One of the most exciting aspects in FISHAO is catching 5-stars. On this page you’ll find all discovered 5-star fish in FISHAO.


bucks = possible sell price in fish market


5-Star Fish

FishBaitAreaSeasonTimeWorld record
Max Price
African Mottled Eel
(Enclosure Only)

FishThombani Town (Enclosure)Always22:00-04:00191 cm1423
Alabama Sturgeon

FishLost Valley 1AlwaysAlways78 cm78
Albino Alligator Gar

Fish, LuresMarshvilleAlways22:00-05:00298 cm656
Albino Catfish

MeatThombani Town (E)Always22:00-06:00619 cm749
Alligator Gar

Fish, Lures, MeatMarshvilleAlwaysAlways299 cm120
Amur Sturgeon

FishClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways319 cm329
Angel Shark

Shark LureBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways242 cm111
Angler Monkfish

Monkfish LurePirate CaveAlwaysAlways209 cm373
Apache Trout

Dough, Fish, InsectsBackyardMarch-September?18:00-09:0041 cm57

InsectsClub (Salt)July 1 - September 1500:00-05:0021 cm295

Fish, LuresRio Tropical, AquayamaJuly-September20:00-11:00448 cm89
Asian Arowana

Fish, Insects, MeatBackyardAlwaysAlways89 cm284
Asian-Green Arowana

Fish, InsectsAquayamaAlways20:00-04:00103 cm149
Atlantic Wolffish

Fish, LuresSeagul Harbor (Boat only)AlwaysAlways149 cm105

Fish, LuresPalm IslandAlwaysAlways194 cm207

Dough, Insects, VegetalBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways34 cm52
Basking Shark

Shark BaitSeagull Harbor, Sibiri CityMay - ?Always1181 cm524
Beluga Sturgeon

FishCool Mountain (Raft only)AlwaysAlways846 cm112
Black Alligator Gar

Fish, LuresClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways297 cm1509
Black Arowana

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert (Py)Always13:45-14:0089 cm749
Black Diamond Cichlid

Fish, InsectsClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways28 cm149
Black Dragonfish

FishClub (Salt)Always00:00-07:0052 cm901
Black Marlin

Marlin LureLucky RaftAlwaysAlways459 cm297
Blind Cave Eel

Fish, Insects, MeatClub (Fresh)Always23:00-05:0039 cm111

FishPirate CaveAlwaysAlways45 cm9870
Blue Malayan Arowana

Insects, FishBackyardAlwaysAlways131 cm183
Blue Marlin

FishSeagul Harbor (Boat only)July-?Always428 cm131
Blue-Bellied Night Wanderer

Dough, VegetalClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways2 cm747
Bramble Shark

Shark LurePinheira BeachAlwaysAlways309 cm269

Fish, MeatBackyard???Always400 cm90
Candy Basslet

Dough, Insects, VegetalMystic Desert (Py)AlwaysAlways5 cm149
Carcharocles Chubutensis

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????
Checkerboard Wrasse

InsectsPalm IslandAlwaysAlways26 cm32
Chinese Paddlefish

FishAquayamaMay-December13:00-15:00700 cm183
Clown Frogfish

Fish, LuresPalm IslandAlwaysAlways14 cm66

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????

FishPinheira BeachAlways23:00-?179 cm125
Common Sawfish

Monster BaitClub (Salt) (Monster)AlwaysAlways750 cm578
Cornish Jack

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert, Tombani TownAlwaysAlways149 cm90

Prehistoirc BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????
Cyclops Shark

Shark LurePirate CaveAlwaysAlways55 cm2200
Cylindrical Lanternshark

Shark LurePalm IslandAlways02:00-02:30, 04:00-04:30, 06:00-06:1520 cm439
Danube Salmon

Fish, InsectsBackyard??????163 cm75
Death Valley Pupfish

Dough, VegetalClub (Salt)AlwaysAlways7 cm362
Deepsea Lizardfish

Fish. LuresClub (Salt)January-March00:00-05:0068 cm3588
Devils Hole Pupfish

VegetalBackyardAlwaysAlways2 cm4202
Dragon Moray

LuresMoray TournamentAlwaysAlways89 cm87

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways182 cm1147
Electric Eel

Fish, MeatMarshvilleAlwaysAlways199 cm120
European Conger

FishSibiri CityAlwaysAlways299 cm90
European Sea Sturgeon

FishSeagull HarborJune-FebruaryAlways599 cm179
Fiddler Ray

Fish, InsectsClub (Salt)Always21:00-08:0089 cm143
Fire Eel

Fish, InsectsBackyard??????118 cm74
Florida Gar

Fish, LuresClub (Fresh)Janurary-February, May - DecemberAlways131 cm120
Flourescing Goatfish

Fish, InsectsClub (Salt Water Pond)AlwaysAlways39 cm78
Freshwater Lionfish

Fish, InsectsRio TropicalAlwaysAlways31 cm111
Frilled Shark

Shark BaitSeagul Harbor??????194 cm42
Garish Hind

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert (F)AlwaysAlways42 cm148
Giant Devil Ray

