9 new fishes!



There are now 9 new fishes in Fishao.

Have you caught any of them yet? =)


❤ Fishao


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7 new Fishes!

Today we have released 7 new tropical fish in Palm Island. What is the name of the fish in the center of the image ;-)
Go catch them all!
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Wiki updated

wikiavatar copy44


Today I have added the Moray Tournament to the wiki, and updated alot of info on the other tables.

Other than that, I have also added these fishes to the tables:

Devils Hole Pupfish

Palm Island:
Black Triggerfish
Bluefin Trevally
Fairy Basslet
Longnose Butterfly
Mexican Hogfish
Minute Leatherjacket
Orange Banded Pipefish
Pennant Coralfish
Tiger Grouper
White-Spotted Damsell
Whitespotted Boxfish

Blue Ring Angelfish
Spotted Handfish

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Win a T-shirt!


Yesterday we’ve released the Moray tournament in FISHAO, and it includes the rarest fish released so far in the game: the Salpa Maggiore!
And a day after the release, it isn’t caught yet! Are you going to catch it? The first player that will catch the Salpa Maggiore in FISHAO will win a FISHAO Salpa Maggiore T-shirt!
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NEW: Moray Tournament!


Just introduced in Fishao: Moray tournament!

It takes place on Palm Island, and you don’t have to unlock it, anyone can play it!

Just enter the tournament the same way you enter the other ones =) read more

New Moray?



What do you think about this Moray?

Pretty awesome right?

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