On this page you’ll find all available fish in FISHAO sorted out per area. Help us to gain more and more information, and post your info and new world records as well on this page!


bucks = possible sell price in fish market



FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm13

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm3

Dough, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm1

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways84 cm4
Brook Trout
(Trout farm)

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways85 cm1
Brown Trout
(Trout farm)

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm1
Common Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm6
Common Nase

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm2

Fish, Insects, MeatAlways23:00-04:00149 cm22

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlways22:00-08:00119 cm60
Golden Trout
(Trout farm)

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways70 cm52
Lake Trout
(Trout farm)

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways150 cm30
Largemouth Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways74 cm3
Long-finned Eel

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-05:00120 cm27
Mirror Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways151 cm21
Orangespotted Sunfish

Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways39 cm24

HookAlwaysAlways275 cm75

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways139 cm36
Rainbow Trout
(Trout farm)

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm7
Starry Sturgeon

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-05:00219 cm141
Stone Loach

InsectsAlwaysAlways20 cm5
Tiger Trout
(Trout farm)

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways92 cm52
White Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways24 cm2


Rio Tropical

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price

Fish, LuresJuly-September20:00-11:00448 cm89
Azul Peacock Bass

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59cm12
Black Acara

InsectsAlwaysAlways34 cm13
Blackfin Pearlfish

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm4
Boulengerella Cuvieri

FishAlwaysAlways87 cm8
Chaca Chaca Catfish

Insects, Fish, LuresAlways04:00 - 05:0031 cm30
Common Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm6
Freshwater Lionfish

Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways31 cm111
Golden Dorado

Fish, Insects, LuresJune-Sep05:00-00:0099 cm60
Marbled Headstander

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways13 cm1
Occelate River Stingray

FishAlways21:00-05:0099 cm36
Pictus Catfish

Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm11
Pike Cichlid

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm3

Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlways14:00-22:0039 cm24
Red Bellied Pacu

Vegetal, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways91 cm62
Red Wolf Fish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways19cm21
Redtail Catfish

Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways149 cm14
Spotted Sorubim

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways169 cm21
Spotted Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways139cm27


Little Rio

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Atlantic Needlefish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways110 cm5
Bighead Carp

Dough, VegetalAlways11:00-05:00149 cm35
Black Ghost Knifefish

Insects, FishAlways19:00-11:0052 cm24
Black Sharkminnow

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways89 cm18
Blue Panchax

InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm3
Crocodile-tooth Pipefish

InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm27
Gold Nugget Pleco

Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways30 cm84
Grass Carp

Dough, VegetalAlways17:00-06:00159 cm30
Mbu Pufferfish

FishAlwaysAlways66 cm2
Mrigal Carp

VegetalAlwaysAlways100 cm24
Piraiba Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways359 cm258
Senegal Bichir

Fish, InsectsAlways22:00-06:0079 cm250


Pinheira Beach

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Blackfin Dartfish

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways9 cm3
Blue Ring Angelfish
(Pier only)

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways30 cm11
Blue Striped Grunt

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways27 cm1
Bluestripe Pipefish
(Pier only)

InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm9
Bowmouth Guitarfish

InsectsAlwaysAlways306 cm23
Bramble Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways309 cm269
Bridled Leatherjacket
(Pier only)

InsectsAlways12:00-13:0013 cm15

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways17 cm4
(Pier only)

FishAlways16:00-02:00179 cm135
Common Dolphinfish
(Pier only)

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways189 cm36
Coral Catshark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways69 cm27
Coral Hind

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm7
Dwarf Moray
(Pier only)

FishFeb - ?23:00-06:0028 cm58
French Angelfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways40 cm24
Giant Grouper

Fish, LuresSeptember - MarchAlways304 cm26
Giant Moray
(Pier only)

FishAlways23:00-06:00299 cm36
Giant Oarfish
(Pier only)

FishJanuary - JuneAlways1754 cm748
Grammonus Yumokawai
(Pier only)

Green Sawfish
(Pier only)

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways729 cm90
Honeycomb Cowfish

Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm9
Horn Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways199 cm44
Humphead Parrotfish

VegetalAlways07:00-20:00150 cm26
Leafy Seadragon

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways44 cm45

Fish, InsectsAlways07:00-11:0041 cm60

Dough, InsectsJuly-September08:00-17:007 cm51
Muraena Augusti
(Pier only?)

