All In One

B = Boat, E = Enclosure, F = Furniture Factory, P = Pier, Py = Pyramid, R = Raft, TF = Trout Farm, U = Unlockable.

Every fish in the game in one table.

This table is text only.

FishAreaStarsBaitSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
AcanthodesLost valley 22Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways57 cm17
Achilles TangClub (Salt Water Pond)2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm5
African ArowanaBackyard3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways109 cm35
African Butter CatfishMystic Desert, Thombani Town2Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm6
African KnifefishBackyard3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways164 cm13
African Mottled EelThombani Town (enclosure)5FishAlways22:00-04:00191 cm1423
Alabama SturgeonLost Valley 15FishAlwaysAlways78 cm78
Albacore TunaLucky Raft4Tuna LureAlwaysAlways139 cm51
Albino Alligator GarMarshville5Fish, LuresAlways22:00-05:00298 cm656
Albino CatfishThombani Town (Enclosure)5MeatAlways22:00-06:00619 cm749
Alligator GarMarshville5Fish, Lures, MeatAlwaysAlways299 cm120
Allis ShadBoat on Sea Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways82 cm5
Alpine BullheadBackyard1InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm3
Amazon Leaf FishBackyard4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm23
American BarrelfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways90 cm24
Amur PikeBackyard4Insects, Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways114 cm45
Amur SturgeonClub (Fresh Water Pond)5FishAlwaysAlways319 cm329
Angel SharkBoat on Sea Tournament5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways242 cm111
Angler MonkfishPirate Cave5Monkfish lureAlwaysAlways209 cm373
Angler Snake EelSeagul Harbor (Boat)4Fish, Insects02:00-02:15Always12 cm106
AntiarchiLost valley 22Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways103 cm21
Apache TroutBackyard5Dough, Fish, InsectsMarch - September?18:00-09:0041 cm57
AphyonidaeClub (Salt Water Pond)5InsectsJuly 1 - September 1500:00-05:0021 cm295
ArandaspisLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways15 cm22
ArapaimaAquayama, Rio Tropical5Fish, LuresJuly-September20:00-11:00448 cm89
Arctic CharCool Mountain (Raft)3Fish, LuresMarch-June, September-November05:00-11:00, 18:00-00:00106 cm18
AriidaeMystic Desert4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways59 cm21
Arrowhead SoapfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3FishAlwaysAlways14 cm17
Asian ArowanaBackyard5Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways89 cm284
Asian-Green ArowanaAquayama5Fish, InsectsAlways20:00-04:00103 cm149
AspCool Mountain (Raft)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways119 cm12
AspidorhynchusLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways80 cm41
AstraspisLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways19 cm9
Atlantic Bluefin TunaBoat on Sea Tournament4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways457 cm48
Atlantic HerringSibiri City1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm1
Atlantic MackerelSeagul Harbor (Boat)3FishFebruary 23 - March 23Always59 cm15
Atlantic NeedlefishLittle Rio2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways110 cm5
Atlantic WolffishSeagull Harbor (Boat)5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm105
Australian BarracudaLucky Raft4Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways102 cm24
Australian GhostsharkClub (Salt Water Pond)3Shark LureMarch-SeptemberAlways149 cm20
Austrolebias AdloffiClub (Fresh Water Pond)2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm5
AyuBackyard3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways69 cm11
Azul Pracock BassRio Tropical3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59cm12
BagariusBackyard4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways204 cm24
Bagrus BajadBackyard2Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways111 cm4
Ballan WrasseSeagull Harbor (Boat)3Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways65 cm20
Banded ButterflyfishPalm Island2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm20
Banggai CardinalfishPalm Island4Vegetal, DoughAlways08:00-19:007 cm18
BarbelLaketown, Thombani Town3Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm13
Barbeled HoundsharkSeagull Harbor3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways81 cm42
Barnard's LanterfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm24
BarracudaBoat on Sea Tournament, Lucky Raft4Barracuda Lure, Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm36
BarramundiPalm Island5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways194 cm207
BarreleyeBoat on Sea Tournament5Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm52
BasketfishClub (Salt Water Pond)2Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways 14 cm3
Basking SharkBoat on Sea Tournament, Seagull Harbor, Sibiri City5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1223 cm524
Beluga SturgeonCool Mountain (Raft)5FishAlwaysAlways850 cm112
Bermuda ChubPalm Island2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways75 cm3
Betta BrownorumClub (Fresh Water Pond)1Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways3 cm3
Bigeye BarracudaLucky Raft3Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways74 cm14
Bigeye ScadBoat on Sea Tournament1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm1
Bigeye TunaLucky Raft4Tuna LureMarch-May, Aug-DecAlways250 cm72
Bigfin Reef SquidPalm Island3FishAlwaysAlways39 cm3
Bighead CarpLittle Rio4Dough, VegetalAlways11:00-15:00149 cm35
Bigmouth BuffaloRace Tournament3HookAlwaysAlways122 cm13
Bird WrassePalm Island3Fish, InsectsAlways15:00-03:0034 cm5
Birdbeak DogfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4FishAlwaysAlways120 cm100
BitterlingLaketown2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm3
Black AcaraRio Tropical3InsectsAlwaysAlways34 cm13
Black Alligator GarClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways298 cm1558
Black ArowanaMystic Desert (Pyramid)5Fish, InsectsAlways13:45-14:0089 cm749
Black BuffaloBackyard2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways122 cm6
Black BullheadLake Run Tournament2Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways64 cm3
Black CrappyBackyard1Fish, InsectsAugust-AprilAlways48 cm3
Black Diamond CichlidClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm149
Black DragonfishClub (Salt Water Pond)5FishAlways00:00-07:0052 cm954
Black Ghost KnifefishLittle Rio4Insects, FishAlways19:00-11:0052 cm24
Black MarlinLucky Raft5Marlin LureAlwaysAlways459 cm297
Black MollyBackyard2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways8 cm5
Black SharkminnowLittle Rio4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways89 cm18
Black TriggerfishPalm Island3Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways45 cm2
Blackbar SoldierfishPalm Island3VegetalAlways22:00-05:0026 cm9
Blackcheek MorayMoray Tournament3HookAlwaysAlways99 cm24
Blackfin DartfishPinheira Beach2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm3
