Tables updated

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Hey all!

Just a quick notice to let you know that today I have updated 94 fishes in the tables.


Have fun!

  • johan

    ik wil wat nieuws op fishao en dat is een nieuw land en dat moet heten daise Town er komen ook gaven vissen in

  • faith

    salty and how can you be a monitor

  • faith

    when are you going to update fishao were you can swim in the water and can you add a new fish to fishao

  • Joshua

    Salty please add this 1 New Pirate Cave Fish:

    Pelican Shark:Bait:Pelican Lure,Shark Lure Size:1342 cm Rod:Fishao Rod Fishbucks:7897-14356 Season:Always Time:Always

  • iron man

    salty i got a new idea wht bout bringing on more NPCs?and most importantly few should be useful.u could add one in club area.

  • jamey

    salty i got a quick question what are the odds of catching a 5* 1 in ?

  • gomtony

    i like to be police man how friend please

  • yaseen panhwar

    nyc par sir me no policeman

  • krish_

    Hi Salty, I have a new idea… Wouldn’t it be good if you add some flower pots, stones for paths etc to decorate our backyard?

  • prick91