Tables updated


Today I have finished updating 182 fishes and added new fishes as well.


Have fun =)

  • Tadea22

    datemi vic fiš men

  • AZAD

    i have a problem,mod sisca is not good with players, she is being very rude, she is banning players for no reason, my brother was banned for no reason, when i asked her about the bann she warned me she will ban me to, today my keyboard had a malfunction and some stars had got entered at the chat box by mistake, i said to her about it but she banned me. sir, most of the players are having a bad opinion about her, if u dont mind ask the players about it, many had recieved ban for no reason, please do something

  • Sebi R Sebastiano

    thank you

  • Kim Caroline

    Hi Help

  • Uhhh

    I have something that needs to be fixed on FISHAO.
    I accidentally spent FC that I didn’t want ( don’t want them back)
    I think there should be something like “are you sure you want to buy this item *yes* or *no*”
    Before buying anything. Because I think its stupid that when you click the item. it automatically gets bought. Like if you clicked by accident, I really think this needs to be fixed.
    A double check thing for buying items.
    Please consider. This will make things a lot easier.
    Thank you.

  • Tj

    I agree that’s a great idea!!!!

  • Ana Maria Egna


  • JøƘêƦ Boy

    nice idea

  • Ana Maria Egna

    Hi FISHAO, I love this game and I hope you do too! I want you guys to make it able to trade rods, bait, and fishcoins in FISHAO. This would make a huge difference and I hope you add this! You might not see this because I was first to comment, but I will comment again if you don’t! Thank you.