Blackfin PearlfishRio Tropical2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm4
Blackfin TunaLucky Raft3Tuna LureAlwaysAlways109 cm20
Blacktip Reef Shark Palm Island3Shark LureAlways20:00-05:00203 cm27
Blind Cave EelClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, Insects, MeatAlways23:00-05:0039 cm111
BlobfishPirate Cave5FishAlwaysAlways45 cm9870
Blue CatfishBackyard4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways239 cm23
Blue Dot JawfishPalm Island3Insects, VegetalAlways09:00-19:009 cm14
Blue LyretailBackyard2Insects, MeatAlways12:00-18:006 cm7
Blue Malayan ArowanaBackyard5Insects, FishAlwaysAlways131 cm183
Blue MarlinSeagull Harbor (Boat)5FishJuly-SeptemberAlways429 cm134
Blue PanchaxLittle Rio2InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm3
Blue Parrotfish (U)Palm Island4Insects, VegetalAlways07:00-18:00119 cm21
Blue Ring AngelfishPinheira Beach (Pier)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways30 cm11
Blue SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)4Shark BaitAlwaysAlways399 cm96
Blue Striped GruntPinheira Beach1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways27 cm1
Blue TangPalm Island1VegetalAlwaysAlways37 cm6
Blue-Bellied Night WandererClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm747
Blue-Green ChromisClub (Salt Water Pond)2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways9 cm5
Blue-Spotted Grouper (U)Palm Island2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways59 cm3
Bluefin TrevallyPalm Island3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways116 cm15
BluegillLaketown, Thombani Town, Marshville1Dough, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm1
Bluehead WrassePalm Island1Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm3
Bluespine UnicornfishPalm Island2VegetalAlways10:00-17:0071 cm3
Bluestripe PipefishPinheria Beach (Pier Only)3InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm9
Bluestripe Snapper (U)Palm Island2Fish, Insects, VegetalAlways23:00-05:0039 cm6
Bonnethead SharkClub (Salt Water Pond)4Shark LureAlwaysAlways149 cm27
BoreaspisLost Valley 22Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways12 cm6
Boulengerella CuvieriRio Tropical2FishAlwaysAlways87 cm8
BowfinBackyard3Fish, InsectsApril - JuneAlways108 cm21
Bowmouth GuitarfishPinheira Beach4InsectsAlwaysAlways306 cm23
Bramble SharkPinheira Beach5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways309 cm269
BreamLaketown2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways84 cm4
Bridled LeatherjacketPinheira Beach4InsectsAlways12:00-13:0013 cm15
Broad-Barred GobyPalm Island2Insects, Vegetal, DoughAlwaysAlways3 cm4
Brook TroutLaketown (Trout Farm), Lake Run Tourament1Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways85 cm4
Broomtail WrassePalm Island3InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm12
Brown TroutLaketown (Trout Farm), Marshville1Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm1
Bull SharkBackyard5Fish, Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways401 cm90
Bull TroutBackyard3Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresJuly-December05:00-11:00, 17:00-23:00102 cm12
Bullet TunaLucky Raft3Tuna LureAlwaysAlways49 cm15
BurbotBackyard3Fish, InsectsApril-November01:00-05:0059 cm12
Butterfly-CichlidClub (Fresh Water Pond)1Dough, Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm1
Candy BassletMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways5 cm149
Carchacocles ChubutensisLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways1158 cm130
CatlaAquayama2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways131 cm13
Chaca Chaca CatfishRio Tropical4Fish, Insects, LuresAlways04:00 - 05:0031 cm30
Chain MorayMoray Tournament3InsectsAlwaysAlways164 cm18
Checkerboard WrassePalm Island5InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm32
CheiracanthusLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways37 cm21
CheirolepisLost valley 24Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways64 cm129
Cherry SalmonAquayama2Fish, InsectsAlways05:00-11:00, 18:00-00:0078 cm13
Chevron ButterflyfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways19 cm11
Chilhuil Sea CatfishSeagull Harbor (Boat)4FishAlways02:00-10:0050 cm142
Chinese False GudgeonAquayama1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm3
Chinese PaddlefishAquayama5FishMay-December13:00-15:00700 cm183
Chinese SturgeonAquayama4FishAlwaysAlways399 cm83
Chinook SalmonSeagull Harbor3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm40
Chinstrap JawfishPalm Island2Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm5
CladoselacheLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways171 cm68
Clown FeatherbackAquayama3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm40
Clown FrogfishPalm Island5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways14 cm66
Clown KilliBackyard3InsectsAlwaysAlways3 cm11
Clown LoachBackyard2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways51 cm6
ClownfishPinheira Beach2Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways17 cm4
CobelodusLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways207 cm65
CoccosteusLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways39 cm16
CoelacanthPinheira Beach (Pier)5FishAlways16:00-02:00179 cm135
Coho SalmonCool Mountain, Seagull Harbor3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways98 cm18
Common BleakBackyard1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm1
Common CarpLaketown, Rio Tropical, Marshville, Cool Mountain2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm6
Common DaceRace1Dough, Insects VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm1
Common DolphinfishPinheira Beach (Pier)4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways189 cm36
Common MinnowCool Mountain2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm5
Common NaseLaketown1Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm2
Common OctopusSeagull Harbor (Boat)4FishSeptember-January, March-JulyAlways399 cm60
Common PonyfishClub (Fresh Water Pond)2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways27 cm8
Common RoachCool Mountain1Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways50 cm2
Common RuddCool Mountain1Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways50 cm1
Common SalmonBoat on Sea Tournament1Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm13
Common SawfishClub (Salt Water Pond) (Monster)5Monster BaitAlwaysAlways750 cm578
Congo PufferfishBackyard2Insects, FishAlwaysAlways17 cm8
Cookiecutter SharkPalm Island3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways55 cm24
Coral CatsharkPinheira Beach3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways69 cm27
Coral HindPinheira Beach2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm7
Cornish JackMystic Desert, Thombani Town5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways149 cm90
Cortez Rainbow WrasseClub (Salt Water Pond)2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways15 cm6
Corydoras JuliiBackyard2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways5 cm5
