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Hey everyone!

This weekend I have so far updated 155 fishes in the All In One table, and also completed the Club Area table.

After this I will add the Lucky Raft table, and then move on to check that all the Area tables are synced with the All In One table.


Have fun in the Fishao world! =)






  • iron man

    salty what about new set of decos?

  • pearl

    i wanna be a moderator i play 15 hours in a day level 100 name queen1000 age 18+

  • Info

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    • dinofisher1907

      oh my! thats cool. looks like outer space
      I think you should add a drum set and have a music badge with piano, organ, guitar, that are already are on there and the drums. But if you can think of more, add some more music stuff and make a badge for it like the tuba or the trumpet.

      • dinofisher1907

        Also, keep getting new fish! love it Salty! and your shortnose sturgeon really doesn’t have a short nose XD i think you meant shovelnose if you want to look that up. But dont worry too much about that. I love the shovelnose sturgeon too i actually caught one in real life!

    • Boss8fred

      cool room.. i understand that u like space…

      • Boss8fred


  • Fishao player

    Awsome, thanks salty