FishAlways23:00-00:00130 cm35
Narrowhead Catshark
(Pier only)

FishAlwaysAlways299 cm27
Nassau Grouper
(Pier only)

Fish, Insects, LuresDecember-January18:00-04:00121 cm22
Nurse Shark

Shark BaitAugust - May22:00-06:00429 cm113
Pacuma Toadfish

FishAlwaysAlways56 cm24
Puffer Fish
(Pier only)

Dough, InsectsJuly-AugustAlways32 cm1
Queen Angelfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm13
Queen Triggerfish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways60 cm20
Rainbow Parrotfish

VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm24
Red Snapper

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm13
(Pier only)

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways172 cm11

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways16 cm1
Sargassum Triggerfish

Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm9
Sergeant Major

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways22 cm7
Smooth Trunkfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm3
Spotted Handfish

InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm137
Spotted Wobbegong

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways319 cm36
Sulawesi Coelacanth
(Pier only)

FishAlways00:00-05:00139 cm996
Unicorn Crestfish
(Pier only)



Cool Mountain

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Arctic Char
(Raft only)

Fish, LuresMarch-June, September-November05:00-11:00, 18:00-00:00106 cm18

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways119 cm12
Beluga Sturgeon
(Raft only)

FishAlwaysAlways850 cm112
Coho Salmon

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways98 cm18
Common Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm7
Common Minnow

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm5
Common Roach

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways50 cm2
Common Rudd

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways50 cm1
Deepwater Sculpin
(Raft only)

InsectsAlwaysAlways22 cm18
Freshwater Drum

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways94 cm18
Hybrid Striped Bass
(Raft only)

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways54 cm27
Lake Trout

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways150 cm30
Largemouth Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways74 cm3
Persian Sturgeon
(Raft only)

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways234 cm112
Rainbow Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm7
Sockeye Salmon
(Raft only)

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways83 cm34
Striped Bass
(Raft only)

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways179 cm6
Three-Spined Stickleback
(Raft only)

InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm20

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways106 cm19
Wels Catfish
(Raft only)

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways259 cm30
White Bass

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways49 cm2


Mystic Desert

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
African Butter Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, Vegetal,AlwaysAlways39 cm6

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways59 cm21
Black Arowana
(Inside pyramid only)

Fish, InsectsAlways13:45 - 14:0089 cm749
Cornish Jack

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways149 cm90
Elongate Tigerfish

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways77 cm18
Golden Arowana
(Inside pyramid only)

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways129 cm48
Golden Cave Catfish
(Inside pyramid only)

Vegetal, Insects, DoughAlwaysAlways16cm1786
(Inside pyramid only)

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways37 cm13
Isichthys Henryi

InsectsAlways12:00-15:0028 cm32
Lavender Mbuna

InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm45
Livingston's Chichild

FishAlwaysAlways24 cm10
Nile Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways195 cm48
Nile Tilapia

InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm4
North African Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways169 cm18
Siamese Tigerfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm18


Sibiri City

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Atlantic Herring

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm1

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1223 cm524
European Conger

FishAlwaysAlways299 cm90
Giant Oarfish

FishJanuary - JuneAlways1754 cm748
Goblin Shark

Shark BaitAlways09:00-12:00610 cm748

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways111 cm10
Humpback Anglerfish

Fish, InsectsHalloween; 28 October - 3 November20:00-05:0019 cm67
Lesser Weever

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm4
Longfin Mako Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways416 cm66
Megamouth Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways705 cm298

