New table: All In One

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After some feedback from quite a few players, saying that it would be practical sometimes to have one long table, without pictures and with all the fishes in it, I have decided to add it and see what you think. Please let me know what you think about it.

You can visit it to the right in the Fishdex section, or click HERE to go there read more

Update: Searchable friends & trading list + New fish!

From Fishao on Facebook:
We released today a new update. From now on it’s possible to search through your friends at the trading and friends home dialogs.
We released also a new fish ! read more

100 FC Winners!



The 3 winners in the Facebook event!

From the left: martyfish, nikolacetkovic94 and oomeromer852.

Congratulations! read more

Win 100 FC!

win100fcRight now, if you go to Fishao on Facebook, you could win 100 FC just by choosing which one of these 3 fishes are your favourite =)

So feel free to participate! (Ends on moday 8:th of Dec) read more

Portuguese/Brazilian Moderator needed


Age: 18+
Level: 80+
Good english language


Please apply at the Fishao forums at the “Become a moderator-thread” read more

December is here =)

christmas-hatToday is the first day of December. Among other things is means that you can now wear this neat little Christmas hat!

When it comes to fish it means that the Nassau Grouper is now active at Pinheira Beach. And if I’m correct, this is also the last month that Frilled Shark is active before it comes back again in May next year. It’s also the last month for Nurse Shark which becomes active again in August.

Have a fun December! read more

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