We’ve just released some new beautiful updates in FISHAO!1. From now on you can trade shells again!2. It is possible to delete multiple private messages at once now.3. Have anyone found the key to open the mysterious door on Palm Island read more

Backyard table updated

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Today I have updated the backyard table with the 12 new fishes.

Have a nice weekend!


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12 new breeder fishes!

12186605_1060356504008348_3657998745887240363_oToday Breeder Rex told us he can breed 12 new fish species!

Are you going to breed them all?!


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Humpback Anglerfish is active!



Humpback Anglerfish is now active, and will be for one week during halloween.

It will be one year before you can catch him the next time, so let’s see if you can do it =)

❤ Fishao

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Little Rio tables added!



Today I have added all the Little Rio fishes to the tables.

They look really awesome, right? =)


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New Area: Little Rio


We got some exciting news: just a few minutes ago we have released a whole new area in FISHAO! The name of this area is Little Rio and contains a ton of new cool fish. But there is one “catch”… how can you enter this awesome area?
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