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm48

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways122 cm31
Silver Scabbardfish

Fish, InsectsAlways18:00-04:00209 cm48
Thicklip Grey Mullet

Dough, Fish, VegetalAlwaysAlways74 cm6
Tope Shark

Fish, Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways192 cm31
Vimba Bream

InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm13



FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price

Fish, LuresJuly-September20:00-11:00448 cm89
Asian-Green Arowana

Fish, InsectsAlways20:00-04:00103 cm149

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways131 cm13
Cherry Salmon

Fish, InsectsAlways05:00-11:00, 18:00-00:0078 cm13
Chinese False Gudgeon

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm3
Chinese Paddlefish

FishMay - December13:00-15:00700 cm183
Chinese Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways399 cm83
Clown Featherback

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm40
Fresh Water Moray

FishAlways01:00-06:00149 cm47
Giant Gourami

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways69 cm36
Giant Salmon Carp

Giant Snakehead

Fish, LuresAlways12:00-17:00129 cm22
Horseface Loach

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm7
Inlecypris Jayarami

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways9 cm183
Japanese Eel

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:00101 cm30
Kaluga Sturgeon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways559cm135
Mad barb

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm22
Pale Chub

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm3
Siamese Tigerfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm18

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways69 cm7


Seagull Harbor

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Angler Snake Eel
(Boat Only)

Fish, InsectsAlways02:00-02:1512 cm106
Atlantic Mackerel
(Boat only)

FishFebruary 23 - March 23Always59 cm15
Atlantic Wolffish
(Boat only)

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm105
Ballan Wrasse
(Boat only)

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways65 cm20
Barbeled Houndshark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways81 cm42
Basking Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1223 cm524
Blue Marlin
(Boat only)

FishJuly-SeptemberAlways429 cm134
Blue Shark
(Boat only)

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways399 cm96
Chilhuil Sea Catfish
(Boat only)

FishAlways02:00-10:0050 cm142
Chinook Salmon

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm40
Coho Salmon

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways98 cm18
Common Octopus
(Boat only)

FishSeptember-January, March-JulyAlways399 cm60

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways39 cm6
Dogfish Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways159 cm119
European Anchovy

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm1
European Sea Sturgeon

FishJune-FebruaryAlways599 cm179
Evermannella Balbo
(Boat only)

FishAlwaysAlways16 cm9
Flying Fish

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm7
Frilled Shark
(Boat only)

Shark BaitApril - December05:00-06:00213 cm442
Giant Oarfish

FishJanuary - JuneAlways1754 cm748
Gloved Snailfish
(Boat only)

InsectsAlways01:00-10:0041 cm34
(Boat only)

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways109 cm44
Great White Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways790 cm356

FishAlwaysAlways364 cm146
Hammerhead Shark
(Boat only)

Fish, Meat, Shark BaitJune-SeptemberAlways599 cm84
Horse Mackerel

FishAlwaysAlways99 cm6
Long-snouted Lancetfish

Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways214 cm160
Mariana Snailfish
(Boat only)

FishAlways01:00-04:0028 cm111
Midwater Eelpout
(Boat only)

FishAlwaysAlways16 cm23
Parachaenichthys Charcoti
(Boat only)

Fish, LuresOct 20 - Dec 1000:00-05:0041 cm85
Rainbow Runner
(Boat only)

Fish, LuresMarch-AugustAlways179 cm39
Red Snapper

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm13
Risso's Smooth-Head
(Boat only)

FishOct 1 - Oct 3002:00-05:0049 cm41
(Boat only)

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways314 cm135
Shortdorsal Cutthroat Eel
(Boat only)

FishFeb - ?02:00-???
Tadpole Snailfish
(Boat only)

FishAlways00:00-05:005 cm543
Tarpon Atlantic

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways249 cm84
Tiger Shark
(Boat only)

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways747 cm342

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways55 cm13
Whitebar Eelpout
(Boat only)

