Wiki Updates

All new fish information has been updated in all tables! Images coming soon! Happy fishing everyone and good luck!


Fish information has been updated! New fish have been added! Still looking for any new fish information with screenshots. If you see any ?’s and you have the information please send it to gizzy_eso in the game! Thank you and happy fishing everyone!

More Fish Updates

Hey Everyone!

Much more fish information and images have been corrected!

I have modified every table a slight bit. Can you spot the difference? Hint: Several players expressed interest in having only one set of numbers. Happy searching!

I am still working on updating more images and fish information as it comes in. If you have any information on any fish in the table and a screenshot of the information (for example: fish price max changed with a screenshot of the fish in the fish market), please send to me gizzy_eso.

Always looking for information to keep FishaoWiki as up-to-date as possible!

Happy Fishing Everyone!!!



Hey Everyone!

More fish have been updated! Many were asking about the Giant Oarfish. It is active! Many prices and world records have been updated! Happy fishing everyone and Good Luck!!

Fish Updated

Over 50 fish updated! We are always looking to keep our Fishao Fishdex up to date. The new fish have been updated with world records and price information in both the Area and All-In-One Tables! Please feel free to browse the Fishdex to the right of your Wiki screen!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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