Monster fish update!

monsterfishHave you seen the small fish swimming in your club area? This fish can grow up and become a monster! How?

1 ) Feed this fish together with your club with monster bait, after each throw, it grows!

2 ) When this fish is so big it doesn’t fit in your club lake anymore (approx. after 25 throws in total with your club), it will bite bite 100% guaranteed as long as you throw close to the head of the fish!

3 ) The monster minigame will start for the first player that throws monster bait close to the head of a fully grown monster!

4 ) After winning the minigame, you catch a monsterfish… and, it rewards you with a VERY SPECIAL GIFT as well.

What are you waiting for? Try to feed and catch a monster fish right now!

  • drishtikedia1234


  • yunus_emre27

    fişhao venerable founders asked me if I had an account from you 1500 pounds to 1500 pounds of yatırırmıs I’m asking you is the only nicks I was blocking my yunus_emre27 I’m asking you 1500 pounds

  • RoseInfinite011

    salty,this is the first time that this happened to me but,people are getting soooo annoying!!! Take a look at this! >:T

    • RoseInfinite011

      they can’t even spell words right!!! >:(
      and my name isn’t kajirose_khi!!! it’s kajirose_kho!!!

  • Nooby

    Greedy people. Just greedy people.

  • shane_007

    salty pls help by a unfair trade samsung500 took my runningshoes i m explaining this to a moderator she banned that boy and also my running shoes are gone and she chat/pm banned me also for 1 week the mods name is mydogowensme

  • Andy

    i think we should be able to trade fishcoins within clubs, like that we can all add a number of fishcoins to breed a fish in the club, or put more spots in the club

  • ….

    We should be able to trade fishcoins!!!!!!! I want to help my club open more spots but I dont have enough FISHCOINS Please let us trade them

    • KK

      I agree. totally we should be able to trade fishcoins!

    • jazmin gebler

      i agree

  • Hello

    Why is my friend marta_dobric_7 banned? tell me pls =)) and for how long

  • bossalex

    how chatch

  • Andio

    Whats size of that fish how many Cm

  • lukas_nunes_9047

    be you catch the monster fish to Go win

    Tennis 2.0 good luck 🙂

  • iron man

    is it a april fool?

    • Was it posted in April fools day? ..nope =)

  • Wolf Diamond

    hi all!

    *if only one take the all baits and uses 25 alone can catch the fish by himself?

    **what you want is only for the top players(groups) … and I guess you have so many players who can not keep up … which would be the explanation for them? … coming from the organizers of this game?

    A personal opinion would be to let them to spend each their fish coins as they want and when they want. Otherwise think a lot of members which really play this game … relinquish this.

    Think deeply! and you can use your brilliant mind!

    Have a nice evening/day.

    • iron man

      i have a night here

  • drishtikedia1234

    Hi all! Salty, do we get the monster bait from the Wheel Of Fortune? Can it be traded?

  • lukas_nunes_9047

    great every day fishao is growing and will
    continues to launch new wonders 🙂

  • 678Jack

    Hello salty I have noticed something in the area fish that the Spotted Pike Characin in clubs has no picture please fix ty

  • me

    I’m ganno be fucking mad if it a April fools prank

  • cool_bro

    how does the monster minigame work? salty

    • You will see when you hook the fish 😀

      • funnybunny2000

        salty you are missing egg table

  • 137sara

    Salty i noticed a bug… my friend in fishao bought RS and she came to me and when i clicked on her profile there was a picture of her but she wasn’t wearing RS. and when i try to change my looks every single time it switches my RS for some ordinary shoes we all wear at the beggining of the game, and then i have to put my RS again. i know i didn’t really explained this very well but please fix it if you understand 😉

    • I understand you perfectly =) Thanks. We will take a look at it. Don’t know when it will be fixed yet though.

      • UnKnown

        Um Salty I was doing bob and he gave me 12 fishcoins instead of 10 is that new?

      • shane_007

        some one samsung500 by unfair trade took my running shoes mod banned him but didnt returned my shoes back . salty i want my shoes back

      • shane_007

        salty my name is shane_007 some one samsung500 by unfair trade took my running shoes mod banned him but didnt returned my shoes back . salty i want my shoes back

  • Keij K

    You can only get monster bait from spinning the wheel on the lucky raft

  • jamey

    How big do they get? im gssing 500+cm but i guess not since i dont think those fish grow that big unless they are mutated or something

    Anyways How big do they get ? xD

  • dinofisher1907

    yeah, how?

  • Máté Száz

    But how can we buy or get monster bait?

    • tomovefc

      In the whel of fortune.