InsectsAlways02:00-06:0075 cm41


Thombani Town

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
African Butter Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm5
African Mottled Eel
(Enclosure only)

FishAlways22:00-04:00191 cm1423
Albino Catfish
(Enclosure only)

MeatAlways22:00-06:00619 cm749

Dough, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm13

Dough, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm1
Cornish Jack

Fish, InsectAlwaysAlways149 cm90

Fish, Insects, MeatAlways23:00-04:00149 cm22
Electric Catfish
(Enclosure only)

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways121 cm36
Elongate Tigerfish

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways77 cm18
Freshwater Goby
(Enclosure only)

InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm6
Goldsilk Bream
(Enclosure only)

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways89 cm7
Largemouth Yellowfish
(Enclosure only)

Fish, Insects, LuresMarch - ?Always82 cm22
Nile Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways195 cm48
Nile Tilapia

InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm4
North African Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways169 cm18



FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Albino Alligator Gar

Fish, LuresAlways22:00-05:00298 cm656
Alligator Gar

Fish, Lures, MeatAlwaysAlways299 cm120

Dough, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm1
Brown Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm1
Common Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm6
Electric Eel

Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways199 cm120

InsectsAlwaysAlways41 cm42
Giant Gourami

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways69 cm36
Giant Snakehead

Fish, LuresAlways12:00-17:00129 cm21
Golden Perch

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm27
Long-finned Eel

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-05:00119 cm27
Mirror Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways151 cm21
Murray Cod

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways179 cm49

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways139 cm36

Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlways14:00-22:0039 cm24
Sleepy Cod

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm16
Tailspot Ctenopoma

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways24 cm16

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm31


Lost Valley 1

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Alabama Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways78 cm78
Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

FishAlwaysAlways908 cm141
Giant Squid

FishAlwaysAlways1294 cm673
Long-nosed Chimera

FishAlwaysAlways139 cm101
Ribbon Eel

FishAlwaysAlways129 cm42
Scrawled Filefish

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways109 cm14
Spearfish Remora

Dough, Insects, Vegetal,AlwaysAlways49 cm6

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways449 cm299

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways40 cm24


Lost Valley 2

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways57 cm17

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways103 cm21

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways15 cm22

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways80 cm41

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways19 cm9

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways12 cm6
Carcharocles Chubutensis

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways1158 cm130

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways37 cm21

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways64 cm129

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways171 cm68

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways207 cm265

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways39 cm16

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways602 cm 166

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways12 cm 14

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways39 cm20

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways23 cm???

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways44 cm51
Doryaspis Arctica

Prehisoric BaitAlwaysAlways14 cm???
Doryaspis Nathorsti

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways14 cm10

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways95 cm38

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways182 cm1147

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways154 cm38

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways54 cm43

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways514 cm429

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways419 cm964

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways545 cm57

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways201 cm75

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways1381 cm1715

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways60 cm109

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways27 cm85

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways1799 cm7464

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways10 cm12

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways302 cm178

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways22 cm26

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways17 cm11

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways6 cm23

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways21 cm49

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways28 cm144

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways127 cm99

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways72 cm66

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways188 cm270

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways17 cm21

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways670 cm491

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways97 cm78

Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways62 cm95


Palm Island

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Banded Butterflyfish

Insects, VegetalAlways14:00-19:0014 cm20
Banggai Cardinalfish

Vegetal, DoughAlways08:00-19:007 cm18

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways184 cm207
Bermuda Chub

Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways75 cm3
Bigfin Reef Squid

FishAlways23:00-14:0039 cm3
Bird Wrasse

Fish, InsectsAlways15:00-03:0034 cm5
Black Triggerfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways45 cm2
Blackbar Soldierfish

