Wiki update finished

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Hi everyone!

Over 160 fishes have now been updated. Also, Lucky Raft has been added to area tables and the All in One table, as well as all other new fish in the game.


Have fun =)

  • Ashika devindi

    hi, when will u get new mods? i also want to be a mod. pls inform me about that

  • gggggggg

    Eres Mod INGLES Cierto?

  • PolanaXD

    Super 🙂

  • statebrigako

    just got banned, idk why
    username Sannauella. some people say thats because i transfer money from other account but thats not true. i was banned on mz previous account and my friend bought me RS. and now everyone think i transfered RS from other accounts… for how long am i banned ?

  • keylli dark

    eu pensei que se participa de clube ganhava moedas

  • iron man

    pic by me with possum cake i am the bigsmile with white skin

    • dinofisher1907

      im in it lol im the christmas dude XD

      • iron man

        lol u wear that christmas thing for a long time

        • dinofisher1907

          i am having a self challenge to keep the Christmas suit on in till next Christmas. basically a whole year 😀

          • Dany20

            Ohh hi dino you were also in photo i was saying “everyone say your name ” and u said dino

            Hahahahah hope you also enjoyed the photo

          • dinofisher1907

            yes i did 🙂

          • dinofisher1907

            but i cant find the photo in the forums

    • Dany20

      Hey you were in the big photo I also captured it in forums 2 photos ur I want you can go see it

      And thank you hope you enjoyed the photo

      • dinofisher1907

        dany i cant find it

  • iron man

    when the new decos comin salty?

  • dinofisher1907

    oh my! thats cool. looks like outer space
    I think you should add a drum set and have a music badge with piano, organ, guitar, that are already are on there and the drums. But if you can think of more, add some more music stuff and make a badge for it like the tuba or the trumpet.

    • dinofisher1907

      Also, keep getting new fish! love it Salty! and your shortnose sturgeon really doesn’t have a short nose XD i think you meant shovelnose if you want to look that up. But dont worry too much about that. I love the shovelnose sturgeon too i actually caught one in real life!

  • Toader Florin Sabadis

    hey salty i just got banned and i dont know whi can u pls tel mi whi i get ban

  • jamey

    Nice salty