First Palm Island fish announced



First Palm Island fish announced: the Banded Butterflyfish!

Are you going to catch it in June?! read more

Fossil skipping price reduced by 50%


The fossil skip time price has now been reduced by 50%.

This means for example, if you have 24 hours left to wait, you used to need to pay 24 FC to skip waiting. Now you would only need to pay 12 coins. read more

New area soon: Palm Island!



The new area Palm Island is soon going to arrive to the world of Fishao!

Expected the 1st of June! read more

Soon in Fishao – Dynamite!

3StoreDynamiteA new update will arrive within two weeks which will let you use dynamite for fishing!



1Dynamite-CircleDynamite will let you catch three fishes for every¬†stick of dynamite you throw into the water. All you need to do is to equip your dynamite instead of your rod, then click where you want to throw it. The area will be marked with the “explosion-ring”.






2SummaryDynamite will work for 1-4 star fishes, and will be avilable for players of all levels. It can be used in all areas except for read more

The Secrets of Lost Valley

Some of you have discovered the true secrets of Lost Valley.

For those who have, this PDF file¬†might be very useful! To save it on your computer, right click the link and choose “save as”, or “save link as” depending on what browser you are using.

Big thanks to Pip11 for creating read more

Lost Valley 1 table added



Just want to inform you all that the Lost Valley 1 table has been added to the Wiki! =)



Can’t wait to catch them, right? =)


Have fun! read more

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