VegetalAlways22:00-04:3034 cm9
Blacktip Reef Shark

Shark LureAlways20:00-05:00203 cm27
Blue Dot Jawfish

Insects, VegetalAlways09:00-19:009 cm14
Blue Parrotfish

Insects, VegetalAlways07:00-18:00119 cm21
Blue Tang

VegetalAlwaysAlways37 cm3
Bluefin Trevally

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways116 cm15
Bluehead Wrasse

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm3
Bluespine Unicornfish

VegetalAlways10:00-17:0071 cm3
Bluespotted Grouper

Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways59 cm3
Bluestripe Snapper

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlways23:00-05:0039 cm6
Broad-Barred Goby

Insects, Vegetal, DoughAlwaysAlways3 cm4
Broomtail Wrasse

InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm12

InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm32
Chinstrap Jawfish

Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm5
Clown Frogfish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways14 cm66
Cookiecutter Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways55 cm24
Crested Bullhead Shark

InsectsAlways23:00-05:30149 cm60

Shark LureAlways02:00-02:30, 04:00-04:30, 06:00-06:15,20 cm439
Dusky Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways419cm59
Emperor Angelfish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm9
Fairy Basslet

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways7 cm12
Fantail Filefish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways11 cm12
French Grunt

Fish, LuresAlways21:00-06:0029 cm8
Glasseye Snapper

Fish, Insects, LuresAlways18:00-08:0052 cm6

Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-06:0043 cm5
Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus

Insects, FishAlwaysAlways4 cm9
Green Birdmouth Wrasse

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways31 cm26
Gulf Signal Blenny

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm12
Harlequin Bass

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm9

InsectsAlwaysAlways90 cm2
Indonesian Speckled Carpetshark

Shark LureAlways00:00-03:0045 cm23
Kitefin Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways179 cm26
Leafscale Gulper Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways157 cm61
Lemon Shark

Shark LureAlways23:00-04:00339 cm30
Longnose Butterfly

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways22 cm9
Mexican Hogfish

Insects, LuresAlways07:00-19:0075 cm12
Midnight Parrotfish

VegetalAlways08:00-17:30105 cm15
Milk Shark

Shark BaitAlwaysAlways174 cm23
Minute Leatherjacket

VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm42
Moorish Idol

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlways22:00-05:0022 cm26
Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Shark LureAlways19:00-11:00401 cm81
Orange-Banded Pipefish

InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm32
Ornate Butterflyfish

VegetalAlwaysAlways17 cm5
Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways15 cm21

Insects, LuresAlways11:00-04:0049 cm11
Peacock Flounder

LuresAlways00:00-07:0050 cm14
Pennant Coralfish

Dough, VegetalAlways22:00-05:0025 cm11
Phantom Bannerfish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways16 cm3
Picasso Triggerfish

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm14
Pink Frogfish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways37 cm33
Pinktail Triggerfish

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm3

InsectsAlways23:00-05:3040 cm12
Queen Parrotfish

VegetalAlways07:00-18:0060 cm11
Red Irish Lord

LuresAlwaysAlways50 cm9
Red-lipped Batfish

InsectsAlwaysAlways43 cm61
Rock Beauty

VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm11
Ruby Seadragon

InsectsApril03:00-08:0029 cm748
Rusty Parrotfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm2
Sand Diver

FishAlwaysAlways45 cm17
Sand Tilefish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm1
Sandbar Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways252 cm21
Sawback Angelshark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways197 cm389
Schoolmaster Snapper

Fish, LuresAlways17:00-05:0045 cm11
Spanish Hogfish

Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways40 cm3
Spinner Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways300 cm62
Spot-tail Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways163 cm165
Spotted Eagle Ray

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways485 cm87
Taylor's Inflator Filefish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways4 cm21
Tiger Grouper

Fish, Insects, LuresAlways05:00-12:00104 cm9
Titan Triggerfish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways74 cm9

FishAlwaysAlways102 cm24
Twin-Spot Goby

InsectsAlwaysAlways9 cm14
White-Spotted Damsell

Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways12 cm14
Whitespotted boxfish

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm20
Yellow Tang

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways23 cm11
Yellowhead Wrasse

InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm3
Yellowtail Wrasse

InsectsAlwaysAlways21 cm3


Pirate Cave

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Angler Monkfish

Monkfish lureAlwaysAlways209 cm373

FishAlwaysAlways45 cm9978
Cyclops Shark

Shark lureAlwaysAlways49 cm2200
Meadia Roseni

FishAlwaysAlways74 cm1200
Pelican Eel

Pelican lureAlways22:00-06:0087 cm450
Sarcastic Fringehead

FishAlwaysAlways31 cm44

Star lureAlwaysAlways20 cm446



FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Achilles Tang

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm5Salt
American Barrelfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways90 cm24Salt
Amur Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways319 cm329Fresh

InsectsJuly 1 - September 1500:00-05:0021 cm295Salt
Australian Ghostshark

Shark lureMarch-SeptemberAlways149 cm20Salt
Austrolebias Adloffi

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm5Fresh

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm3Salt
Betta Brownorum

Dough, Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm3Fresh
Black Alligator Gar

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways298 cm1558Fresh
Black Diamond Cichlid

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm149Fresh
Black Dragonfish

FishAlways00:00-07:0052 cm954Salt
Blind Cave Eel

Fish, Insects, MeatAlways23:00-05:0039 cm110Fresh
Blue-Bellied Night Wanderer

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm747Fresh
Blue-Green Chromis

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways9 cm5Salt
Bonnethead Shark

Shark LureAlwaysAlways149 cm27Salt

Dough, Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm1Fresh
Chevron Butterflyfish

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways19 cm11Salt
Common Ponyfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways27 cm8Fresh
Common Sawfish

Monster baitAlwaysAlways750 cm578Salt
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways15 cm6Salt
Death Valley Pupfish

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways7 cm362Salt
Deepsea Lizardfish

Fish, LuresJanuary-March00:00-05:0068 cm3588Salt
Dragon Wrasse

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm10Salt
Elegant Firefish

InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm10Salt
Emperor Red Snapper

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways115 cm18Salt
Fiddler Ray

Fish, InsectsAlways21:00-08:0089 cm143Salt
Florida Gar

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways130 cm120Fresh
Flourescing Goatfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways39 cm78Salt
Giant Devil Ray

FishAlwaysAlways519 cm61-?Salt
Giant Kokopu

InsectsAlwaysAlways57 cm150Fresh
Gold-spotted Rabbitfish

VegetalAlways22:00-05:0042 cm20Salt
Golden Pike

Fish, Lures, InsectsAlwaysAlways139 cm7488Fresh
Golden Trevally

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm19Salt
Grass Pickerel

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways37 cm45Fresh
Greenland Shark

Monster baitAlwaysAlways722 cm867Salt
Hound Needlefish

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm81Salt
Humpback Batfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways64 cm40Salt
Indian Glassfish

InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm6Fresh
Lemonpeel Angelfish

VegetalAlways10:00-23:0013 cm3Salt
Longhorn Cowfish

Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways52 cm43Salt
Longnose Hawkfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways12 cm9Salt
Longnose Sawshark

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways136 cm15Salt
Malawi Eye Biter

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways22 cm12Fresh
Marcusenius Furcidens

InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm69Fresh
Marine Betta

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm8Salt

InsectsAlwaysAlways169 cm20Fresh
Moon Wrasse

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm5Salt
Neon Tetra

Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm2Fresh
Northern Lampfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways12 cm27Salt
Ocellated Pufferfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm12Fresh
Orange-spotted Snakehead

Fish, InsectsAlways12:00-05:0039 cm40Fresh
Oriental Sweetlips

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways71 cm12Salt
Panther Grouper

FishAlwaysAlways69 cm138Salt
Pearl Danio

Dough, Insects, VegealAlwaysAlways6 cm1Fresh
Persian Carpet Sole

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm9Salt

Fish, InsectsAlways00:00-05:0021 cm36Salt

Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm87Fresh
Potter's Angelfish

VegetalAlwaysAlways10 cm22Salt
Red Indianfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm50Salt
Red Phantom Tetra

