One of the most exciting aspects in FISHAO is catching 5-stars. On this page you’ll find all discovered 5-star fish in FISHAO.


bucksย = possible sell price in fish market


5-Star Fish

FishBaitAreaSeasonTimeWorld record
Alligator Gar

Fish, Lures, MeatMarshvilleAlwaysAlways299 cm40-120
Angel Shark

Shark LureBoat On Sea TournamentMay-?Always142 cm???
Apache Trout

Fish, InsectsBreeder fishMarch-????40 cm???

Fish, LuresRio Tropical, AquayamaJune-September20:00-11:00448 cm32-86
Asian Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlwaysAlways89 cm???
Atlantic Wolffish

Fish, LuresSeagul Harbor (Boat only)AlwaysAlways149 cm35-105

Dough, Insects, VegetalBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways34 cm17-52
Basking Shark

Shark BaitSeagull Harbor, Sibiri CityMay - ?Always1181 cm???
Beluga Sturgeon

FishCool Mountain (Raft only)AlwaysAlways846 cm37-112
Blue Marlin

FishSeagul Harbor (Boat only)July-?Always428 cm59-131

Fish, MeatBackyard???Always400 cm30-90

FishPinheira BeachAlways23:00-?179 cm45-125
Cornish Jack

Fish, InsectsMystic Desert, Tombani TownAlwaysAlways149 cm30-90
Danube Salmon

Fish, InsectsBackyard??????163 cm25-75
Electric Eel

Fish, MeatMarshvilleAlwaysAlways199 cm40-120
European Conger

FishSibiri CityAlwaysAlways299 cm30-90
Fire Eel

Fish, InsectsHome backyard??????118 cm???
Freshwater Lionfish

Fish, InsectsRio Tropical??????31 cm???
Frilled Shark

Shark BaitSeagul Harbor??????194 cm???
Giant Freshwater Stingray

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlways20:00-08:00457 cm30-90
Giant Oarfish

FishBoat on Sea Tournament, Pinheira Beach, Seagul Harbor, SibiriJanuary - JuneAlways1409 cm291-748
Goblin Shark

Shark BaitSibiri CityMay - ????324 cm?-531
Gold Carp

Dough, Insects, VegetalLaketownAlways22:00-08:00118 cm20-60
Golden Dorado

Fish, Insects, LuresRio TropicalJune-???00:00-05:0099 cm20-60
Golden Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresTrout farm (Laketown), Lake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways70 cm17-52
Goliath Tigerfish

Fish, LuresRace (Magic 15) TournamentAlwaysAlways197 cm25-75
Great White Shark

Shark BaitSeagull HarborAlwaysAlways785 cm???
Green Sawfish

Fish, LuresPinheira Beach (Pier only)AlwaysAlways728 cm30-90
Humpback Anglerfish

Fish, InsectsSibiri CityHalloween; 28 October - 3 November20:00-05:0019 cm23-67
Kaluga Sturgeon

Fish, LuresAquayamaAlwaysAlways559 cm45-135
Lake Sturgeon

Fish, LuresLake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways273 cm27-42

Fish, InsectsPinheira BeachAlways07:00-11:0041 cm20-60
Lionhead Goldfish

DoughLake Run TournamentAlwaysAlways21 cm20-51

Dough, InsectsPinheira BeachJuly-???08:00-17:007 cm17-51
Megamouth Shark

Shark BaitSibiri CityMay-????599 cm???

HookLaketownAlwaysAlways275 cm25-75
Paroon Shark

Fish, Insects, Shark BaitBackyardAlwaysAlways319 cm???

