could you put information up about the Dwarf Puffer fish its a four star rarity but I can’t see the picture of it from Breeder Rex

  • turd88

    You need to put information on the Blue Catfish up

  • zazenya

    White Sturgeon! Nick : DeviLOfHeLL Bait: Fish Time: 12:45

    Good Luck!

  • zazenya

    White Sturgeon! Nick: DeviLOfHeLL Bait: Fish Time : 12:45

    Good luck !

  • kyle mitchell

    fornhead scuplin is a 3* fish not 4!

  • CamoRebel

    any info on baits to use besides insects to catch Amazon Leaf Fish would be greatly appreciated.

  • CamoRebel

    noticed you don’t have this one yet so here ya go. caught about 11:30am. it gives 6667 home points.

    • ChocoTea


  • CamoRebel

    you don’t have this fish yet so I found it for ya. it adds 6667 home points and is worth 19 fishbucks for today. ill post again in a couple days with a better selling range.

    • CamoRebel

      and I caught it around 11:20 am

  • Ace Moon

    Giant Freshwater you can catch all times !!!

  • Killroy

    Best bid for fire eel so far 72 bucks

  • Ace Moon

    New Record!!

    • Fill1998

      Hello, can you tell me the time? =)

      • joey33


    • ChocoTea

      wow super big

    • aianpuen

      good one

  • Sam719

    Tiger Muskellunge 132cm

  • Ace Moon

    This New Record 🙂

  • H_sweety

    Striped headstander

    • ChocoTea

      5 striped headstander congratz

  • 852pedrino_2

    A world rekord of Tiger Muskellunge is 149cm 🙂

  • Fill1998

    Hey Salty,

    there are some missing information:
    Tiger Muskellunge: WR – 149 cm
    Red-Striped Rasbora: WR – 5 cm

    Danube Salmon: I caught her on bait shad (so lures)! =)

  • kyle mitchell


  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    Salty, I use my iPad to gather all the fish photos and put them in my fishAO, 1* fish, 2* fish, 3* fish, 4* fish, and 5* fish albums!
    Also, I found out about fishAO before it was released to the public!
    And I’m going to add “I <3 fishAO" to my shirt on fishAO!

    • Dinofisher (^.^)3

      Kinda cool how I sort them out, right?

  • Ace Moon

    very nice fish!!

  • turd88

    pumpkinseed sunfish at 10:50 with shad

  • VIPster

    Tiger Muskellunge / 12.00 am / Lures

  • Dan_Andrei

    Amazon leaf fish, mealworms
    Blue catfish, mealworms
    White sturgeon.

    • Aisha Karyle Reyes

      i want to catch that too 🙁

  • kyle mitchell

    red striped raporsa isnt 2*

  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    Salty, this is me currently in fishAO!

    • Salty

      Nice haircut =)

      • Dinofisher (^.^)3

        You’re the best, salty!

  • kyle mitchell

    hi Salty =)
    you are missing the blue catrtfish!
    i havent caught but my freinds have

  • guppy

    pumpkinseed sunfish in the backyard with lure and insect

  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    I’m your biggest fan, salty!

    • kyle mitchell

      omg! so am i
      my screensaver is salty catching a aligator gar!!

      • Dinofisher (^.^)3


        • ChocoTea

          worker finger

    • joey33

      whats so funny at that?

    • riso11

      Wow !!!

    • ChocoTea

      thats funny your green sawfish is no world record

  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    (^.^)3 happy fish!

  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    Hey, what about: amazon leaf fish, blue catfish, and white sturgeon? White sturgeon is 5 or 4 star fish.

    • Salty

      This is the first time I hear about them =) I would need screenshots since I haven’t caught them myself yet =)

      • Dinofisher (^.^)3

        No luck. I post from my iPad.

  • Dinofisher (^.^)3

    Uh oh. The photos for the four horned sculpin and the red striped rasbora are wrong.

    • admin

      Thanks for noticing =) It has now been corrected =)

    • Salty

      Thanks for noticing =) I have corrected it =)

    • Dinofisher (^.^)3

      The white sturgeon is a 5 star fish.

  • tupac

    on fishbait

    • kyle mitchell

      wow! well done tupac whos house???

      • Barq


    • gustavo

      eu tava ai kkkk

    • Salty

      Cool! I want to add it but I don’t know what it’s called in english. I’m guessing American Pike or maybe American Musky, or simply musky. Anyone have an english screenshot?

      • Dinofisher (^.^)3

        It’s a tiger musky!

        • Salty

          Thank you. I will add it as soon as possible.

          • Killroy

            its actually calley tiger muskellunge in english and and bait for red striped rasbora is dough and its a 4 star fish

          • Salty

            Aha, So is it called Tiger Muskellunge in the game too? Or only “IRL”?