Crested Bullhead SharkPalm Island4InsectsAlways23:00-05:30149 cm60
CretoxyrhinaLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways602 cm166
Crocodile-tooth PipefishLittle Rio4InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm27
Crucian CarpLake Run Tournament1Dough, Insect, VegetalAlwaysAlways52 cm4
CtenurellaLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways12 cm14
Cyclops SharkPirate Cave5Shark lureAlwaysAlways55 cm2200
Cylindrical LanternsharkPalm Island5Shark BaitAlways02:00-02:30, 04:00-04:30, 06:00-06:1520 cm439
DabSeagull Harbor1Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways39 cm6
Danube SalmonBackyard5Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways164 cm75
DapediumLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways39 cm20
DartmuthiaLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways23 cm?
Death Valley PupfishClub (Salt Water Pond)5Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways7 cm362
Deepsea LizardfishClub (Salt Water Pond)5Fish, LuresJanuary-March00:00-05:0068 cm3588
Deepwater SculpinCool Mountain (Raft)3InsectsAlwaysAlways22 cm18
DeltoptychiusLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways44 cm51
Devils Hole PupfishBackyard5VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm4202
DiscusBackyard2Dough, VegetalAlways08:00-22:0014 cm4
Dogfish SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat Only)4Shark BaitAlwaysAlways159 cm119
Dolly VardenRace Tournament3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways60 cm13
Doryaspis ArcticaLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways14 cm?
Doryaspis NathorstiLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways14 cm10
Dragon MorayMoray Tournament5LuresAlwaysAlways89 cm86
Dragon WrasseClub (Salt Water Pond)2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm10
DrepanaspisLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways95 cm38
DunkleosteusLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways182 cm1147
Dusky SharkPalm Island4Shark LureAlwaysAlways419 cm59
Dwarf MorayBeach4FishFeb - ?23:00-06:0028 cm58
Dwarf PufferfishBackyard4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm23
Eastern MudminnowLake Run Tournament1InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm2
EelLaketown, Thombani Town3Fish, Insects, MeatAlways23:00-04:00149 cm22
Electric CatfishThombani Town (Enclosure)4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways121 cm36
Electric EelMarshville5Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways199 cm120
Elegant FirefishClub (Salt Water Pond)2InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm10
ElephantfishMarshville4InsectsAlwaysAlways41 cm42
Elongate TigerfishMystic Desert, Thombani Town3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways77 cm18
Emperor AngelfishPalm Island3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm9
Emperor Red SnapperClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways115 cm18
EnchodusLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways154 cm38
Eurasian RuffeBackyard2InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm 29
European AnchovySeagul Harbor1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm1
European ChubRace Tournament3Dough, Fish, Insects, Lures, VegetalAlwaysAlways59 cm9
European CongerSibiri City5FishAlwaysAlways299 cm90
European FlounderLake Run Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm9
European PerchLake Run Tournament1Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways59 cm2
European Sea SturgeonSeagull Harbor5FishJune-FebruaryAlways599 cm179
European SpratBoat on Sea Tournament2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways15 cm3
Evermannella BalboSagul Harbor (Boat)3FishAlwaysAlways?16 cm9
Fairy BassletPalm Island3Dough, VegetalAlways11:00-01:007 cm12
Fangtooth MorayMoray Tournament4Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways118 cm26
Fantail Filefish (U)Palm Island3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways11 cm12
Fiddler RayClub (Salt Water Pond)5Fish, InsectsAlways21:00-08:0089 cm143
Fire EelBackyard5Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:00119 cm74
Flame AngelfishBoat on Sea Tournament3Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways14 cm9
Flathead CatfishBackyard3FishApril - October22:00-?154 cm21
Florida GarClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, LuresJan-Feb, May-DecAlways131 cm120
Flourescing GoatfishClub (Salt Water Pond)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways39 cm78
Flying FishSeagull Harbor2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm6
Fourhorned SculpinBackyard3FishAlwaysAlways29 cm12
French AngelfishPinheira Beach4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways40 cm24
French GruntPalm Island3LuresAlways21:00-05:0029 cm11
Fresh Water MorayAquayama4Fish01:00-06:00Always149 cm47
Freshwater AngelfishBackyard3Insects, VegetalJan - ?Always7 cm41
Freshwater ButterflyfishBackyard3FishAlways08:00-18:0012 cm13
Freshwater DrumCool Mountain3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways94 cm18
Freshwater Goby Thombani Town (Enclosure)1InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm5
Freshwater HatchedfishBackyard1Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways8 cm1
Freshwater LionfishRio Tropical5Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways31 cm111
Frilled SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)5Shark BaitApril - December05:00-06:00213 cm442
Frontosa ChiclidBackyard4VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm57
GarMagic 15 Race Tournament4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm36
Garish HindMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways42 cm148
Giant BarbBackyard4Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways294 cm30
Giant Devil RayClub (Salt Water Pond)5FishAlwaysAlways519 cm398
Giant Freshwater StingrayBackyard5Fish, InsectsAlways20:00-08:00459 cm90
Giant GouramiAquayama, Marshville4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways69 cm36
Giant GrouperPinheira Beach4Fish, LuresSept - MarchAlways304 cm26
Giant KokopuClub (Fresh Water Pond)5InsectsAlwaysAlways57 cm150
Giant MorayPinheira Beach (Pyramid)4FishAlways23:00-06:00299 cm36
Giant OarfishBoat on Sea Tournament, Sibiri City, Seagull Harbor, Pinheira Beach5FishJanuary-JuneAlways1754 cm748
Giant Oceanic Manta RayLost Valley 15FishAlwaysAlways909 cm141
Giant Salmon CarpAquayama5FishAlwaysAlways128cm898
Giant SnakeheadAquayama, Marshville3Fish, LuresAlways12:00-17:00129 cm22
Giant SquidLost Valley 15FishAlwaysAlways1294 cm673
Glasseye SnapperPalm Island1Fish, Insects, LuresAlways18:00-08:0052 cm6
Gloved SnailfishSeagull Harbor (Boat)4InsectsAlways01:00-10:0041 cm34
Goblin SharkSibiri City5Shark BaitAlways09:00-12:00610 cm748
Gold Nugget PlecoLittle Rio5Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways30 cm84
Gold-spotted RabbitfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3VegetalAlways22:00-05:0042 cm20
GoldcarpLaketown5Dough, Insects, VegetalAlways22:00-08:00119 cm60
Golden ArowanaMystic Desert (Pyramid)4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways129 cm48