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm15Salt
Red-striped Goby

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm1Salt
Redfin Pickerel

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways41 cm84Fresh

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm8Fresh
Shortnose Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways142 cm81Fresh
Siberian Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways201 cm131Fresh
Smalltooth Sawfish

Monster baitAlwaysAlways708 cm900Salt
Spikefin Goby

Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm6Salt
Spotted Gar

Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm87Fresh
Spotted Pike Characin

Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways31 cm9Fresh
Spotted Sicklefish

InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm5Salt
Tomato Clownfish

Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm12Salt
Weedy Seadragon

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm196Salt
White-spotted Puffer

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm20Salt
Winghead Shark

Shark LureJuly(?)-March(?)Always188 cm106Salt
Yangtze Sturgeon

FishAlwaysAlways251 cm493Fresh
Yellow Boxfish

Dough, Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm15Salt


Lucky Raft

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Albacore Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways139 cm51
Australian Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways101 cm24

Barracuda Lure, Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm36
Bigeye Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways74 cm14
Bigeye Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways250 cm70
Black Marlin

Marlin LureAlwaysAlways459 cm297
Blackfin Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways109 cm20
Bullet Barracuda

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways49 cm15
Guachanche Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways198 cm115
Heller's Barracuda

Barrauda LureAlwaysAlways78 cm8
Longtail Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways144 cm23
Pacific Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways143 cm30
Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Tuna LureSept-Dec, Jan-MarchAlways300 cm146
Pelican Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways90 cm15
Pickhandle Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways148 cm22
Sharpfin Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways79 cm6
Bluefin Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways244 cm368
Striped Marlin

Marlin LureAlwaysAlways418 cm72
White Marlin

Marlin LureAlwaysAlways300 cm42
Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna LureAlwaysAlways239 cm14
Yellowtail Barracuda

Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways59 cm12


Furniture Factory

FishBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
Candy Basslet

Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways5 cm149
Garish Hind

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways42 cm147

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways20 cm136
Orangespotted Soapfish

Dough, Insects, VegetablesAlwaysAlways5 cm147
Peppermint Angelfish

Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm147

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  • Sam719

    The Puffer fish is 4 stars, isn’t it?

    • fish1234567890

      Which puffer fish ? There is a pufferfish in beach its a 1 star as I know

      • Sam719

        there’s told me that that is a mistake… it should be 4 stars they said. the puffer fish in pinheira

  • Bianca

    Uau gostei

  • 98545

    freshwater lionfish bait

  • joey33

    i cautch a blue marlin with lures, 14:00 , 250cm NOT NORMAL

    • joey33

      omsorry 15:15

      • Wow! Okay, was that in april then?

    • giooooo

      maak foto

  • 19997


  • niceshott

    i havn’t fish bait

  • szax

    where i get a easy 5 stars in zone lv 10 bellow

    • fish1234567890

      try catching a goldcarp

  • Rainier Dave Madrona

    i got a new fish red snapper

  • Rainier Dave Madrona


  • joey33

    can you catch a goldfish with worms?

  • PepeRejnaYTaHonzamimi

    FISHAO IS VERY SUPER GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • impi record for paddlefish

    • chittisonu

      Wow! congrats 🙂

  • lenka809

    fishao wiki mi pomohlo chytit arowanu zlatou

  • joey33

    is a golden arowana hard to vind?

  • DaUltimateVissa

    I got an idea, if u catch a New World Record fish then it shouldn’t say personal best but world record best!

    • chittisonu

      I agree

  • Stephanie Bart Verachtert

    freshwater lionfish today 108

  • Kacper9

    Super mistrzowsko

  • Hilde

    Freshwater lionfish was 107 today

    • Thanks Hilde, I have updated Rainbow Runner and Fresw. lionfish =)

  • Hilde

    Rainbow runner was 31 today

  • spotted_leafish from Big Fish

    Don’t try catching a Golden Arowana with worms. When I tried, a box popped up saying, “maybe there aren’t enough fish that like you’re bait, or maybe you should try switching you’re bait?” And don’t tell me it’s a goldfish, because I caught one with worms.