FishClub (Salt)AlwaysAlways519 cm398
Giant Freshwater Stingray

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlways20:00-08:00457 cm90
Giant Kokopu

InsectsClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways57 cm150
Giant Oarfish

FishBoat on Sea Tournament, Pinheira Beach, Seagul Harbor, SibiriJanuary - JuneAlways1409 cm748
Giant Oceanic Manta Ray

FishLost Valley 1AlwaysAlways909 cm141
Giant Salmon Carp

FishAquayamaOctober - ?Always???898
Giant Squid

FishLost Valley 1AlwaysAlways1294 cm673
Goblin Shark

Shark BaitSibiri CityMay - ????324 cm531
Gold Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalLaketownAlways22:00-08:00118 cm60
Gold Nugget Pleco

Dough, Fish, InsectsLittle RioAlwaysAlways30 cm84
Golden Arowana

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert (Py)AlwaysAlways129 cm48
Golden Cave Catfish
(Inside pyramid only)

Vegetal, Insects, DoughMystic Desert (Py)Sept - ?Always???1786
Golden Dorado

Fish, Insects, LuresRio TropicalJune-???00:00-05:0099 cm60
Golden Pike

Fish, Lures, InsectsClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways139 cm7488
Golden Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresTrout farm (Laketown), Lake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways70 cm52
Goldentail Moray

Fish, LuresMoray TournamentAlwaysAlways69 cm51
Goliath Tigerfish

Fish, LuresRace (Magic 15) TournamentAlwaysAlways197 cm75
Grammonus Yunokawai
(Pier Only)

FishPinheira Beach (Pier)Always23:00-06:00??
Great White Shark

Shark BaitSeagull HarborAlwaysAlways785 cm356
Green Moray

Insects, LuresMoray TournamentAlwaysAlways252 cm45
Green Red Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlwaysAlways124 cm449
Green Sawfish

Fish, LuresPinheira Beach (Pier only)AlwaysAlways728 cm90
Greenland Shark

Monster BaitClub (Salt) (Monster)AlwaysAlways722 cm867
Grideye Fish

Fish, InsectsBoat on Sea TournamentAlways00:00-05:0015 cm270
Guachanche Barracuda

Barracuda LureLucky RaftAlwaysAlways198 cm115

Insects, FishBackyardAug - ??Always70 cm80-?

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????

FishSeagull HarborAlwaysAlways365 cm146

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways419 cm964
Humpback Anglerfish

Fish, InsectsSibiri CityHalloween; 28 October - 3 November20:00-05:0019 cm67
Inlecypris Jayarami

Dough, InsectsAquayamaAlwaysAlways9 cm183
Kaluga Sturgeon

Fish, LuresAquayamaAlwaysAlways559 cm135
Lake Sturgeon

Fish, LuresLake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways273 cm42
Largetooth Sawfish

FishBackyardMarch - ?Always704 cm147
Lavender Mbuna

InsectsMystic Desert (Py)Always13:00-15:0010 cm45
Leafy Seadragon

Dough, VegetalPinheira BeachAlwaysAlways44 cm45

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways1208 cm1715

Fish, InsectsPinheira BeachAlways07:00-11:0041 cm60
Lionhead Goldfish

DoughLake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways21 cm51
Long-nosed Chimaera

FishLost Valley 1AlwaysAlways139 cm101
Long-snouted Lancetfish

Fish, MeatSeagull Harbor, Boat on Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways214 cm236

Dough, InsectsPinheira BeachJuly-???08:00-17:007 cm51
Marcusenius Furcidens

InsectsClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways28 cm69
Mariana Snailfish

FishSeagul Harbor (B)Always01:00-04:0028 cm111
Masked Angelfish

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert (F)AlwaysAlways20 cm145
Meadia Roseni

FishPirate CaveAlwaysAlways75 cm1131

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways1799 cm7464
Megamouth Shark

Shark BaitSibiri CityMay-????599 cm299
Minute Leatherjacket

VegetalPalm IslandAlwaysAlways4 cm42
Orange-Banded Pipefish

InsectsPalm Island (U)AlwaysAlways18 cm32
Orangespotted Soapfish

Dough, Insects, VegetalMystic Desert (F)AlwaysAlways5 cm147

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????
Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Tuna LureLucky RaftSeptember - December, January - MarchAlways300 cm146

HookLaketownAlwaysAlways275 cm75
Parachaenichthys Charcoti

Lures, FishSeagull Harbor (B)October 20 - December 1000:00-05:0041 cm89
Paroon Shark

Fish, Insects, Shark BaitBackyardAlwaysAlways319 cm320

Fish, LuresRace (Magic 15) TournamentAlwaysAlways? cm75
Pelican Eel

Pelican LurePirate CaveAlways22:00-06:0087 cm336
Peppermint Angelfish

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert (F)AlwaysAlways6 cm147
Persian Sturgeon

