Salty Action figurine

New: FISHAO action figure. Maybe you already heard the news: After over 5 years of outstanding work for the FISHAO community our Super-Moderator Salty has retired.
As the good soul of FISHAO he inspired thousands of players. Everybody admired his expertise, his kindness and his patience. And his videos 🙂

In honor for his outstanding work we decided to keep him alive beyond the realm of the game and made a cross over contract with a merchandising  production. As the first piece of a bigger collection we bring you „Super Mod Salty“  5.1 inch action figure with poseable head and arms. Certified  Quality plastic, uniform parts: fabrics, rayon and nylon, health code, product safety, environmental sustainability guaranteed, phthalate-free, 100% toy grade materials.

In stores now, ask your local retailer or shop online now.

  • Bruh

    • :(

      Sad it died

  • stephan (cz)

    may I ask when the game fishao originated?
    I would like to travel here on time , I would like to see the beginnings of fishao and a golden statue is no one who plays fishao ;(

  • noa van der hoorn

    I can’t see anything in the forum anymore, does anyone know what the problem is?

    • abdullaharif

      What? you dont see anything?
      Maybe refresh the page..

  • abdullaharif

    April Fools! xD
    I was at Salty’s Retirement Party and im very sad… 🙁
    And thanks so much for free tutan Salty =D

    • Ashika devindi

      Wooow did he give u a tutan for free. You are lucky

    • abdullaharif

      Yes 😀