New Arowanas!


As some might have noticed already, there are three new Arowanas in Fishao!

These three are all breeder fish.

Blue Malayan Arowana
Jardani Arowana
Platinum Golden Arowana



Have fun =) read more

Tournament updates coming soon!

tournament-upgrade_smallTournaments will be divided into:
Beginner – Level 1-10
Amateur – Level 11-25
Advanced – Level 26-75
Expert – Level 76+

Tournaments will no longer be based on a particular world. Everyone, in all worlds, will join the same tournaments. If a lvl 76+ player joins the Boat On Sea Tournament from English 1, and another lvl 76+ joins from Espa├▒ol 1, then they will both play in the same tournament. This means there will likely be lots of players in tournaments.

If a tournament is full, you can still join because a new one will be read more

Secondhandshop released!

New update released!

Now you can go sell things that you don’t need like ld rods, looks, bait etc.

Go and say hello to the new NPC Vasiliy! =)

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New mystery area?!



Posted today on Fishao Facebook page:

If I’m here, I think I feel myself lost in time. What about you? read more

Trade system updated!



Today a new useful update was released: Double confirmation at the trade dialog. You are now able to review what is offered and confirm that you agree with it. read more

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

From admins Joppe and Salty


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