Competition: Win a christmas tree and presents!


Lets have a little fun competition!  =)

Imagine the guy in the picture (me) is saying something. Figure out something funny and write it in the comments (in english).

The funniest suggestion wins a christmas tree and the presents in the picture!

Add the following to your comment:

  1. Your player name.
  2. What am I saying?


  1. Only one comment per player.
  2. Maximum 30 words.

The competition ends friday the 26th of september. The next day, saturday the 27:th, the winner will be announced. read more



**UPDATE: We have found a Brazilian Moderator, however, you are always welcome to submit applications on the forum***

FISHAO is in need right now of a Brazilian/Portuguese in-game moderator.

-Preferred age is 18+
-Atleast Average English language skills
-Skype available

If you feel this is something that would suite you, please go to the “Become a moderator”-thread  on the FISHAO FORUMS and you can apply there.

REMEMBER to use the application form at the top of that read more

16200 exp for ONE fish!



What is the most exp you have gotten from cathing a fish?

PartyFuchs caught the one on this picture in trout farm, using exp booster x4. 16200 exp! That is the most I have ever heard.

Feel free to share info and/or screenshots if you have =) read more



FISHAO is in real need right now of an English in-game moderator.

Preferred age is 18+, but it’s possible to consider younger applicants as well.

If you feel this is something that would suite you, please click the link below and you can apply to become an english moderator.

(Don’t forget to use the form at the top of the thread for your application)

  read more

100 Alligator Gars!

100AlligatorGarsI think this  is so remarkable it deservers a post here on the Fishao Wiki; the player Beerbottle has been doing alot of fishing in Marshville. And due to that he has caught 100 Alligator Gars! (5★).

Gratz to that! =)

And by the way, it’s a good tactic for high level players to fish in Marshville. It gives you a bit more fishcoins due to the worth of the fish and also a bit more xp. I recommend fish or lures as read more

Tables updated!

Spotted-Handfish-BigI have collected information from you players and some from myself and updated the tables with the cool new fishes that just arrived in Fishao.

The fish in the picture, Spotted Handfish (5★), is super cool. Apparently it walks on the bottom with those hand-like fins, and it is a very rare fish. There is still a mystery fish in Seagull Harbor, which according to the blacked out picture looks like some type of flatfish. What do you guys think it is?!

And if you have more info on any of the new fishes, feel free to write in the comments read more

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