Fish, LuresRace (Magic 15) TournamentAlwaysAlways? cm25-75
Red Scorpionfish

Fish, Insects, LuresBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways49 cm20-60

Fish, LuresSeagul Harbor (Boat only)AlwaysAlways314 cm45-135

MeatBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways778 cm30-90
Silver Arowana

Fish, InsectsBackyardAlwaysAlways89 cm231-321
Spotted Handfish

InsectsPinheira BeachSep - ?Always14 cm57-122
Thresher Shark

Shark BaitBoat On Sea TournamentMay-????602 cm???
Tiger Shark

Shark BaitSeagull HarborMay-????703 cm???
Tiger Trout

Dough, Fish, Insects, LuresRace (Magic 15) Tournament, Trout farm (Laketown)AlwaysAlways92 cm17-52
Whale Shark

Shark LureBoat On Sea TournamentAlwaysAlways856 cm???
White Sturgeon

FishBreeder fishAlwaysAlways405 cm?-87

Do you have more information about 5-star fish that can be useful for this table? Les us know!

  • DaUltimateVissa

    I got the greatest Fish name but im not gonna say unless I get Fishbucks or something special!!!

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    paroon shark corn =)

  • wayne

    can i catch beluga sturgeon anytime

  • DaUltimateVissa

    Is the OarFish hard to catch (is it aggressive)?

    • Fill1998

      I caught 15/25 oarfish. 3 of them were so strong for my OAR ROD! Itยดs the hardest fish in Fishao I think.

      • chittisonu

        from which rod you missed them ?

      • fish1234567890

        I think it was able to catch by expert rod ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Fawzy Muhamad

    hi Sir Salty, which server do you play most? i wanna add you, then i wanna visit your home backyard? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • dusan trifunovic

    I am today banned by some guy,how long i wait to unban me?

  • dusan trifunovic

    why you don’t have a golden arowana

    • It’s a 4-star fish =)

  • Martina

    Hello. Today I caught this fish on earthworms ๐Ÿ™‚ thus it there you can finish that when and on what catches ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for my English ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jamey


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    • kyle mitchell


    • victor

      Ty btw I’m Jamey

    • I have been trying to catch this one for a long time now =P … Did you catch it from the beach or from the pier?

      • jamey


  • victor

    heres support

  • oggi98

    Hello, My opinion is, that Freshwater lionfish costs between (-+) 76$ and (+-) 102$ – by my prizes in a shop. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MilkTeaShakes

      wow 102 fb

  • Pookie

    World record for Silver Arowana ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • joshua

      what bait use for silver arowana

    • MilkTeaShakes

      gratz 84cm silver arowana and 5 star *****

  • leonardo231

    ja peguei 2 trutas tigres vejam uma

  • Khooii

    tava querendo o Frade, mais esse ai ta bom! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    salty comming to the netherlanths morgen en trade samen

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    i think that it is ridiculous but cool that you can catch any sharks in your or friends garden

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  • Saraaa

    Really i can caught a paddlefish with hook?

  • kyle mitchell

    hi you are missing the paddlefish!

    • Thank you. It has now been added =)

  • Dan_andrei

    Hi Salty. I have a New World Record for Paddlefish, 257 cm.

    • Thanks you =) Table is updated now =)

      • joshua

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  • Otttopilot

    Hi Salty, I’m having some trouble catching the cornish jack, what do you suggest for bait? I tried tossing in a lot of fish and nothing happened ๐Ÿ™

    • admin

      Fish and insects both work fine. 5-star fish are always extra hard to catch. Only thing you can do is keep casting in hotspots. If you can afford a Luck Potion 2 then you can use one of those. They help with catching 5-star fish. Good luck =)

    • kyle mitchell

      hi what world ar you at?
      if in mystic desert i think (grasshoppers)
      if in thombai town i think (fish bait)
      i think this because that is what i caught both of mine on

      • otttopilot

        yeah, im starting to use grasshoppers now. I was in mystic desert. It’s the last fish that I haven’t caught there yet and my rod is plenty good for a 5 star fish ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • All my cornish jack I have caught where on Insects in Mystic Desert =)

  • kyle mitchell

    you are also saying lionhead goldfiish is only caught with dough but it can also be caught with insects

    • Salty

      Ah nice.. Do you have screenshot?

