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How can I get more fishcoins?
Try the fishcoins guide.

Or you can buy them ingame by clicking the plus sign at the fishcoins on the top of your screen.


How do I level up fast?
I suggest the following:

My first piece of advice is to use an Experience booster x2 or x4 potion. Then depending on your level there are some different areas that I recommend:

All levels:
If you have a friend that has lots of 3-5 star fish in his/hers backyard, then it might be a good idea to do some fishing there.
Low to medium levels: A really efficient way is to go to the trout farm in Laketown. Use only dough as bait since it’s free. You can use a bamboo rod, but the larger fish grow to just over one meter in length. There are two 5-star fish there which are possible to catch with only bamboo rod.

Medium to high levels: If you have the coins/rod/bait for it, you might want to try renting a boat in Seagull Harbor, using Luck Potion 2 and fish as bait. With this method I went from level 100 – 120 in three days and at the same time I caught between 13-15 5-star fish. (

Where/how do I catch 5-star fish?

The most efficient way to catch one is to get Luck Potion 2 from the shop/store and then have a look at the 5-star table to choose the right bait and place.
The most economical way is to catch the ones that require only bamboo rod and dough and no entry fees for turnaments, areas etc. Two examples would be Mandarinfish at Pinheira Beach or a smaller Gold Carp in Laketown. read more

Guide: Earn Fishcoins

Guide: Earn Fishcoins

-How do I earn fishcoins?

Lets start from the beginning. The first thing you want to do is to complete all the stages of the tutorial to get all the coins from it. Then there are some different things you can do.

Bobs Minigame
Make sure you visit Bob in Rio Tropical. When you talk to him a minigame starts that lets you pick up 10 coins on the ground. You can do this once a week.

This little fella is at a different area every day, offering you a quest to catch some fish for him. He rewards you anywhere from 2 to 4 coins, as far as I have seen.

There are two categories here, Local and Global. Just click the little fish to the left of your screen and you can see all the achievements available. Every area gives you 1 coin for just speaking to all the NPC’s there, so that one is easy and fairly quick to do. Another really easy one is to collect seashells at Pinheira Beach.

Here is where you have the highest potential for coins. The more players in a tournament the more coins you can win. The prices are based on the total entry fee for all players (5 coins per player). Winner gets 35%, 2nd place 25% and 3rd place gets 15% of the total entry fee. So lets say there are 20 contestants, that means that 1st prize is 35 coins.

Money tree
The money tree drops a certain ammount of fishbucks and fishcoins every 24 hours. You can upgrade your tree, and the more you upgrade it the more money you will be able to collect from it each time. It is located in your home backyard at your house in Rio Tropical.
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