          • Killroy

            its called tiger muskellunge in the game. i dont know how its called irl

          • Dinofisher (^.^)3


    • Salty

      It has now been added to the table =)

  • tupac

    15 minutes ago…on fishbait

    • ChocoTea

      what is your username in game

  • kyle mitchell

    there is giant freshwaterstingray!
    and its record is 452cm:)

    • ChocoTea

      5 star

  • Barq

    I caught the Danube Salmon in the evening as well, so it seems the time label is not correct.

  • 101swaggerboy

    pumpkinseed sunfish grasshoppers

  • gustavo_13_710

    salty eu peguei um queno tem ai stripd headstander

  • Josef Novotny

    I caught a fish that you dont have here written, in home backyard it is called pumpkinseed sunfish. 2 stars.

    • Barq

      I caught it too!

  • Saraaa

    Striped Headstander
    Average size 8 cm
    World Record 21cm
    Caught with: Worms
    Caught it in:Backyard

  • kyle mitchell

    )hi you are also missing (kuhil loach) 4* fish

  • Bran

    8am / bait fish

    • VIPster

      Kuhli Loach / insects / 12 am

      • ChocoTea


    • ChocoTea

      only fourhorned sculpin

  • CamoRebel

    i caught a Texas Cichlid and a Zingel Streber in a friends backyard. noticed they werent on the list yet

    • CamoRebel

      Heres the images:

      • Salty

        Thanks! What bait did you use to catch Zingel Steber?

        • CamoRebel

          insects and the bids that ive seen so far for the Texas Cichlid is 1-5 and the Zingel Streber was 2-7. not sure if its the lowest and highest for both but its what ive seen

        • joshua


  • Ace Moon

    Red-Stribed Rasbora

    • Salty

      Thank you Ace, added it =D

    • gustavo cesar

      eu peguei um destes

    • gustavo cesar

      salty quando tem essa interrogacao e pq nao foi pego ainda?

      • Barq

        English please.

        • gustavo_13_720


    • hi ace confirm my friend request , my name http://www.vidztee ,thankyou 🙂

    • joshua

      i caught red stribed rasbora ace

    • joshua

      ace moon where is you

    • hey ace_moon can you add me as a freind?

  • Debbieke

    Finally caught the freshwater butterflyfish in my garden. i caught it at 14:33 and 14:35 the second 😀 with fish as bait I saw the info aboutthe WR wasn’t complete so here you go 🙂

    • Salty

      Congratz =) And thanks! This helps me to update the current world record =)

      • joey33

        ben jij nederlands?

        • DaUltimateVissa


          • joey33

            lol, hoe heet je in fishao

          • DaUltimateVissa


          • joey33

            oke dan, ik zal je wel opzoeken

      • cooper99791

        u called freshwater hatchetfish freshwater hachedfish

    • MilkTeaShakes

      2 freshwater butterflyfish gratz

  • VIPster

    Danube Salmon,grasshopers, around 6pm

    • Salty

      Thank you VIPster. I have added your info =)

      • Barq

        I caught 2 today with fish.

        • Salty

          Added fish as bait for Danube Salmon =)

          • maximuz

            salty how to post a pictor her

          • joey33

            i caught a danube salmon with lures around 7 pm, sorry no picture.. 🙁

          • DaUltimateVissa

            How do i take a screenshot and where do i find it back becuz the Amazon Leaf fish is 15 fishbucks at the market right know!!!

          • joey33

            i dont know to… SALTY how to do????!!!!

          • DaUltimateVissa

            I know. u do ctrl + PrtSc (beside f12) then go to word and do
            Ctrl + v and then save the picture under a folder and then post it here.

          • joey33

            thank you your yhe best

          • DaUltimateVissa

            Ja, ik weet. Als het werkt dan neem een Screen Shot en post het met een reply van deze. Neem een screen shot van je Dolphin Fish op de VisDex.

          • aybaligi

            What bait did you use while catching amazon leaf fish and did you use any kind of potion?

          • DaUltimateVissa

            Finally i caught a 5 star fish. (Its my second, I caught the Golden Trout). I was trying to catch the Paroon Shark but got the Danube Salmon, but who cares. It was a self achievement.

          • joey33

            wow, waar? maar nog steeds minder xp dan cornish jack 🙂

          • profisher

            good for you dudes!

          • royalfishao

            I caught a paroon shark around 12.36 noon

          • jeffey_banaban

            can i got purple rod

          • i got 2 star zingel streber with fish

        • joshua


          • Jeffey_banaban

            cause i want to catch rare more than that salmom

          • MilkTeaShake

            but your not i said barq

          • MilkTeaShake

            that was 5 months ago please dont reply

          • Monica88891


      • MilkTeaShake

        1.salty i like to catch platinum golden arowana what level did i catch platinum golden arowana
        2. the other player caught paroon shark 5 months ago in level 11

    • KingKral

      Salty ?


    • Erick

      Where can i get grasshopers

      • Anna

        In the hop

    • Micadinho

      I caught the Danube Salmon also! Around 11:00 a.m. with bait fish!

      • riso11


    • peko111pe