    • MilkTeaShakes

      5star lionhead goldfish

  • kyle mitchell

    hi you are missing lake sturegon and kluga sturegon!

    • Salty

      They have now been added. Thanks =)

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        well pls end it now pretty pls O_o

  • maximvds

    what is the really best bait for a gold carp

    • kyle mitchell

      i think mealworms,or grasshoppers!
      but dough or veg works

    • yatops

      i caught the gold carp when i was lvl 5..i use dough.

      • edrkdmrfck

        wher do you caught that

    • insects

  • kyle mitchell

    hi you are missing manderine fish and lion fish

    • Salty

      They have now been added =)

      • kyle mitchell

        hi the record for coelanath isnt 125cm! i have caught 1 like 2 hours ago:) and it was 166cm but the record is 177cm xD

        • Salty

          Gratz =) Do you have a screenshot?

          • kyle mitchell

            There you go :))) It took us a while to get it on xD

          • Salty


          • kyle mitchell

            hi i have posted my suckermouth catfish on tournament fish!

          • joshua

            i caught queen triggerfish im level 4 hahaha

          • Rinne91

            Queen triger fsih is not in the other list ๐Ÿ™‚

          • kim

            I caught it when I was LeveL 7! hahaha

          • joey33

            thats impossible kim

          • :D


          • MilkTeaShakes

            wow coelacanth

          • ๐Ÿ™‚ i know

  • Pookie

    You are missing lionhead goldfish ^.^

    • Salty

      It has now been added =)

  • kyle mitchell

    Tiger Trouts are in Race Tournaments!

    • Salty

      And trout farm =)

      • kyle mitchell

        but you have only said trout farm! and its also in race tournent

        • Salty

          Ah yes ofcourse.. sorry.. =) .. I will correct it now.. thanks =)

    • joshua

      no trout farm

  • Debbie

    You are missing the golden trout ๐Ÿ™‚ Here you go ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kyle mitchell

    hi you are missing fire eel! i have saw 1 person who has caught it in a back yard xD

    • Salty

      Fire Eel !? That sounds really cool =) … I hope someone can get a screenshot of it =)

      • kyle mitchell

        if you go to Czech server and ask raf55 he may send a screen shot:)

        in someones house

        • Salty

          Fire Eel added =)

          • Rinne91

            how many hours does a maintance
            will be done just asking

      • Guest

        hers my fire eel ^_^

      • jiro0122

        My fire eel ^-^ ^_^

  • Fill1998

    Coelacanth can be caught on insect and vegetal or it it just mistake? o_O Because, as I have heard, Coelacanth can be caught on fish only… But your new site is amazing, keep up the great work! =)

    • Salty

      Thank you for noticing, that was a small error. You are correct, Fish is the only known bait =) Table has now been corrected.

      • joey33

        but i caught a coelacant with worms

        • Wow, cool. Can you verify with a screenshot?

          • joey33

            no, i not really, but my friend thomas do, but i give him that worms, he buy a lucky potion and we where all in shock

          • Rinne91

            salty is the maintance thingy come everyweek
            or everyday or everymonth? just asking ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Barq

    The Beluga Sturgeon can be caught always, so not only from 14:00 till 22:00.

    • Salty

      Thanks, it has been corrected =)

      • joey33

        and the lionhead goldfish you not can only with dough,

      • jonatinha123

        como faรงo para ser moderador

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        ok and u should also add fish named orcas also known as killer whale and my name is Fisher_Lenager

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          • sofia2354

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          • Ana Maria Egna

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        • Ana Maria Egna

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        i cant play fishao cause of this -_-
        just let me know if this thing is done O_O

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        Caught my first Tiger Trout on Vegetaball. Sorry no pic. ๐Ÿ™

        • hannan55213

          i cought with bread

    • joey33

      paroon shark, dough, change that.

    • hannan55213

      really with witch bait

      • lo

        siktir amk kรผrdรผ

    • rolguenson91

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