New decorations on their way =)


  • Detoleso

    questi falegnami non sanno lavorare , dovrebbero costruire anche i referti mancanti tipo quadri e mobili mancanti nel negozio , cosi si riesce ad finire qualcosa

  • UnKnown

    can you fix the bug? its when someones inventory is open you go look at their decorations but you only see your decorations on their account, please fix.

  • sakthi pikku

    hey salty! how long am i banned? and when shall i return to fishao? account name : sakthipikku

  • 137sara

    Hey Salty for how long am i banned? account name is 137sara

  • Pearl

    I had gone to dubai

  • Pearl

    Guess who is this?

  • Pearl

    This is clicked by me

  • Pearl

    ME Holing the flag

    • Pearl

      sorry spelling mistake that me holding the flag

  • Pearl

    Hi Everyone This Is Me From Carmelite Convent English High I Became Assistant Green House Prefect Am The One Who Holding The Flag The One Who Is Speaking In The Mic Is My Senior

  • noa

    decorations are stupid

  • 662fishboy

    Is it going to be like fishboxes where deco falls out of the sky in the form of deco boxes ?

  • iron man

    salty for the next update fishao must have accessories like belt,hammer,etc….

  • Fishao Bani

    wow when will jab?

  • Pearl

    I Think The FC iis too rare it shouls be like this for 100 fb u can 1 or 2 fc or maybe 3 or 4 and for 1 fc u can get 50 fb

    • dinofisher1907

      you have a good point but i think 1 fc per 100 fb is good

      • Pearl

        Yes Thank You

  • Pearl

    Good There Are New Decorations!!!!!!!

  • Fishao player

    We should be able to have that beard

  • Fishao

    I’m so happy I do not know what month, or a new game but I think it will be a very good thing Jinchuuriki of the game

    • HEY

      Hey im still banned on wiki its been almost a year
      sincerly Fisher_Lenager

      • iron man

        maybe u are full banned forever,i heard somewhere that ppl get full ban and never come back even after a year