Tables updated!

Spotted-Handfish-BigI have collected information from you players and some from myself and updated the tables with the cool new fishes that just arrived in Fishao.

The fish in the picture, Spotted Handfish (5★), is super cool. Apparently it walks on the bottom with those hand-like fins, and it is a very rare fish. There is still a mystery fish in Seagull Harbor, which according to the blacked out picture looks like some type of flatfish. What do you guys think it is?!

And if you have more info on any of the new fishes, feel free to write in the comments read more

NEW fish !


From FISHAO on facebook:

We just released 5 new awesome fish inside FISHAO!

Check out your collections to see what fish, and catch them!


30 aug,correction: 6 new read more

Win 100 Fishcoins!

Shiny-Nurse-SharkHow is it going with your Shiny fishes?

Did you know that on the FISHAO Facebook page you have the chance of winning 100 Fishcoins if you are among the first 10 players to do so. CHECK HERE

I tried some yesterday and managed to complete Pinheira Beach with a 4★ Shiny Nurse Shark! Not bad at all!
If you want you can check a video on that read more

NEW in Fishao: Shiny!


New in FISHAO:
Have you heard the rumors? More and more people are talking about a mysterious girl named “Shiny”. Did you meet her yet?

Have you caught a “shiny” fish yet? If so, post the pic in the comment! =)

Good luck & Have read more

FISHAO Live Stream (JackBank)

FISHAO Live Stream (JackBank)

Moderator JackBank will be live streaming Fishao while answering questions.

For those not familiar with live streaming; It’s when you can follow someone playing a game live on a video stream, where there is a chat available and you can ask questions or talk about the game in general.

The following is copied from a forum post about it that JackBank posted today:


How often will I be doing streams?

I do not have any specific appointments but it would mostly be fridays or saturdays.
Down below you will see when the next livestream will be at.


NEXT LIVESTREAM: Wednesday (20/08/14 – read more

Money tree & fishing line tutorial video


I felt I wanted to make a tutorial for the Money tree and the fishing line to make this update really clear for everyone.

If you want to have a look at the tutorial just click the picture to the left.


  read more

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