Golden Cave CatfishMystic Desert (Pyramid)5Vegetal, Insects, DoughAlwaysAlways16cm1786
Golden DoradoRio Tropical5Fish, Insects, LuresJune-Sep05:00-00:0099 cm60
Golden GarClub (Fresh Water Pond)5LuresAlwaysAlways??
Golden PerchMarshville3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm27
Golden PikeClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, Lures, InsectsAlwaysAlways139 cm7488
Golden TrevallyClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways118 cm19
Golden TroutLaketown (Trout Farm), Lake Run Tournament5Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways70 cm52
Goldentail MorayMoray Tournament5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways69 cm51
GoldfishLake Run Tournament, Mystic Desert (Pyramid)3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways37 cm13
Goldsilk Bream Thombani Town (Enclosure)2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways89 cm7
Goliath TigerfishMagic 15 Race Tournament5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm75
GollumsharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways109 cm44
Grammonus YumokawaiPinheira Beach Pier)5Fish02:00-06:00Oct 1 - Oct 30??
Grass CarpLittle Rio3Dough, VegetalAlways17:00-06:00159 cm30
Grass PickerelClub (Fresh Water Pond)4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways37 cm54
GraylingMagic 15 Race Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways59 cm7
GraysbyPalm Island2Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-06:0043 cm5
Great White SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways790 cm356
Greater Blue-Ringed OctopusPalm Island3Insects, FishAlwaysAlways4 cm9
Green ArowanaBackyard4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways61 cm148
Green Birdmouth WrassePalm Island4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways31 cm26
Green MorayMoray Tournament5Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways252 cm45
Green Red ArowanaBackyard5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways124 cm449
Green SawfishPinheira Beach (Pier)5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways729 cm90
Greenland SharkClub (Salt Water Pond) (Monster)5Monster BaitAlwaysAlways722 cm867
Grideye FishBoat on Sea Tournament5Fish, InsectsAlways00:00-05:0015 cm270
Guachanche BarracudaLucky Raft5Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways198 cm115
GuapoteBackyard5Insects, FishAlwaysAlways70 cm80
Gulf Signal BlennyPalm Island3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm12
GuppyBackyard1Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways6 cm1
GyrodusLost valley 23Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways54 cm43
GyrosteusLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways514 cm429
HaddockSibiri City2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways111 cm10
Hairy PufferfishBackyard2Insects, FishAlwaysAlways11 cm9
HalibutSeagull Harbor (Boat)5FishAlwaysAlways365 cm146
Hammerhead SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)4Fish, Meat, Shark LureJune-SeptemberAlways599 cm84
Harlequin BassPalm Island3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm9
HelicoprionLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways419 cm964
Heller's BarracudaLucky Raft3Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways78 cm9
Hogfish (U)Palm Island2InsectsAlwaysAlways90 cm2
Honeycomb CowfishPinheira Beach3Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm9
Horn SharkPinheira Beach4Shark BaitAlways23:00-?199 cm44
Horse MackerelSeagull Harbor1FishAlwaysAlways99 cm6
Horseface LoachAquayama2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm7
Hound NeedlefishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm81
Hucho TaimenBackyard4FishApril - OctoberAlways209 cm35
Humpback AnglerfishSibiri City5Fish, Insects28 Oct - 3 Nov20:00-05:0019 cm67
Humpback BatfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways64 cm40
Humphead ParrotfishPinheira Beach4VegetalAlways07:00-20:00150 cm26
Hybrid Striped BassCool Mountain (Raft)4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways54 cm27
HyneriaLost valley 23Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways545 cm57
Indian GlassfishClub (Fresh Water Pond)2InsectsAlwaysAlways8 cm6
Indonesian Speckled CarpetsharkPalm Island3Shark LureAlways00:00-03:0045 cm23
Inlecypris JayaramiAquayama5Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways9 cm183
IschnacanthusLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways201 cm75
Isichthys HenryiMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)4InsectsAlways12:00-15:0028cm32
Jack DempseyBackyard4InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm30
Jaguar GuapoteBackyard4FishAlwaysAlways54 cm28
Japanese EelAquayama4Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:00101 cm30
Jardini ArowanaBackyard4Insects, FishAlways06:00-08:0099 cm59
Kaluga SturgeonAquayama5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways559cm135
Kitefin SharkPalm Island3Shark LureAlwaysAlways179 cm26
Kuhli LoachBackyard4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm23
Lake SturgeonLake Run5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways273 cm74
Lake TroutLaketown (Trout Farm), Cool Mountain4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways150 cm30
Largemouth BassLaketown, Cool Mountain1Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways74 cm3
Largemouth YellowfishThombani Town (Enclosure)3Fish, Insects, LuresMarch - ?Always82 cm22
Largetooth SawfishBackyard5FishAlwaysAlways704 cm147
Lavender MbunaMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5InsectsAlways13:00-15:0010cm45
Leafscale Gulper SharkPalm Island4Shark LureAlwaysAlways157 cm61
Leafy SeadragonPinheira Beach5Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways44 cm45
LeedsichthysLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways1381 cm1715
LeerfishBoat on Sea Tournament3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm22
Lemon SharkPalm Island3Shark BaitAlways23:00-04:00339 cm30
Lemonpeel AngelfishClub (Salt Water Pond)1VegetalAlways10:00-23:0013 cm3
Leopard MorayMoray Tournament4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways91 cm21
Lesser WeeverSibiri City1Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm4
LionfishPinheira Beach5Fish, InsectsAlways07:00-11:0041 cm60
Lionhead GoldfishLake Run Tournament5Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways21 cm51
Livingston's ChichildMystic Desert2FishAlwaysAlways24 cm10
Long-finned eelLaketown, Marshville4Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-05:00119 cm27
Long-nosed ChimaeraLost Valley 15FishAlwaysAlways139 cm101
Long-snouted LancetfishBoat on Sea Tournament, Seagull Harbor5Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways214 cm236
Longfin Mako SharkSibiri City4Shark BaitAlwaysAlways416 cm66
Longhorn CowfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways52 cm43
Longnose ButterflyPalm Island3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways22 cm9
Longnose HawkfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways12 cm9
