Fishao introducing Hidden fish!

We have some exciting news!
We are introducing a new special kind of fish, and a new special way to unlock them. The first one of it’s kind is a fish called Loof Lirpa, which is the fish in this picture, a rare tropical hybrid.

There are many fish in Fishao that are hard to catch. This fish has actually been in the game for some time, however, so far no one has caught the Loof Lirpa.  It’s a “hidden fish”, which is an old idea we had, but didn’t implement until about a month ago. Hidden fish means that it will become unlocked for you if you perform a certain task. But there will be no notification for the unlocking and you will not see it in your Fishdex until you catch it. That is why we call it “Hidden”. We got inspiration for the idea from the way you access Lost Valley. If people like this idea we will introduce more of them.


Since it’s the first hidden fish, we will tell you how to catch it.

This is how you catch it: At Pinheira Beach there is a fish market. You must run around the Fish Market building 5 times, starting and ending at the door. This unlock lasts for 10 minutes. So you will have 10 minutes to fish for it. After the 10 minutes you can simply run around the building another 5 times to unlock it for 10 more minutes. It doesn’t matter in which direction you circle the building. You just need to pass all corners of the building. Remember to check the time so you know when to renew the unlock.

You can only catch it at Pinheira Beach. This fish is always active, but you have to figure out the bait for yourself 🙂

It is active right now, so what are you waiting for? 🙂

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  • panda1128

    Please, is that fish still in fishao ?
    Can I catch it ?
    is it really catchable on all servers?
    Our club would like to go catch it, but we don’t want to go unnecessarily.
    is it really possible?
    please for advice

    • panda1128

      Yep, now i understand
      that’s a really good joke 😀

  • over lord

    someone caught this fish

    • remco5

      Lol nobody caught Loof Lirpa=April Fool so it’s fake! :DDDDDDD

  • keedsgamer

    really? hahaha, mandarim and ballon fish? lol, april fools very good 😀

  • iron man

    why comments are closed for the next 2 update infos?

  • Cindrella62

    I Thought That This Fish Is Real… -.- … I Got April Fools In August.. Wooooooow 😛

  • sssssss

    wowowowowwowow I am going to fishmarket

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  • Jerko Dejagere

    loof lirpa_ april fool

  • Sarah Sternchen

    hahahahahahahaha great 😀

  • Jerko Dejagere

    sombody got it yet with wich bait???

  • SKRUB…

    read it backwards -.-

  • Karel Síbr

    April fools 😀

    • Cindrella62

      Woooow U Told Me.. Or I Was Gonna Do That 5 Rounds Thingy XD

  • Sisca Sutedja

    Wow, cool fish..I want t o have it 😀