5 New Fishes!


  • bigtoffee

    I can not find any can someone tell me where they are

  • Tj


  • Ana Maria Egna

    Hi Fishao. I am a huge fan of the game. I know what would make it so much better. Making it able to trade Fishcoins, Bait, and Rods. This would make the game much better and way more fun! Please add this to the game!

  • fukjordi420

    HELP ME: i want to trade with my friend hes level 48, im level 11, but we cant trade? how is this possible because i did trade with someone level 21. PLEASE help me.

  • gabrielito_1

    by the way what is name of that pink fish whit hands

  • gabrielito_1

    you can catch pangio mariarum whit dought

  • Boss8fred

    you can catch 1 of the 4 species at piheria beach with dought (it doesn’t need a powerfull rod, can be caught with bamboo rod) ; the other 3 fish , i think, can be caught in your/friend’s backyard

  • can i know of which area are the other 4 fish

    • fukjordi420

      i know 2:
      To the left: phinera beach
      To the right( the long snake like): backyard