Longnose SawsharkClub (Salt Water Pond)3Shark LureAlwaysAlways136 cm15
Longtail TunaLucky Raft3Tuna LureAlwaysAlways144 cm23
MacropomaLost valley 24Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways60 cm110
Mad barbAquayama3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm22
Malawi Eye BiterClub (Fresh Water Pond)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways22 cm12
MandarinfishPinheira Beach5Dough, InsectsJuly-September08:00-17:007 cm51
Marbled HeadstanderRio Tropical1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways13 cm1
Marbled LungfishBackyard3Fish, InsectsApril - OctoberAlways99cm21
Marcusenius FurcidensClub (Fresh Water Pond)5InsectsAlwaysAlways28 cm69
Mariana SnailfishSeagull Harbor (Boat)5FishAlways01:00-04:0028 cm111
Marine BettaClub (Salt Water Pond)3Fish, InsectsAlways00:00-05:0019 cm8
Masked AngelfishMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways20 cm145
MaterpiscisLost valley 23Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways27 cm85
Mbu PufferfishLittle Rio1FishAlwaysAlways66 cm2
Meadia RoseniPirate Cave5FishAlwaysAlways75 cm1131
MegalodonLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways1799 cm7464
Megamouth SharkSibiri City5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways705 cm298
Mekong Giant CatfishLake Run Tournament4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways319 cm23
Mexican HogfishPalm Island3Insects, LuresAlways08:00-19:0075 cm12
Midas CichlidBackyard4Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm18
Midnight Parrotfish (U)Palm Island4VegetalAlways08:00-17:30105 cm15
Midwater EelpoutSeagull Harbor (Boat)4FishAlwaysAlways16 cm23
Milk SharkPalm Island2Shark BaitAlwaysAlways174 cm23
MilkfishClub (Fresh Water Pond)3InsectsAlwaysAlways169 cm20
Minute LeatherjacketPalm Island5VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm42
Mirror CarpLaketown, Marshville3Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways151 cm21
Moon WrasseClub (Salt Water Pond)2InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm5
Moorish IdolPalm Island4Dough, Insects, VegetalAlways22:00-05:0022 cm26
MoythomasiaLost Valley 22Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways10 cm12
Mrigal CarpLittle Rio3VegetalAlwaysAlways100 cm24
Muraena AugustiPinheira Beach (Pier)4FishAlwaysAlways130 cm35
Murray CodMarshville4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways179 cm49
Narrowhead CatsharkPinheira Beach (pier)4FishAlwaysAlways299 cm27
Nassau GrouperPinheira Beach (Pier)3Fish, Insects, LuresDecember-January18:00-04:00121 cm22
Neon TetraClub (Fresh Water Pond)1Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways4 cm2
Nile PerchMystic Desert, Thombani Town4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways195 cm48
Nile TilapiaMystic Desert, Thombani Town1InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm4
North African CatfishMystic Desert, Thombani Town3Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways169 cm18
Northern LampfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Dough, Insects, VegetalAlways00:00-08:0012 cm27
Nurse SharkPinheira Beach4Shark BaitAugust - May22:00-06:00429 cm113
Occelate River StingrayRio Tropical4FishAlways21:00-05:0099 cm36
Ocean SunfishBoat on Sea Tournament4FishAlwaysAlways332 cm78
Oceanic Whitetip SharkPalm Island4Shark BaitAlways19:00-11:00401 cm81
Ocellated PufferfishClub (Fresh Water Pond)2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm12
Olive FlounderBoat on Sea Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways102 cm13
OpahSibiri City4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways199 cm48
Orange-Banded Pipefish (U)Palm Island5InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm32
Orange-spotted SnakeheadClub (Fresh Water Pond)4Fish, InsectsAlways12:00-05:0039 cm40
Orangespotted SoapfishMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5Dough, Insects, VegetablesAlwaysAlways5 cm147
Orangespotted SunfishLaketown4Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways39 cm24
Oriental SweetlipsClub (Salt Water Pond)2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways71 cm12
Ornate ButterflyfishPalm Island2VegetalAlwaysAlways17 cm5
Ornate Ghost PipefishPalm Island4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways15 cm21
OrthacanthusLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways302 cm178
OscarMagic 15 Race Tournament4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm23
OsteolepisLost valley 24Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways22 cm76
Pacific BarracudaLucky Raft4Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways144 cm30
Pacific Bluefin TunaLucky Raft5Tuna LureSep-Dec, Jan-MarchAlways300 cm146
Pacuma ToadfishPinheira Beach4FishAlwaysAlways56 cm24
PaddlefishLaketown5HookAlwaysAlways275 cm75
Paint-Spotted MorayMoray Tournament4Fish, Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways140 cm27
Painted ComberBoat on Sea Tournament2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways34 cm7
Painted Electric RayBoat on Sea Tournament3Fish, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm8
Pale ChubAquayama1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm3
PalometaPalm Island3Insects, LuresAlways11:00-04:0049 cm11
Pangio MariarumBackyard3Dough, InsectsAlways17:00-?7 cm12
Panther GrouperClub (Salt Water Pond)4FishAlwaysAlways69 cm138
Parachaenichthys CharcotiSeagul Harbor (Boat)5Lures, FishOct 20 - Dec 1000:00-05:0041 cm85
Paroon SharkBackyard5Dough, Insects, Fish, Meat, Shark Lures, VegetalSept-MarchAlways319 cm320
Parrot CichlidBackyard4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways31 cm36
PayaraMagic 15 Race Tournament5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm75
Peacock BassLake Run Tournament3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm21
Peacock Flounder (U)Palm Island4Insects, LuresAlways00:00-07:0050 cm14
Pearl DanioClub (Fresh Water Pond)1Dough, Insects, VegealAlwaysAlways6 cm1
Pearly RazorfishBoat on Sea Tournament2Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways37 cm4
PeledBackyard3Dough, Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm35
Pelican BarracudaLucky Raft3Barracuda LureAlways15:00-22:0090 cm15
Pelican EelPirate Cave5Pelican lureAlways22:00-06:0087 cm336
Pennant CoralfishPalm Island3Dough, VegetalAlways22:00-05:0025 cm11
Peppermint AngelfishMystic Desert (Furniture Factory)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways6 cm147
Persian Carpet SoleClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm9
Persian SturgeonCool Mountain (Raft)5Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways234 cm112
Phantom BannerfishPalm Island1Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways16 cm1
PharyngolepisLost Valley 22Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways17 cm11
Picasso Triggerfish (U)Palm Island3Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm14
Pickhandle BarracudaLucky Raft4Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways148 cm24
Pictus CatfishRio Tropical3Vegetal, InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm11
PikaiaLost Valley 23Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways6 cm23
