Soon in Fishao: Events!

Events(Copied from Fishao on Facebook)


Coming up very soon in FISHAO: Events!
Several events per week, including great read more

DDOS attack

problemsFISHAO just now recently was the victim of a DDOS attack.

Just so you know in case you are encountering problems when trying to play.

Please check back later.

What is a DDOS attack?  It’s an attempt from someone(s) to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended read more

First player to catch ALL fishes in FISHAO!!!



Ace_moon0803 is the first player EVER in Fishao to catch all the fish in the entire game!


This is a huge accomplishement! =)

Congratulations to read more

Help needed to investigate login issues

wikiavatar copy44It seems that some players are having trouble loading the game or logging in.

We are looking for users who are experiencing this problem.


If you are having this issue, you are welcome to respond with your username. If you briefly could explain your problem too, that would be good. We will select one or more users who we think are the right ones to talk to. If you want to cooperate (installing Skype and Teamviewer) we will reward you with 50 read more

Tables updated!

New-Fish-MissionsToday I have added the new fish to the tables. I’m still in need of some info on some of them. You are welcome to help out as always. So far people are loving these new fishes! =)

New Fishes:

Laketown: Starry Sturgeon (5★)
Pinheira: Leafy Seadragon (5★), Queen Triggerfish (3★), Muraena Augusti (4★)
Seagull Harbor: European Sea Sturgeon (5★)
Cool Mountain: Persian Sturgeon (5★)

Have fun! read more

Released today: Missions & new fish!

missions(Copied from Fishao on Facebook)
From now on, Uncle Sam will guide you through the game in a storytelling way. The story starts with your grandpa. He was once a famous fisherman, but he has since passed away. Now it’s your goal to become the most famous fisher in the world of FISHAO, and to make your grandpa proud.

Missions will replace the current achievements system, and you will always have missions to complete. For a completed mission, you’ll receive a lucrative reward!

We also released new fish in the game. Can you catch read more

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