    • maggots its best bait for golden arowana

    • That message usually just means that you might want to try and cast in a different spot. In a hotspot you will almost always get a bite with insects as bait.

  • nico19

    i caught a wels catfish even when i’m not riding the raft. i caught it near the raft.

  • Muli

    I’ve caught a freshwater goby yesterday (2014-04-07) and it is so far from september that I’m not sure that it’s a seasonal fish.

    • Aha.. thanks for the info. I caught some in september, and that was the first time I caught them. But I guess they are around for longer than that =) I will update the table.

  • rebel4

    som level 48

    • chittisonu

      Nope I got it just today because I reached new level today

  • chittisonu

    I got sooo many fresh water Goby today

  • AmigoDosPeixes

    freshwater lionfish being sold for 68$ today.
    Caught 2 freswater lionfish between 23:00 and 24:00(2 in 10 minutes , no luck potion)

  • DaUltimateVissa

    Just caught the Chaca Chaca Catfish, if u need any info just ask.

  • DaUltimateVissa

    Is it easy to catch the Paddlefish

    • chittisonu

      It is not easy to catch paddle fish because it is an 5* fish 🙂

    • griffin444

      You can catch it only with a hook

  • chittisonu

    Hey ! any body can try , i got 5 rain bow runners today , April 3 , 😉

  • zuzu300

    morning..after 4…insect

  • zuzu300

    NEW RECORD!!!!

    • Matheusin

      I caught this fish

  • goodadrian

    hey guys let’s play zumbi blocks in paco games pls

  • goodadrian

    i wish ther’s a karaken in the sea

  • Lexi

    Thank you FISHAOWIKI!

  • Ritch

    hi, I got offer only 7 bucks for spotted sorubim, but in the table is min: 8. here is the pic

  • aureliovdo

    Pez león de agua dulce solo lo he pescado 1 vez pero su valor estará entre los 70 y 100 billetes

  • Ace Moon

    Salty i have to 399cm :))

    • Nice catch Ace! =)

  • Ace Moon

    Nice this not new Record :))

  • AWESOME!!!

    • Matheusin


  • klaudinka

    moc hezké hryní

  • kayevillanueva

    i also catch Pike Chichild by worms…..can u please add it too????

    • Insects are already mentioned there =)

  • tomas530

    Hi Salty, keep up good work, I got small update on Giant Fresh Water Stingray WR455cm

    • Great catch =) Thanks for pic!

    • Matheusin

      I’m wanting this fish the much time !!!

  • Bogomil

    not only September I have now caught in March (19.03.2014)

    • Thanks alot =)

    • Matheusin

      Thombani Thonw

  • Ace Moon

    Chaca Chaca Catfish the bait worm time 4:40

    • kyle mitchell

      am or pm

      • fish1234567890

        am 🙂

    • Great! Thanks!

  • Ace Moon

    caught in 5 minutes 3 ​​x Chaca Chaca Catfish the bait worm

    • tomas530

      i think it is a.m. because others reported similar and this fish is in real world known to be active during the night only. but please AceMoon would you confirm? and congratulation

      • Ace Moon

        yes its a night fish this its aktive 0:00-5:00

  • Ace Moon

    Chaca Chaca Catfish bait worm

    • Matheusin

      I’m wanting caught this fish !!!

  • tomas530

    hi mekong giant caught on corn

    • kyle mitchell


    • Great! Thank you =)

  • oleehr4jr4gkf

    its not

  • Blue_Beetle

    Freshwater Lionfish today 32 $, was 102 $ most

  • Cailin

    do you catch tuna????

    • Tuna can be caught in the Boat On Sea Tournament.

  • Rindert

    Yesterday I sold a freshwater lionfish for 102 and today 70 was offered for another one.