Fish, Insects, LuresCool Mountain (R)AlwaysAlways234 cm112
Pink Frogfish

Fish, LuresPalm IslandAlwaysAlways37 cm33
Piraiba Catfish

Dough, Fish, Insects, VegetalLittle RioAlwaysAlways359 cm258
Platinum Golden Arowana

Insects, FishBackyardOctober00:00-?98 cm185

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways28 cm144
Razorback Sucker

Dough, Insects, VegetalBackyardAlwaysAlways90 cm386
Red Rainbowfish

Insects, DoughBackyardAlwaysAlways11 cm143
Red Scorpionfish

Fish, Insects, LuresBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways49 cm60
Red-Lipped Batfish

Fish, InsectsPalm IslandAlwaysAlways43 cm61
Red-Tail Golden Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlwaysAlways93 cm269
Ruby Seadragon

InsectsPalm IslandApril03:00-07:0029 cm457

Fish, LuresSeagul Harbor (Boat only)AlwaysAlways314 cm135
Salpa Maggiore

HookMoray TournamentAlwaysAlways23 cm37211

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways??????
Sawback Angelshark

Shark LurePalm IslandAlwaysAlways197 cm389

Meat, Shark LureBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways791 cm90
Shortdorsal Cutthroat Eel

FishSeagul Harbor (B)Feb - ?02:00-???
Shortnose Sturgeon

FishClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways142 cm81
Siberian Sturgeon

FishClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways202 cm131
Silver Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardFebruary 17th - AugustAlways89 cm336
Silver Carp

HookBackyardJuly - SeptemberAlways139 cm224
Smalltooth Sawfish

Moster BaitClub (Salt) (Monster)AlwaysAlways708 cm900
Smoothtail Mobula

FishBoat on Sea TournamentFeb - ??188 cm?
Southern Bluefin Tuna

Tuna LureLucky RaftAlwaysAlways244 cm368
Spotted Eagle Ray

Fish, InsectsPalm IslandAlwaysAlways499 cm87
Spotted Gar

Fish, LuresClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways149 cm87
Spotted Handfish

InsectsPinheira BeachSep - ?Always14 cm122

Star LurePirate CaveAlwaysAlways20 cm446
Starry Sturgeon

Fish, InsectsLaketownAlways23:00-05:00219 cm141

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways55 cm???
Sulawesi Coelacanth

FishPinheira BeachAlways00:00-05:00139 cm996

Fish, LuresLost Valley 1AlwaysAlways449 cm299
Tadpole Snailfish
(Boat only)

FishSeagulAlways00:00-05:005 cm543
Thresher Shark

Shark BaitBoat On Sea TournamentMay-????602 cm444
Tiger Shark

Shark BaitSeagull HarborMay-????703 cm342
Tiger Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresRace (Magic 15) Tournament, Trout farm (Laketown)AlwaysAlways92 cm52

Prehistoric BaitLost Valley 2AlwaysAlways670 cm510
Unicorn Crestfish

InsectsPinheira BeachOctober - ???????45
Viper Moray

MeatMoray TournamentAlwaysAlways285 cm95
Weedy Seadragon

Fish, InsectsClub (Salt)AlwaysAlways44 cm196
Whale Shark

Shark LureBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways856 cm662
White Sturgeon

FishBackyardAlwaysAlways405 cm87
Winghead Shark

Shark LureClub (Salt)? July - March ?Always188 cm106
Yangtze Sturgeon

FishClub (Fresh)AlwaysAlways251 cm497
Yellow-Tail Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardDecember - AprilAlways102 cm238

Do you have more information about 5-star fish that can be useful for this table? Les us know!

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    • Fill1998

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    • It’s a 4-star fish =)

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    • admin

      Fish and insects both work fine. 5-star fish are always extra hard to catch. Only thing you can do is keep casting in hotspots. If you can afford a Luck Potion 2 then you can use one of those. They help with catching 5-star fish. Good luck =)

    • kyle mitchell

      hi what world ar you at?
      if in mystic desert i think (grasshoppers)
      if in thombai town i think (fish bait)
      i think this because that is what i caught both of mine on

      • otttopilot

        yeah, im starting to use grasshoppers now. I was in mystic desert. It’s the last fish that I haven’t caught there yet and my rod is plenty good for a 5 star fish 😉

    • All my cornish jack I have caught where on Insects in Mystic Desert =)

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    • Salty

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      but dough or veg works

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    • insects

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        if you go to Czech server and ask raf55 he may send a screen shot:)

        in someones house

        • Salty

          Fire Eel added =)

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            will be done just asking

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    • Salty

      Thank you for noticing, that was a small error. You are correct, Fish is the only known bait =) Table has now been corrected.

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        but i caught a coelacant with worms

        • Wow, cool. Can you verify with a screenshot?

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    The Beluga Sturgeon can be caught always, so not only from 14:00 till 22:00.

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