Coming – Cheaper way to get to Palm Island

aprilfools2016_done copyWithin a couple of weeks we will implement a new cheaper way to ge to Palm Island. Instead of 50 Fishcoins the price will be 20 Fishcoins. So what is this new cheaper way? You might get a hint from the picture. If you click “Swim” you will be asked to confirm if you want to swim to Palm Island for 20 Fishcoins. However, it takes a long time to swim there and you will need to wait 5 hours. During this time you will be locked at a Screen with a countdown timer, so you can’t play during that time. Β But it might be a good option if you are taking a break anyway!

Have fun!

  • max_awsome_321

    do even play or do you just add fish

  • max_awsome_321

    only 40

  • max_awsome_321

    I have very very less spiecies

  • max_awsome_321


  • max_awsome_321

    salty add more rio fish

  • Joshua

    Salty add some more Palm Island fish

    Milk Carp 4* Bait:Fish,Lures Size:102 cm Rod:Quality Rod Fishbucks:?-342 Season:September-February

    Golden Shark 5* Bait:Shark Lure Size:1132 cm Rod:Fishao Rod Fishbucks:4567-10675 Season:September-December

  • andrew

    haha too long time

  • andrew

    to swim it take 5 hours so long time

  • andrew

    april fol!!!

  • mister gib

    Your going downhill fast

  • shane_007

    pls help me salty it took me 4 months for buying it pls help

  • shane_007

    hello salty i need your help pls some one samsung500 unfair traded me and took my rs as a foulplay pls help

  • Liam


  • Annie Alice

    HI! Who has the golden BETA statuette ? I need just a minute for a missions… πŸ™‚

  • iron man

    salty i can’t open little rio i dont know what bug in there but i have another suggestion make it like one person with running shoes can open in and for 3 min it must be open

  • iron man

    who needs prank ideas?

  • iron man

    good april fool salty XD

  • grap

    1 april grap hahahaha

  • Irina

    I think they should change before the price of the fishing rod fishao that palm island

  • Irina

    I think they should change before the price of the fishing rod fishao the palm island

  • Irina

    I think you ought to change before the price of the fishing rod fishao that palm island.

  • drishtikedia1234

    Salty,, is it really an april fool joke?!

  • User987185

    I really think it would be very nice

  • Ștefan Mohai

    Good joke πŸ™‚
    I’m waiting for dynaminte πŸ˜€

  • jamey

    I caught a monster!

    • Awesome fish!!!

      • jamey

        Thx πŸ™‚

  • Watergirlhch

    The players would be eaten by a shark, if they swam to Palm Island xD

  • Shemus

    if we cut the screen and after some time we again login the time will reduce or now please tell?

    • It’s an April fools joke πŸ™‚

      • drishtikedia1234

        Salty, but, it would be really good if it was not a joke πŸ™

  • jamey

    IS anyone selling Beta Statue?

    • meneerdeuil

      i sell 1 for 750K

  • Tata Fishao

    We still waiting the dynamite from the last 1 April πŸ˜›

  • Pip Fisherman

    salty! did you not forget a tiny little thing? the megalodon! good luck swimming and i take the airway. happy april!

    • You could also use a jetpack for 40 FC x-)

      • Pip Fisherman

        I must admit, it sounds like fun. Is the waiting time than 2,50 hours? Still … a little close to the megalodon ^_^.

  • jamey


  • Andrej

    1st April fols !