PikeLaketown, Marshville4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways139 cm36
Pike CichlidRio Tropical1Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways17 cm3
PineapplefishClub (Salt Water Pond)4InsectsAlways00:00-05:0021 cm36
Pink FrogfishPalm Island5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways37 cm33
Pink SalmonMagic 15 Race Tournament4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways75 cm36
Pinktail Triggerfish (U)Palm Island3Fishm, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways39 cm3
Piraiba CatfishLittle Rio5Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways359 cm258
PiranhaRio Tropical, Marshville4Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlways14:00-22:0039 cm24
PirayaClub (Fresh Water Pond)4Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm87
Platinum Golden ArowanaBackyard5Insects, FishOctoberAlways98 cm185
PlatysomusLost valley 22Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways21 cm36
Pond SmeltLake Run Tournament3Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways19 cm8
PorkfishPalm Island3InsectsAlways23:00-05:3040 cm12
Potter's AngelfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4VegetalAlwaysAlways10 cm22
Prickly SharkBoat on Sea Tournament4Shark BaitAlwaysAlways409 cm145
PteraspisLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways28 cm144
Puffer Fish Pinheira Beach (Pier)1Dough, InsectsJuly-AugustAlways32 cm1
Pumpkinseed SunfishBackyard2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways24 cm6
Queen AngelfishPinheira Beach3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm13
Queen Parrotfish (U)Palm Island3VegetalAlways07:00-18:0060 cm11
Queen TriggerfishPinheira Beach3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways60 cm20
Rainbow DarterBackyard2Dough, Insects, VegetalMarch-OctoberAlways7 cm3
Rainbow ParrotfishPinheira Beach4VegetalAlwaysAlways119 cm24
Rainbow Runner (Boat only)Seagull Harbor3Fish, LuresMarch-?Always179 cm39
Rainbow TroutLaketown (Trout Farm), Cool Mountain2Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways119 cm7
Rainbowfish Backyard4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways18 cm23
Razorback SuckerBackyard5Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways90 cm386
Red Bellied PacuRio Tropical4Fish, Insects, Vegetal, MeatAlwaysAlways91 cm62
Red IndianfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm50
Red Irish LordPalm Island3LuresAlwaysAlways50 cm9
Red Phantom TetraClub (Fresh Water Pond)3Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm15
Red RainbowfishBackyard5Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm143
Red ScorpionfishBoat on Sea Tournament5Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways49 cm60
Red SnapperPinheira Beach, Seagull Harbor2Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways99 cm13
Red Wolf FishRio Tropical4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways19cm21
Red-Lipped BatfishPalm Island5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways43 cm61
Red-striped GobyClub (Salt Water Pond)1Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways3 cm1
Red-Striped RasboraBackyard4DoughAlwaysAlways5 cm17
Red-Tail Golden ArowanaBackyard5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways93 cm269
Redfin PickerelClub (Fresh Water Pond)4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways41 cm84
Redhead CichlidBackyard3Vegetal, DoughAlwaysAlways34 cm33
Redtail CatfishRio Tropical3Insects, Vegetal, MeatAlwaysAlways149 cm14
Ribbon EelLost Valley 14FishAlwaysAlways129 cm42
Ripsaw CatfishBackyard3Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm9
Risso's Smooth-HeadSeagul Harbor (Boat)4FishOct 1 - Oct 3002:00-05:0049 cm41
Rock BassLake Run Tournament2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways42 cm7
Rock BeautyPalm Island3VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm11
RoosterfishPinheira Beach (Pier)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways172 cm11
Ruby SeadragonPalm Island5IsnectsApril03:00-08:0029 cm748
Rusty ParrotfishPalm Island4Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways40 cm2
SailfishSeagull Harbor (Boat)5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways314 cm135
SailraySibiri City3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways122 cm31
Salpa MaggioreMoray Tournament5HookAlwaysAlways23 cm37211
Sand DiverPalm Island4FishAlwaysAlways45 cm17
Sand TilefishPalm Island1Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm1
Sandbar SharkPalm Island2Shark baitAlwaysAlways252 cm21
Sarcastic FringeheadPirate Cave4FishAlwaysAlways31 cm44
SardinellaPinheira Beach1Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways16 cm1
Sargassum TriggerfishPinheira Beach3Dough, Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways24 cm9
SatanopercaClub (Fresh Water Pond)2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm8
SaurychthisLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways127 cm99
Sawback AngelsharkPalm Island5Shark LureAlwaysAlways197 cm389
Schoolmaster SnapperPalm Island3Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm11
Scrawled FilefishLost Valley 13Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways109 cm14
Sea BassBoat on Sea Tournament1Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways209 cm6
SemionotusLost Valley 24Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways72 cm66
Senegal BichirLittle Rio4Fish, InsectsAlways22:00-06:0079 cm250
Sergeant MajorPinheira Beach2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways22 cm7
SharkBoat on Sea Tournament5Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways791 cm90
Sharpfin BarracudaLucky Raft2Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways79 cm6
Sharpnose Sevengill SharkBoat on Sea Tournament3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways139 cm35
Shortdorsal Cutthroat EelSeagull Harbor (Boat)5FishFeb - ?02:00-???
Shortnose SturgeonClub (Fresh Water Pond)5FishAlwaysAlways142 cm81
Siamese Fighting FishBackyard3InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm15
Siamese TigerfishAquayama, Mystic Desert3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm18
Siberian SturgeonClub (Fresh Water Pond)5FishAlwaysAlways202 cm131
Silver ArowanaBackyard5Fish, Insects, MeatFebruary 17th - AugustAlways89 cm336
Silver CarpBackyard5HookJuly - SeptemberAlways139 cm224
Silver ScabbardfishSibiri City4Fish, InsectsAlways18:00-04:00209 cm48
Sleepy CodMarshville2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways44 cm16
Smallmouth BassMagic 15 Race Tournament2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways52 cm7
Smalltooth SawfishClub (Salt Water Pond) (Monster)5Monster BaitAlwaysAlways708 cm900
Smooth TrunkfishPinheira Beach2Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm3
Smoothtail MobulaBoat on Sea Tournament5FishAlwaysAlways219 cm238
Snowflake MorayMoray Tournament3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways101 cm15
Sockeye SalmonCool Mountain (Raft)4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways83 cm30
