General table updates

General table updates

Today I have been updating the tables with some updated WRs, fish market prices etc.

There are still some fishes (mostly 51star ) that I’m missing info on. Perhaps some of you guys and girls have info on any of those? =)

Happy Easter! read more

Decorations updated


I have now added lots of new furniture in the furniture-section.

Ice Set
Spooky Set
Pirate Set
Christmas Set

…and some other things as well =)

Go check it out =)

Have read more

New Breeder fish for April!

New Breeder fish for April!

As some might have noticed, there are some new fishes available for breeding starting this month.

The new ones reported are: Marbled Lungfish, Bowfin, Burbot, Hucho Taimen and Flathead Catfish.  I have managed to catch the Bowfin. In real life the Bowfin and Marbled Lungfish actually have a type of primitive lungs so that they can breathe air if they need to. Awesome right?!  Let’s see if you can catch them ;-)

Have fun!

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NEW – Drivable Cars!

aprilfoolsSome really exciting news today! A new item will be available in the game. And it’s not just any item, it’s in fact a drivable car! This car will be unlocked and given to you for free when you reach level 200 or when you have achieved 2000 referrals. You will not be able to buy it with fishcoins in the shop though.
This will be a really fast method of transport on land, and you will be able to bring one passenger with you! The car will be available in, red, blue, yellow, white and black and read more

Finally caught Giant Moray!

Giat-Moray-SaltyPinheira Beach is one of the most challenging areas when it comes to catching all the fish. Not only because it has huge fish like the Green Sawfish and Giant Oarfish but also because it’s the area with most different types of fish (if you don’t count Backyard fish).

I have still not finished that particular area, but today I took a step in the right direction and caught my first Giant Moray, which made me really happy! Now I have 20/22 fishes in that area and only need to catch the read more

New Monster Fish Coming!

This very rare monster is going to be released in Fishao soon!

Go to Fishao facebook page  and take your chance to win 100 free bait for this fish!

Five winners will be picked out of all entries on the release day of this read more

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