Albino Catfish

AlbinoCatfish-oggiA few people have already been able to catch the new 51star fish Albino Catfish. Thanks and gratz to Oggi for the screenshot! It has also been added to the tables now.

If you want to catch one too, get some friends and head to the enclosure in Thombani Town. The right bait, rod etc is not enough for this fish…you also need teamwork =)

On another note, the player DevilOfHell has set the new WR for Frilled shark with his 194 cm catch! so gratz to that!

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Three new fish!

Copied from Fishao on Facebook:

Today we have released three new fish in the game: Albino Catfish, Silver Carp and South American Lungfish. They are hard to catch, so be prepared!
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Blue Marlin WR!

devilofhellbluemarlinThe player DevilOfHell has not only succeeded in catching the very rare Blue Marlin at Seagull Harbor, he has also set the new world record for it at 380cm!

Congratulations to DevilOfHell! =)

I missed to mention it in my previous posts, but this is another one of the fish that becomes active in July.


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July – Update

BulltroutThe Bull Trout is another fish that becomes active now in July. So it has been added now to the tables. I have also seen several reports of people catching the Arapaima and also the amazingly beautiful Mandarinfish.

Yesterday I caught my first Arapaima ever and also one Kaluga Sturgeon, which is my third in total. Now I just have the Chinese Paddlefish left in Aquayama. I recorded when I caught the Arapaima and you can watch it HERE if you want.

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July – New fish active

oggi-arapaimaSo now it’s the first of July and that means new fish becomes active. Arapaima is one of them, as seen on this screenshot from the player Oggi (thanks Oggi, and congratz!). I see in my notes here that I have also set the month of July for Mandarinfish and Pufferfish at Pinheira Beach. But I am not completely certain yet about the date of those two. Maybe you can help to find out? =)

I caught two Mandarinfish last year but that was in August.

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New largest fish ever caught!

Shob1409cmGiantOarfishYesterday the player Shob was out fishing in the Boat On Sea Tournament with his Oar Rod.  Not only did he catch a big Giant Oarfish, he caught a HUGE Giant Oarfish! Even though the Oar Rod has a limit at about 1200 cm he caught one that was 1409 cm, which is 209cm more than the rod is designed for! That is a huge accomplishment!


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