South American LungfishBackyard4InsectsJuly 15th - August01:00-01:30124 cm125
Southern Bluefin TunaLucky Raft5Tuna LureAlwaysAlways244 cm368
Spanish Hogfish (U)Palm Island2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways40 cm3
Spearfish RemoraLost Valley 12Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm6
Spikefin GobyClub (Salt Water Pond)2Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways2 cm6
Spinner SharkPalm Island4Shark LureAlwaysAlways300 cm62
Spot-Tail SharkPalm Island4Shark baitAlwaysAlways164 cm57
Spotted BassMagic 15 Race Tournament2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways63 cm7
Spotted Eagle RayPalm Island5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways499 cm87
Spotted GarClub (Fresh Water Pond)5Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm87
Spotted HandfishPinheira Beach5InsectsAlwaysAlways14 cm137
Spotted MorayMoray Tournament4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways195 cm23
Spotted Pike-CharacinClub (Fresh Water Pond)3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways31 cm9
Spotted SicklefishClub (Salt Water Pond)2InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm5
Spotted SorubimRio Tropical3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways169 cm21
Spotted Tiger Shovelnose CatfishRio Tropical4Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways139cm27
Spotted WobbegongPinheira Beach (Pier)3Shark BaitAlwaysAlways319 cm36
StareaterPirate Cave5Star lureAlwaysAlways20 cm446
Starry SturgeonLaketown5Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-05:00?219 cm141
StethacanthusLost Valley 25Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways188 cm270
Stone LoachLaketown2InsectsAlwaysAlways20 cm5
Striped BassCool Mountain (Raft)2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways179 cm6
Striped HeadstanderBackyard2Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways21 cm3
Striped MarlinLucky Raft4Marlin LureAlwaysAlways418 cm72
Suckermouth CatfishLake Run Tournament4Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways49 cm17
Sulawesi CoelacanthPinheria Beach (Pier Only)5FishAlways00:00-05:00139 cm996
SunbleakBackyard2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways11 cm6
SwordfishLost Valley 15Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways449 cm299
Tadpole SnailfishSeagull Harbor (Boat)5FishAlways00:00-05:00
5 cm1193
Tailspot CtenopomaMarshville2Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways24 cm16
TambaquiMarshville2Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways99 cm31
Tarpon AtlanticSeagull Harbor4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways249 cm84
Taylor's Inflator FilefishPalm Island3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways4 cm21
TenchAquayama2Dough, InsectsAlwaysAlways69 cm7
Texas CichlidBackyard2InsectsAlwaysAlways29 cm6
ThelodusLost valley 22Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways17 cm21
Thicklip Grey MulletSibiri City2Dough, Fish, VegetalAlwaysAlways74 cm6
Three-Spined SticklebackCool Mountain (Raft)3InsectsAlwaysAlways10 cm20
Thresher SharkBoat on Sea Tournament5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways759 cm444
Tiger GrouperPalm Island3Fish, Insects, LuresAlways05:00-12:00104 cm9
Tiger MuskellungeBackyard4Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways149 cm35
Tiger SharkSeagull Harbor (Boat)5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways747 cm342
Tiger TroutMagic 15 Race Tournament, Laketown (Trout Farm)5Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways92 cm52
Tire Track EelBackyard4Fish, InsectsAlways23:00-04:0090 cm62
Titan Triggerfish (U)Palm Island3Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways74 cm9
TitanichthysLost valley 25Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways670 cm510
Tomato ClownfishClub (Salt Water Pond)3Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways13 cm12
Tope SharkSibiri City3Fish, Meat, Shark LureAlwaysAlways192 cm31
TreefishLost Valley 13Fish, Insects, LuresMarch - ?Always40 cm24
Trumpetfish (U)Palm Island4FishAlwaysAlways102 cm24
Twin-Spot GobyPalm Island4InsectsAlwaysAlways9 cm14
Unicorn CrestfishPinheira Beach (Pier)5InsectsAlwaysAlways148cm45
VandelliaBackyard4Fish, MeatAlwaysAlways19 cm24
Vimba BreamSibiri City3InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm13
Viper MorayMoray Tournament5MeatAlwaysAlways285 cm95
WalleyeCool Mountain3Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways106 cm19
Weedy SeadragonClub (Salt Water Pond)5Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways44 cm196
Weever FishBoat on Sea Tournament3Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways34 cm9
Wels CatfishCool Mountain (Raft)4Dough, Fish, Insects, Meat, VegetalAlwaysAlways259 cm30
WenchmanSeagull Harbor2Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways55 cm13
Whale SharkBoat on Sea Tournament5Shark BaitAlwaysAlways1859 cm662
White BassLaketown, Cool Mountain1Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways48 cm2
White CrappieBackyard2Fish, LuresAlwaysAlways48 cm3
White MarlinLucky Raft4Marlin LureAlwaysAlways300 cm44
White SturgeonBackyard5FishAlways12:00-17:00609 cm87
White-Eyed MorayMoray Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways65 cm5
White-Spotted DamselPalm Island3Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways12 cm14
White-spotted PufferClub (Salt Water Pond)3Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways49 cm20
Whitebar EelpoutSeagull Harbor (Boat Only)4InsectsAlways02:00-06:0076cm41
Whitebarred CatfishBackyard3InsectsAlways18:00-22:0014 cm13
Whitemouth MorayMoray Tournament2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways122 cm8
Whitespotted BoxfishPalm Island4Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways24 cm20
Winghead SharkClub (Salt Water Pond)5Shark?July-March?Always188 cm111
Wrestling HalfbeakBackyard2Fish, InsectsAlwaysAlways7 cm6
XenacanthusLost Valley 22Prehistoric BaitAlwaysAlways97 cm78
XiphactinusLost Valley 24Prehistoric baitAlwaysAlways620 cm95
Yangtze SturgeonClub (Fresh Water Pond)5FishAlwaysAlways 251 cm497
Yellow BoxfishClub (Salt Water Pond)4Dough, Insects, VegetalAlwaysAlways44 cm15
Yellow PerchMagic 15 Race Tournament1Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways53 cm3
Yellow Tang (U)Palm Island3Dough, VegetalAlwaysAlways23 cm11
Yellow-mouth MorayMoray Tournament1FishAlwaysAlways181 cm8
Yellow-Tail ArowanaBackyard5Fish, InsectsDec - MarchAlways102 cm238
Yellowfin TunaLucky Raft3Tuna LureAlwaysAlways239 cm15
Yellowhead MorayMoray Tournament3Insects, MeatAlwaysAlways79 cm17
Yellowhead Wrasse (U)Palm Island2InsectsAlwaysAlways18 cm3
Yellowmargin MorayMoray Tournament2FishAlwaysAlways149 cm6
Yellowtail BarracudaLucky Raft3Barracuda LureAlwaysAlways59 cm12
Yellowtail Wrasse (U)Palm Island2InsectsAlwaysAlways21 cm5
ZanderLake Run Tournament4Fish, Insects, LuresAlwaysAlways129 cm23
Zebra MorayMoray Tournament3InsectsAlwaysAlways151 cm17
Zebra PlecoBackyard3InsectsAlwaysAlways7 cm11
Zebra SharkBoat on Sea Tournament4Shark baitAlwaysAlways349 cm51
Zingel StreberBackyard2InsectsAlwaysAlways26 cm7
  • mylitbro

