New version of FISHAO: FISHAO Forever

Some very exciting news to bring to you all!

For almost 2 years now, GamoVation has been working on a follow up to the FISHAO game called FISHAO Forever. It will still be free to play, but will no longer be a browser game. Instead you will be able to get it on the Steam platform for PC and Mac. A beta version will be available sometime in November-December. All currently registered Fishao accounts will be sent an invitation for Beta testing in May (there will be a limit of about 300 Beta testers, so not everyone can be approved). Oh, and of course, all approved Beta testers will be given a classic Beta Statue for free! Just like old times.

New graphics engine
Naturally, being in this new format, you can expect great improvements in graphics as well as in basically all other areas, since the restrictions that comes with a browser game will be gone. The style of the graphics will remind you of FISHAO, but since it will now be based on the modern Unity 3D graphics engine, the visual style will be vastly improved.

Some of the new features:

Fish migration
All fish species will now have their own AI (artificial intelligence). For example, they will migrate between certain areas of the lakes during different time of the day.

Fighting fish
The game will be viewed from a 3rd person perspective. When you get a bite it will switch to first person view where you will have several new parameters to take into account. Fish might spool your line, depending on how strong your equipment is, it will jump and try to shake free from your hook etc.

Fish behaviour and choice of preferred bait and lure color will change depending on weather and temperature.

Different types of fishing
Spin fishing, Fly fishing, Angling, Dynamite fishing.

Gameplay tweaks
FISHAO rods won’t exist anymore. Instead there will be a permanent rod for fish up to 150 CM.

If you fall into the water for any reason (like fighting a huge fish), there will be a minigame where you have to swim ashore again. I you fail you will drown and respawn in your personal home.

Bobbers will be lost if your line/equipment breaks (Most bobbers will be cheaper and there will be more different ones to buy).

Bait (for angling) won’t be lost until you catch/loose a fish or until line/equipment breaks. Lures and flies won’t be lost until your line/equipment breaks.

There is still some work left before the game will enter Beta stage, but it’s not too far away, so keep your eyes on your mail inbox for the Beta invitation in May!

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  • jack2000 !!!

    que paso con la beta ya estamos 2018

  • Narred Kola

    Hi Salty sir I’m the player in FISHAO one boy named “Mera 10” stole my 10500 fb he said to me trade me 10500 fb and he will give me rs but he gave me only 5 shells and I don’t foused on it and confirm trade so please help me I tell this confution to Mod but he don’t help me I request him to help me but ignore and he said “It’s your mistake and in trade trade give to chance to give confirm trade I request at many time but his answer was one”.In that I wrote him bad words to that Mod baned me for 6 days and 23 hours so plz request him don’t help me but baned me for 1 day please and I will say sorry also to him.It’s happen yesterday.

    ‘Thanks salty sir’
    Game name in FISHAO: user 972042 play in Facebook

  • Milos Tosic

    What happened to Fishao Wiki?

  • Dare Games

    Great april fools,but new game from GamoVation(Ultimate Fishing)coming soon!

  • Nicole Daglaroglou

    sorry to post here, but I have no other way. After a few failed attempts to join the fishao forums, my ip address got blocked and now I cannot register. I tried to contact, but I haven’t got any reply. Could you please help me? My nickname is Nicole_Daglas07 and my email is Thanks!

  • marcos paulo sa oliveira

    eu quero

  • adaDuchLasu

    Hello ! I really love Fishao, for the past few months I’ve been working on new fish for this game (full descriptions in the scrapbook), could I send them to you? If you make mistakes in the text please remember that I am a Pole but the descriptions are in Polish and English.

  • Ana Egna

    Salty please fix this. Every time I go on main account it makes me go a a fish screen and wont load. pls salty.

  • callenmaster

    i wish its not true!!!:(((

  • hello

    maybe that might be true

  • Mignon Meermans

    Also like a 150 cm rod………..

  • Mignon Meermans

    Hoped it was real but that fishao rod idea was stupid

  • Hi Im Gosu

    Yo salty pls answer ;c

  • iron man

    hey wat if u guyz bring fishao to mobile and tab (android and ios)

  • absys

    If it’s real it’s very bad for me πŸ˜› I’m farming the fishao rod and if it doesn’t exist I was very very pissed off πŸ˜› a line from only 150 CM πŸ˜› lol haha nice joke πŸ˜›

  • ben dover

    if gamovation would spend JUST HALF the effort it took to compose this prank on actually improving the game itself, the number of players would stop dropping……..

    • They didn’t write this joke, I did =) (Salty)

      • 12fisher12

        salty i was hacke by somone caled with a milly help canged my password help

      • 12fisher12


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  • Gheorghian Eduard

    The game need a full restart ?

  • Milos Tosic

    I wish April fools didn’t exist and this to be true.
    Email address not found.

  • AndrΓ© Negreiro Lima

    April 1 or is it really true?