    how do you get to lost valley salty?

  • 63julian


  • hiitsme


  • hiitsme

    How many fish are there in the whole fishao world;enviornment;city???

    • SauliusFishao


  • Khooii

    I am selling fish of Lost Valley II for 1k
    My name is Khooii

  • 63julian

    mira la imagen fija mante (Y)

  • 63julian

    con no como yo

  • Bagresa

    one lake trout is today 10fb

  • Bagresa

    A lake trout is today 16 fishbucks so 19 fb is not right

  • MatejHolub


    • Mike

      That’s the rod you get when you get the mission that tells you to catch a 5 star fish.

    • saulius saulenis

      You get it when you buy some packs of fishcoins.

  • Kyle

    I caught a giant grouper in april.

  • bagresa

    haha bier

  • joshua

    I got marbled lungfish 4/18/2015 at 11:05

  • fishinglures

    Today I got a daily bid of 56 for spotted handfish. It says it is 57-122.

  • AA

    there should be a Rhinopias, it is a rare scorpion fish that are traded for high prices

    • AA

      and a slender sunfish

      • AA

        slender sunfish: rio tropical 3 star Rhinopias: seagull harbor on boat 5 star
        goblin shark: sibiri city 4 star

  • bobthefisherman

    if you type in living in fishdex all in one there is livingston’s chichlid and livingstonss cichlid

    • AA

      there should be a goblin shark and a Rhinopias (a scorpion fish) added to fishdex plz add picture below

      • hiitsme








  • Carl

    I caught a red belied pacu with meat.

  • vince khent

    thx the maintenance breakdown is down you can now play fishao 🙂

  • vince khent

    well fishao i cant play the game i always restarting my browser but its not playing. thx for your respond

  • Derek

    On the Area Fish it says that Scrawled Filefish is a 3 star but on here it is a 5 star. I am pretty sure it is a 3 star rarity.

  • krish

    Salty , the fish red bellied pacu can be caught with the bait FISH also . My sister caught it with the bait FISH . please correct it

  • bagresa

    Salty you are missing livingstons cichlid by the cichlid

  • bagresa

    salty you are missing by ciclid livingstons cichlid

  • john

    Brook Trout are only 1 Star

  • john

    i caught a 2 inch world record guppy, and a world record blue striped grunt 10 inches

  • asdfgh

    and were is lost valley fish

  • krish

    african arowana ? – 30

  • bradleyp1234

    i have only been in a tornomount once. a race one. i found 1 new fish a ( common dace )

  • bradleyp1234

    i got to level 11 about 1 hour ago i was on level 7 one week ago

  • bradleyp1234

    now im level 11

  • xoxo

    i caught a red bellied pacu with meat… offered 45 fb, but i’m keeping it

    • Keij K

      The best offer I have seen in fishmarket for that fish has been 61 fb

  • tdog

    how do you know what time it is in fishao.. it says silver scabbardfish 18:00-4:00

  • owhatever

    I got offered 70 for a persian sturgeon

  • tomas530

    Salty, never saw e.g. Crucian Carp for more than 1, black crappy for more than 2 etc….

  • Sanford

    I caught a Red Bellied Pacu with insects too.

  • HKArmy

    Amazon Leaf Fish 12 today

  • AnaNicky

    Red bellied pacu with vegetaball sold for 23

  • HKArmy

    I think that a user named ‘Carmas’ just broken the WC with the European Sea Sturgeon in the current event. 497cm for it

  • hussain

    some one banned me

  • hussain

    after what time i can be un banned

  • ChocoTea

    salty you missed blue malayan arowana,jardini arowana,platinum golden arowana,and red bellied pacu =)

  • HKArmy

    Today the Fish Market is givin 67 bucks for a Freshwwater Lionfish, 10 bucks for a Lake Trout, 52 for a Spotted Handfish.

  • _sharjeel:)

    salty u miss jardani arowana and green arowana

  • HKArmy

    Today the Fish Market is givin 67 bucks for a Freshwwater Lionfish

  • flori_z_sadikaj

    I buy elettric el for 400fb !

  • mj

    his the lionhead goldfish a four or a five star fish. It says it is a for on this table but it is in the 5 star fish table to. I am so confused. Somebody please help!

  • mj

    Salty it says the brook trout is a 2 star rarity. Isn’t it a 1 star fish. Please fix!